Report: Bears seeking trade partner for Cutler

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The Bears are “actively seeking” a trade partner for quarterback Jay Cutler, ESPN reported Tuesday.

With the NFL Scouting Combine next week and the new league year set to open March 9, the time has arrived for teams to start driving conversations and potential interest in players that no longer fit their plans.

Cutler’s 2016 season ended after just five games due to a shoulder injury that required surgery. Bears General Manager Ryan Pace met with Cutler in January and gave the usual answer about nothing being decided and the team taking its time to make the best decision about Cutler’s future.

Most of the guaranteed money on Cutler’s contract has already been paid, so the Bears could move him without sustaining a major salary cap hit if they can find a suitable deal. Cutler threw a career-high 28 touchdown passes in 2014 but also led the NFL with 18 interceptions that season. He had four touchdowns and five interceptions before the injury last season.

Cutler, 33, has already been linked via the rumor mill to the 49ers. New 49ers General Manager John Lynch is a former teammate of Cutler’s, while new 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan’s father, Mike, was the head coach of the Broncos when Cutler was drafted.

105 responses to “Report: Bears seeking trade partner for Cutler

  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    — packers fan

  2. Jay Cutler is the modern day Jeff George. You watch him throw the ball and you think he is the missing piece that can lead your team to a Super Bowl win but it just never seems to work out like you think it will.

    To this day the only person I ever saw with a stronger arm than Jeff George — I mean just a flick of the wrist to throw a laser dart 30 yards down field — was Terry Bradshaw.

  3. whats the market going to bear for a overrated injury prone pouter making major bank? package Cutler and a mid round pick for….well for nothing and maybe somebody will take him.

  4. It will be interesting to see what the Bears end up doing at the QB position this year. Obviously Cutler will be gone, but they don’t really have a starting QB on their roster at present. There are actually some good players on the Bears team, but without a decent QB it won’t matter too much. I’m not really a Bears fan but it would be nice to see the city of Chicago have a winner on the field. The Bears are a storied and beloved franchise that has fallen on hard times lately. (The Cubs’ World Series win was awesome, but how about seeing the Bears make something happen in the NFL now?)

  5. Buffalo should give them 1 free stadium snow removal job for him….then put sign up sheets around town advertising a free bus trip to the Windy City to gage fan interest in the great Jay Cutler.

  6. If someone has a bad deal to offer, the first team they call is the 49ers. That’s amazing, considering where Eddie DeBartolo had taken this franchise. I’m sure his sister, Denise DeBartolo York is good at a lot of things, but owning an NFL franchise is not one of them. You’d think she’d call her brother.

  7. belichickdominatedjoemontana says:
    Feb 21, 2017 6:16 PM

    You are fools Chicago Bears front office.

    Like I said 6 years ago, cut him! Yet, you re-signed him.

    I don’t even think the Browns are dumb enough to TRADE assets for Cutler.

    Get a clue.


    The GM and coach that signed him to the massive, unwarranted contract were fired two seasons ago.

    Get a clue and take your meds dude.

  8. The dude doesn’t even like football. Only time I’ve seen him smile is when he signed his ridiculous contract.

  9. Putting aside everything else it’s beenseven years since he has played a full season. On the plus side he has a below average cap hit for a ‘starter’ with only a $2M dead money hit if cut. If the deal is a conditional late rounder they might be able to find a taker.

  10. In other news, 31 teams are actively calling the Bears to let them know they have zero interest in trading for Jay Cutler.

  11. “It will be interesting to see what the Bears end up doing at the QB position this year. ”

    They are one of the teams mentioned having a possible interest in Garrappollo

    “Trade him to the Pats and he would be a hall of famer.”

    I doubt it, he simply doesn’t have the brainpower to run the Pats system

  12. The Browns have a few residual rights to Johnny Football ( unpaid bar bills) that they will trade straight up for Cutler.

  13. OMG! I hope he gets trade to the Lions for Stafford!

    Cutler is better than Stafford!

  14. Jay Cutler is a league average QB and there will be a market for him. Now they bears won’t receive anything more than a late round pick, but none the less they will find a trade partner.

  15. Come on General manager of a life time in Ozzie Newsome . Hell cant be worse than you already have in Flacco .

    Send Chicago a 6th rounder , half bushel of Blue crabs, and a 12 pack of Natty Boh’s and Chicago with ship Cutler a 7th rounder is 4 deep dish pizza’s

  16. Someone made a joke about the Pats…… But sending Cutler and a 2nd rounder to the Pats for Gorropolo could make sense. Gives you a veteran back-up to Brady.

