Tom Brady’s stolen jersey listed as worth $500,000 on police report

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As the hunt for Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey continues, the authorities have attached an official value to the item: $500,000.

That’s the number appearing on the police report posted on Twitter by James Palmer of NFL Media. And that matters for reasons beyond media coverage or hype; the value makes the crime a first degree felony under Texas law.

The number meshes with an estimate provided by Ken Goldin of Goldin Associates. As a practical matter, the item has limited value because anyone who buys it can’t display it without risk of the authorities seizing it.

Last week, Patriots owner Robert Kraft expressed confidence that the jersey would be found. During a PFT Live interview, Brady seemed surprised at that revelation.

The item remains missing, and the bigger issue could be that folks with access to NFL locker rooms have had sticky fingers for years when it comes to game-used memorabilia. Regardless of whether Brady’s jersey is found, the NFL needs to beef up its efforts to secure property that, as Brady’s jersey demonstrates, can be extremely valuable.

41 responses to “Tom Brady’s stolen jersey listed as worth $500,000 on police report

  1. Wow, hold it for fifteen years and statue of limitations kicks in, I think. Anyhow, it’ll be worth a million in ten years. I hate thieves, but this guy was smart.

  2. It’s hanging in Putin’s office above that Super Bowl ring. You’ll never get it back comrade….

  3. Two potential outcomes – the jersey is anonymously returned (without any ability to verify its authenticity) or it has been destroyed. The destruction of the jersey will infuriate law enforcement and security for the Super Bowl (i.e. the Texans and NFL). The only option is to return it, but that ship has probably already sailed. This is a stupid crime that carries a life in prison sentence. I wonder if the perpetrator has ever visited Huntsville to see his or her future.

  4. There is WAYYYY too much unfettered access to NFL locker rooms. For years I did EMS for NFL games so I’ve been in the locker room before, during and after many of them. Sometimes after games there are well over 100 people in the room and I guarantee you at least 20% have no business there other than that they are someone’s friend, a corporate sponsor or a guy that just snuck in. Maybe I’m old school, but I still believe the locker room should be a player’s/team’s sanctuary, and while a certain amount of people are necessary, a good many have no good reason to be in there.

  5. “…the NFL needs to beef up its efforts to secure property that, as Brady’s jersey demonstrates, can be extremely valuable.”

    That is so silly. There is not one single team that is going to allow the NFL to “beef up the security” of their locker room.

  6. That value is understated depending on who took it. If it was orchastrated by organized crime, they have access to the superrich who don’t care if it’s shown or not. And the thief in that scenario would die if he even whispered about it in his sleep.
    If an amateur, he could hang it up in his basement and no one would know. Just be one more of 12,000 already hanging in a basememts.

  7. From now on all Brady items should have a tracking chip in them lol just kidding it’s just a jersey that you see on the 70% off rack at kohls

  8. I’m guessing whoever stole it, probably on a spur-of-the-moment brain freeze, thinking ‘this is so cool’ by now must now be wondering what he got himself into. He can’t display it; he can’t sell it; he can’t talk about it. The $500,000 value only means the authorities won’t stop looking for it/him/her. Hopefully, it will end up in a plain brown envelope on its way back to Gillette Stadium. It would be too bad if the kid (and it probably was) destroys it because he’s too scared to do anything else with it.

  9. Anybody who thinks the thief is stuck with something he can’t cash in on is wrong. Black market sports memorabilia is big business. There’s absolutely a market for this stuff, you just have to know the right people and whoever stole that jersey probably knew exactly what they were doing and already has the right connections to sell it. That’s why the authorities have to take this seriously and spend taxpayer resources finding a rich guy’s missing shirt, if the perpetrator is allowed to get away with it the incentive is just too great for more people to steal stuff like this.

    And anybody who thinks nobody would want to buy it because they can’t display it is wrong, too. People pay millions for stolen artwork. This jersey is going to end up in the private study of some unscrupulous rich guy, hanging on the wall next to Vermeer’s “The Concert” painting.

  10. Hopefully whoever stole it can get at least a fraction of that 500K, even if all they get is 50K. That money will help them out. Brady wouldn’t even miss that Jersey.

  11. It may be worth $500,000 to some charity if Brady gets it back. But, its totally worthless as a stolen item because a) its stolen and b) its not authenticated as being Brady’s SB jersey. Also, it may be worth some free room and board for the poor bloke who stole it.

  12. Check with Jim “Deflator” McNally or John Jastremeski. They’ve been known to be sneaky with Pat’s equipment in the past.

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