James Harrison would like a two-year deal

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Linebacker James Harrison didn’t spend much time after the end of the Steelers’ season weighing whether he wanted to return for another NFL season.

Harrison, who turns 39 in May, said after the team’s playoff loss that he wasn’t done playing. It appears he’s already thinking about his plans for after his 40th birthday as well.

Harrison’s agent Bill Parise told Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com that his client would like to sign a two-year contract this offseason. This week also brought word of “mutual interest” between Harrison and the Steelers in yet another year in Pittsburgh and Parise confirmed their side of it.

“Of course James wants to be in Pittsburgh,” Parise said.

It remains to be seen if the Steelers share that interest, but there are a lot of ways to structure a contract so that parting won’t be too onerous if the Steelers decide that Harrison has reached the end of the line by the end of the 2017 season.

21 responses to “James Harrison would like a two-year deal

  1. James is a massive positive influence on the team, is in great shape, and is an old school player. They will get a deal done.

  2. His production aside (which was pretty good) Just his work ethic alone which is a huge influence to his team should be enough to warrant a deal to made IMO coming from a Pats fan, i love this guy.

  3. he can still play. he spends a ton of money on keeping his body healthy during the off season. you got to believe more veteran players nearing 40 are taking notice on how brady and harrison keep themselves healthy and in shape.

  4. abninf says:
    Feb 22, 2017 6:59 PM
    I don’t know if his body can take two more years of steroids.


    Ain’t that the truth

  5. Looked washed up 4 years ago, suddenly he’s semi effective enough to play at 39-40? Yep…steroids. It’s not like the Steelers don’t have history with that.

  6. Don’t do it, James. You’ll have a couple more terrific seasons and then get gutted like a deer by Brady, again. How can your heart possibly take anymore of that pain?

  7. I’m sure the Patriots will give him a deal….as long as he continues to play for the Steelers.

  8. All the guys who attempt to defame Harrison insisting he is on ‘roids need to understand something readily observable.

    Not every person (or other form of mammal for instance) — puts on muscle at the same rate, in the same way some men bald early and some not at all; the age of onset of gray hair; some guys are taller and thinner, while others are naturally shorter and stout; the varying capacities to store energy (i.e., get fat — also known as metabolism), etc.

    It’s the same for animals. Race horses, bulls, dogs, etc. all have variances in their natural characteristics.

    And when it comes to packing on the muscle for humans, some guys will try relentlessly to fight a battle they will never win. Unless, … —> For guys like this, they DO need steroids/PEDs.

    An example of this (IMO) would be Evander Holyfield. Holyfield was quoted in an SI article from back in the day — when he fought as a (comparatively) thin and lean Cruiserweight — that no matter what he tried, he couldn’t put on more muscle. Holyfield it was exasperating; that he had tried everything possible; and that he was done trying to put the weight on. The trainers, the workouts, the protein shakes, all the nutritional supplements and formulas all had no effect. I believe Holyfield said he couldn’t put on a single pound. However, then he goes to fight Tyson, and bazinga — he’s the Hulk. Totally jacked. Packed on about 20 pounds of solid muscle — the differences were obvious to anyone paying attention, and the financial incentives were stratospheric. And it worked.

    And for other guys, they’re just more muscled naturally then others. Bo Jackson is a very good example of someone just yolked by nature — a complete monster, but there was no evidence I’ve heard of that Bo ever juiced.

    In Harrison’s case, I believe he is a combination of benefitting from good genes in the muscle development sense — PLUS — Harrison ramps that up with an absolutely beastly work ethic, soul-crushing relentless commitment and a fiery passion that is to be ADMIRED and RESPECTED; not shamed.

    Huge respect to #92!!!!!

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