  17. bert1913 says:
    Feb 21, 2017 7:08 PM
    santa clara or cleveland will give you a 2nd rounder for him
    Or maybe arlington, foxboro, glendale, orchard park, or new jersey might go for him

  18. Maybe Jay Cutler and Tony “stat boy” Romo could start a fantasy football league together.

  19. v2787 says:
    Feb 21, 2017 6:29 PM
    It will be interesting to see what the Bears end up doing at the QB position this year. Obviously Cutler will be gone, but they don’t really have a starting QB on their roster at present.

    Which is why they are seeking a trade partner, they need a starting QB on their roster.

  20. Sometimes you push and push and when you’re just about to give up it splashes into the toilet…

    that’s a Cutler

  21. Nobody wants this guy. The Bears would have to give picks to get some team to take him so they may as well just cut him. Ryan Pace has to get a lot of things done this offseason so I hope he’s not spending too much time trying to pawn off his injured, over the hill QB. As for potential trade partners, a team might as well just wait and see who’s around in the 3rd round this year cause that kid would give them just as much this coming season as Cutler would.

  22. ramfanmatt says:
    Feb 21, 2017 6:56 PM
    Jay Cutler is a league average QB and there will be a market for him. Now they bears won’t receive anything more than a late round pick, but none the less they will find a trade partner.


    There’s a market for him… but not in a trade.

  23. Why would anyone trade for him? He is going to be cut in a few days, or a week. They can get him at a much cheaper rate next week. I honestly think he can be an acceptable QB(if someone blocks for him, unlike in Chicago), for a 10-12 games a season. Not great. But some team that drafts a QB, and needs someone til the rookie is ready.

  24. I’m a huge Bears Fan. Been a Bears Fan since 1963, probably a lot longer than some of the commenters on here. If he’s received his guaranteed money, then do what most households do with their trash. Put it out on the curb for the trash man. I really don’t know who we’d get in return, as long as he doesn’t ride a bike during an NFC Championship game. Where’s sexy Rexy Grossman at?

  25. crazy thing his 2015 from just a pure stats stand point is not that bad…not analyzing any specific game so interceptions are bad times or bad fumbles/sacks not taken in to account….But straight numbers are OK.

    That being said another team would have to be crazy on drugs to trade for him.

    If I was say Washington, I ‘d wait for him to be cut and then try to sign him (or Colon Kapernick) for insurance for the high stakes game of chicken they have gotten themselves into with Kirk Cousins

  26. Earlier this week, one particularly clueless poster was calling Cutler a “borderline top 10 QB”.

    The reality is that Cutler’s worth on the open market is equal to the value of a bucket of warm spit.

  27. Cutty seems like the perfect fit for Bruce Arians in AZ and we all know CP3 isn’t playing 16 games next year. Plus he wouldn’t be the first player to have a late career renaissance in the desert.

  28. Wherever he ends up my bet is that Cutler has a better season than the rudderless Bears. What a mess that franchise has become!

  29. Cutler is likely to do the same thing Carson Palmer did after he was a huge bust in Oakland. If I were running the Browns or Houston or any of those teams talked about as landing spots for Romo, I’d definitely trade for Cutler. He will come very cheap and he is very talented. Low risk move if you ask me. When he is on, he is as good as just about anyone. He just hasn’t been on much in Chicago.

  30. From 2010-12 He was 27-13 with a consistently horrible offensive line. Different OC every year. Give him some pieces and he can be ok and some consistency at OC and he can be as good as Alex Smith. Not a top 10 QB, but someone you can win with. Guys like Eli and Flacco can be just as bad as Cutler, but when they had the coaching and pieces around them they won.

  31. I’d only take Cutler if my team was excellent in every other area and you need a guy who is good enough to be the dreaded “game manager” who didn’t need to carry the team on his back.

    I said the same thing last offseason when the Vikings traded for Bradford. Same thing. If there is just nobody available and you have a pretty good team around guys like this then it’s workable as a stopgap. The problem comes when you put too much responsibility on these guys. They just don’t have that kind of talent anymore (if they ever had it at all).

  32. as a browns fan
    im thinking would we take flyer on Jay Cutler
    Is he better then RG3 “yes,arm wise”
    those he have the leadership/toughness of
    josh mccown “no”
    can he be better stop gap/bridge too give a ROOKIE QB time too learn and develop “possibly”
    he has better ARM TALENT then kessler,RG3 & or Mccown ever did
    so honestly id take flyer on him if WE FIX THE OLine Get more pieces and Draft a good non noodle arm rookie QB aka Kizer,Watson or Mitch from UNC

  33. He is the quarterback of the future. 33 years old and a big disappointment in Denver and Chicago in addition to being a prma donna for Mike Shannahan.

