49ers’ evaluation of Colin Kaepernick is still fluid

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49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick can bail on the balance of his contract between March 2 and March 7. The 49ers can do so at any time. For now, both sides are still weighing their options. The process included a recent meeting between the player and his new coach and G.M., Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch, respectively.

“We had a great discussion and Colin left excited, we left excited and I think as Kyle and I really believe, the evaluation is still very much fluid,” Lynch told KNBR, via Chris Biderman of USA Today.

“And we’ve only been on the job a couple weeks. I can tell you, we both really very much [like] being around Colin and he seems like he’s in a real good place.”

Kaepernick is due to earn $14.5 million in 2017, and the 49ers surely won’t be paying him that kind of money for one more year. Given that Shanahan and Lynch are newcomers, Kaepernick is no different to them than any other free agent quarterback would be. Because he’s still under contract with the 49ers, however, the team has the ability to talk to him and to negotiate with him before he voids the contract and becomes a free agent.

There’s a chance that, in the end, both sides will decide that it’s in their mutual best interests to give it another try. The final decision will depend on the other options for the team and the other options for the player. Given that multiple other teams will not be inclined to alienate a large swath of the fan base by signing the player at the heart of the 2016 anthem protests, staying in San Francisco could be his best option.

In weighing his options, Kaepernick would benefit from some third-part advice. For now, though, he still doesn’t have an agent.

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  1. The previous 3 Head Coaches, previous GM, current owners, staff, local media, and the fans all thought the same thing. Thats why Santa Clara is the dumpster fire that it is. Does the new regime really want history to repeat itself?

  2. The fact that John Lynch hasn’t already cut Kaepernick says a lot about just how far over his head he is in his new gig. Should stayed with TV.

  3. I’d prefer he leave and that’s coming from someone who could care less if he kneels during the national anthem.

    He has not progressed enough to warrant any large extension and for some reason has seemed to grow more immature through his tenure.

    Kick rocks and let Shanahan and Lynch rebuild.

  4. My gut feeling is that he will not exercise his option to become a free agent, because he did not put up great stats last year and he may not even get a contract that pays him 14 mil from another team if he tests the market. The Niners are not going to cut him just to save some dough. They will cut him only if they have someone definitively better. Jay Cutler isn’t a better QB than Kap.

  5. Who knows what, if anything, goes on in Kaepernick’s head but the only way he makes more than his Niners contract would pay him is on an incentive laden deal that he lights it up on.

  6. A coach like Shanahan has lots of confidence in himself, and he should. His dad was one of the best offensive minds to coach in the NFL over the last half century. I’m sure Kyle is cut from the same rug. So if Jim Harbaugh could get to the super bowl with Kaepernick, I don’t think Kyle is ready to take a back seat this early in the game.

  7. I thinks its better for the Niners to stick with Kaep. I thought he did pretty good considering the limited amount of time he had to learn Chips kelly’s offense. My main reason for this is because I have very little confidence in rookie QBs. Kaep is still young and the offense can mold to him or vice versa. I feel we can use draft picks on some talented defensive players.

  8. Kap’s only real NFL success came during the short time where the read option worked in the NFL.

    As soon as defenses adjusted and Kap actually had to read the field and didn’t have wide open WRs due to defender biting on read option fakes, he struggled.

    He’s a below average starter and why would any team want to bring in a distraction as a backup?

    He’s just not good enough to be a headache.

  9. Kap only played well early in his career when he was surrounded by talent and great leaders like Gore, and then a stout D with Willis and Smith.
    None of that exists now and being The Guy is too much for him.
    Just move on, for both sides’ sake.
    Forget the Jets. Woody will never pay a guy who disses the Flag.
    Kap’s options are limited.
    Hope Lynch is just playing the p.r. game and isn’t seriously wanting this guy back.
    Have to think Shany knows he’s better off with a different QB. Kap will just make him look bad with foolish reads, and inaccuracy, not to mention weak receivers.

  10. Only way he is back with the 49ers is if he or they end his contract, he tests free agency, and comes back for significantly less money. This would, obviously, mean that the 49ers weren’t able to get Cousins or Garoppolo.

  11. If Kaepernick is still with the team at the start of the 2017 season it would only be because neither side had a better option. Either way, it would be a suprise for the new regime to throw their support behind such a divisive presence who’s proven capable and willing of dividing a locker room and a fan base to start their rebuilding effort. A fresh start would definitely benefit both sides.

  12. I’d rather keep Kaep, than have to deal with Matt Shaun, or the other terrible QB they mentioned. All three stink but atleast Kaep can run. They need to fix that line and get some playmaker get a qb next year.

  13. They probably haven’t cut him yet because they are hoping they can find a team desparate enough (and stupid enough) to trade for him. That way they get something for him, even if it’s just a new toilet seat.

    At this point, they could go sign a journeyman and probably be better off at QB. Colon is not the long-term solution. I don’t think he’ll have the chance to opt out because they will probably just dump him if they can’t find a trade partner. I bet they wish they had dumped him on Denver last year.

  14. Kaepernicj threw for 2200 yards, ran for 468, had 16 pass TDs, 2 rushing TDs, only threw 4 picks in 331 attempts. I get that he’s not anyone’s favorite QB, but he didn’t exactly have a bad year, a while being a “distraction.”

    Kaep isn’t crap. He’s actually not as bad as people think. Shanahan just might be able to make this work.

  15. The team averaged more points scored and had a better win/loss record under Gabbert over the past two seasons. Gabbert is two years younger, was working for 1/10 the salary, and is as good a representative of the team and the league off the field as you’ll find anywhere in the country. Anyone with a brain would make that call in about 3 seconds.

  16. Interesting to note the angst and raw dislike some can have for a person they really don’t even know. Know of, Yes. Know – no. Wow! Anyway – here’s what will happen (why – because it is the ONLY logical thing to do, that’s why). Cousins is the ONLY possible QB for the 9er’s who has his “its” together – and they ain’t gonna get near him. All the rest, all, including Romo and Cutler have major flaws, just as Kaep does. But not one, rookies in the draft included, has taken his team to a Super Bowl as Kaep has. Not a one.

    So, Matt Schaub comes in as the established Nbr 2, and Kaep gets to finally show his growth and ability. Easy peasy! Nothing else makes any sense at all. Oh, and Kaep restructuring his deal without being asked is a forgone conclusion (his current deal was, by his own hand), team friendly.

  17. Not sure how I feel about this. In all honesty, the guy did do a lot for the 49ers under Harbaugh. Alex Smith was blamed for EVERYTHING back in the day. Some of the people on here calling out Kaepernick probably called for Smith’s firing too. Then, all of a sudden, under a decent coach he was winning and everyone loved him. Then when he was traded the 49ers were stupid. If I learned anything from watching Smith, leadership is the biggest factor. Without it, you could have Tom Brady and still lose. The person that needs to shut up, sit down and stay out of the way is Jed York. He created this problem and now it falls on Kaepernick’s shoulders. People thought Harbaugh was an idiot for giving Smith a chance. Well, if Shanahan and Lynch want to give Kaepernick a chance, fine, if he blows it, that’s on him. It isn’t like we have anyone in the wings ready to go. And I loathe going back to the days of Smith Vs. Smith type crap. We have to rebuild again. Because Baalke didn’t spend on free agents and Jed demands respect he hasn’t earned. Put your blame there people. Where it is more than deserved.

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