  34. As a former resident of both Colorado and Chicago. While rooting for a team that needs a QB, all I can say is never, ever ever.

  35. He always looked like an all-pro against the Vikings. Always. It makes me sick to my stomach that the QB who exposed the Vikings so called “vaunted” defense this season was Jay Cutler. The Vikings defense never recovered from Cutler tearing them up.

    And the next week he promptly went back to looking awful.

  36. The vitriol thrown at Cutler always surprises me, even though it shouldn’t. There were two things wrong with Cutler’s time in Chicago
    1) He was never going to be Aaron Rodgers
    2) The guys running the team had no idea how to build a team around the offense until it was too far gone to matter.

    The guy has taken 250+ sacks in 8 years. That’s not even trying to count the QB hits and shots he has taken running for his life. All of his injuries have been freak ones. Outside of shoving J’Marcus Webb on tv (and every defender who went up against Webb did the same thing), he has never outwardly shown frustration at his teammates on the field or on the sideline (which Rodgers does all the time).
    He just wasn’t the elite guy the Bears thought they were getting. But the Bears didn’t help it, with guys like Mike Martz, Aaron Kromer, Dowell Loggains, Mike Tice, and Ron Turner. The receiving weapons prior to Marshall and Jeffery were laughable, and they traded the only good TE on the roster under Martz in favor of Brandon Manumaleuna for crying out loud. But with a good offense (Adam Gase), Cutler was effective enough to make a difference. Only 2 or 3 QBs could have made the play (athletically) at the end of the KC game in 2015 where he caught a horrible shotgun snap and dropped a perfect throw to Forte in the end zone to take the lead and win the game. But very few good or great QBs would make some of the bad throws he still makes.

    Cutler gets all of the blame, and is accused of killing the career of several coaches. While he does deserve his share of the blame for not maxing out his abilities, the team (and those coaches) seem to skate by for not doing enough to surround their “franchise” QB with the talent to be successful. The team got old, thin, and bad around him, and he kept fighting every week.

    The Championship game when he went out in the second half? he tried to go with a grade 2 sprain in his knee, and could barely hand off the ball on the first play of the second half. Jones-Drew called him out for lack of toughness, and then missed 8-9 games with the same injury a year or two later. He played 5 quarters early this season unable to grip the ball in his throwing hand, and Fox left him out there compromised rather than play a healthy Brian Hoyer, and then leaves him to stew in the media instead of owning the decision. Then he has a labrum tear that requires surgery, and Fox leaves him out there again.

    Cutler didn’t rip Fox, or cry “poor me” and try to make excuses for his play. he just took the abuse, because that was what was best for the team. He may not be the best leader, or an elite QB, but he has been a stand-up guy during his time in Chicago, and doesn’t deserve a lot of the criticism. Jeff George was a cancer in the locker room, and for the team overall. Cutler just doesn’t add enough for what he gets paid. Not a negative influence, but not a positive one either.

    Someone will probably trade for him. If the Bears get anything in the deal, they win. Heck, even if it is a conditional 2018 pick based on playing time and performance, it’s better than cutting him outright. I will remember his time in Chicago for the ups, downs, and the unrealized potential, both of the man, and of the team. There’s plenty of targets for blame, just don’t let the other ones off the hook. Jerry Angelo, Lovie Smith, Marc Trestman, Phil Emery, John Fox, all have a share in this failure, as does Cutler.

  37. if sam bradford is worth a 1st and 4th, then cutler is worth 3 1sts, 4 5ths, 2 bottles of rum, a cheesecake, 1 pair of hair clippers, and 18 pair of kindergarten size scissors.

  38. At the end of games on Monday Nite Football you might remember Don Meredith singing “Turn out the lights”…

  39. silverandblack052099 says:
    Feb 21, 2017 7:33 PM

    There is only one team desperate and stupid enough to trade for a QB like Cutler.

    The Jets.

    Still he’d be a slight upgrade from Fitz and Geno

  40. What a disaster this guys career has been. All the ability in the world, but his head gets in the way. To bad.

  41. This guy has never been good
    He is not good now
    He will not be good in the future

    I’ll never forget that playoff game in which he downright gave up.

    Jay Quitler.

  42. Just about the only good hing the guy ever did had nothing to do with football. He married Kristen Cavallari !!

  43. San Francisco ? Really ? You would take Cutler over Colin Kaepernick ? What are the Bears going to draft the QB from ND or NC ? Put them in to start the season ? Why are some NFL teams so stupid ? They make no sense. Im not saying that I could be a GM in the NFL but I am saying that seeing some of the picks made and having to live through the Rams in STL , yes I think I could have made some better picks.

  44. This is just the Bears doing their due diligence but nobody realistically is going to acquire him. When he’s released the Texans should take a look at him though.

  45. @ steeltownpride says:
    Feb 21, 2017 7:03 PM

    Come on General manager of a life time in Ozzie Newsome . Hell cant be worse than you already have in Flacco .

    Send Chicago a 6th rounder , half bushel of Blue crabs, and a 12 pack of Natty Boh’s and Chicago with ship Cutler a 7th rounder is 4 deep dish pizza’s

    Include a dozen pit beef sandwiches in the deal and you could be onto something there. Chicago could toss a case of Old Style and some of the staff from the Weiner Circle who could bring some toughness to Baltimore.

  46. QB’s better than Jay Cutler

    Brandon Allen – Jacksonville
    Cody Kessler – Cleveland
    Blaine Gabbert – San Francisco
    Chase Daniel – Philadelphia
    Drew Stanton, Cardinals
    AJ McCarron, Bengals
    Geno Smith, Jets
    Colt McCoy, Redskins
    Luke McCown, Saints
    Derek Anderson, Panthers
    Mike Glennon, Bucs
    Shaun Hill, Vikings
    EJ Manuel, Bills
    Mark Sanchez, Cowboys
    Chase Daniel, Eagles
    Nick Foles, Chiefs
    Ryan Mallett, Ravens
    Sean Mannion, Rams
    Chad Henne, Jaguars
    Landry Jones, Steelers
    Kellen Clemens, Chargers
    Matt Cassel, Titans
    Paxton Lynch, Broncos
    Matt Moor, Dolphins
    Matt Schaub, Falcons
    Scott Tolzien, Colts
    Dan Orlovsky, Lions
    Tom Savage, Texans
    Brett Hundley, Packers
    Jacoby Brissett, Patriots
    Trevone Boykin, Seahawks
    Matt McGloin, Raiders
    Ryan Nassib, Giants

  47. The Bears or another team looking for a QB while they draft and develop one should look at Case Keenum , Chase Daniel, Garrapolo . These guys could easily start for the Browns , Bears , Jets , 49ers .

  48. pittsburghdamned says:
    Feb 21, 2017 8:41 PM
    Bengals, Ravens, and Browns are looking!

    I guess you forgot that Pitts. QB is near the end of his road.

  49. I have no dog in this one, but if Fitz cant get the cash he did from the Jets, Cutler will land a starting gig….I don’t care what you say when healthy he’s heads and shoulders better than Fitztrashick

  50. There are certain QBs that aren’t as bad as their reputations. Houston and Buffalo are both spots that would be good fits for Cutler as teams that might really benefit from improved QB play.

  51. Call me an idiot I actually liked this guy. I mean he had like 6 o coordinators in 6 years and if that doesnt screw you brain what does. Not to mention he played on teams that either had a good o line and no receivers or had receivers and no o line protection.

    I hope he goes somewhere where he can help out. His starting days are probably closing in on him. Chicago is right to move on, its time.

  52. The worst part of the “Cutler is garbage” argument is that his career numbers are not far from another QB who has won 2 Super Bowls. Eli Manning….
    He has only averaged 6 more yards passing per game than Cutler. Cutler has a 2% advantage in completion % Manning has 215 INTs in 201 games (1.07 per game). Cutler has 146 INTs in 139 games (1.05 per game). Cutler’s career passer rating: 85.7. Manning? 83.7. Manning averages 0.51 fumbles per game. Cutler averages 0.63 per game. Their overall numbers are extremely close. They are basically the same QB, with Cutler having been injured more, and played fewer seasons.

    And as far as body language and facial expressions, these two might be the worst in the NFL. One is a bum, the other is bandied about as a borderline elite QB. It is all perception above reality.

  53. Trade him not only for the team but for him. All parties and the fans win. Hoyer be a good stop gap for a while. I’ve lived here in Chicago all my life and have seen way worse then cutler. When your defense is ranked 29 or 30 in the league it’s not just the quarterback but please let’s move on for his sake and ours

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