Seven 2017 prospects chosen for Gruden’s QB Camp series

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ESPN has announced the seven quarterbacks from this year’s draft class who will participate in the annual Jon Gruden QB Camp series that will begin airing two weeks before the draft.

DeShone Kizer, Mitch Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, Nathan Peterman, Joshua Dobbs and Brad Kaaya will be this year’s participants. All seven will spend time in the film room and on the field with Gruden, a former NFL head coach turned television analyst, and he will address their strengths, weaknesses and tendencies in segments that will ultimately air across various platfotms.

This is the eighth year for the QB Camp series, and in the past it has produced some pretty interesting and revealing moments.

As he does, Gruden praised the entire class in the press release for the show, but had especially high praise for Watson.

“There are some unknowns this year, but this class starts with Deshaun Watson,” Gruden said. “His body of work is as impressive as any quarterback we’ve had come through QB Camp. I got the chance to see him live and I think he has a ton of ability. There are some underclassmen coming out who have questions that need to be answered. That’s why this process is exciting. But three or four years from now, I expect people will be saying this is a pretty good quarterback class.”

23 responses to “Seven 2017 prospects chosen for Gruden’s QB Camp series

  1. During a Redskins preseason game, gruden compared John Beck to Drew Breese. What he sayd about qb play is no more valuable than any other talking head…he just throws in all that football play jargon to sound more knowledgeable.

  2. I’ll save you all some time. Gruden likes all 7 qbs a lot. They can be on his team anytime! He also likes all draftable qbs that weren’t invited a lot! He also likes every player in this upcoming draft! A few snarls and commercials mixed in….and it’s a wrap.

  3. .
    Why not hold the camp in Canton so they could include the induction ceremony at the same time.

  4. Last year’s QB class was outstanding. This year’s is mediocre. You really only have Mahomes, Trubisky, and Davis Webb as sure starters. Then there a couple decent backups like Trevor Knight and Chad Kelly. Deshone Kizer shows physical ability only. He has a long way to go, so he’s a risk. Dobbs is interesting because he’s such an athlete, but I wouldn’t draft him. Kaaya and Watson have no pro ability whatsoever. Gruden is a great entertainer, so if you’re bored, it will be interesting to watch.

  5. “That guy … Just LOVES to play football…”
    This Grudens go-to line when he has no clue about a player.
    I wonder how many times he’ll say it this year…

  6. The last thing Chucky does is address their weaknesses. The whole half hour is a love affair w every kid that’s ever been on the show telling them how great they are. He might have them draw up one of their college plays which is pointless and should have an NFL iffenive lineup drawn on Board then draw up defenses and ask them to rapid fire reply to where his read is everytime the defense stays lined up same but changes from man to zone to blitzing one blitzing 2 only rushing 3 dropping a lineman back over the middle in disguise.
    He may show one or two bad plays on while half hour but only if he knows they weren’t the WB’s fault like for example heMll show a pick knowing the WR ran wrong wrote or something. Just saying very few bad plays if he shows any are ones easily explainable.
    Then e brings them out in his field probably because his son is always one of the WR’s. has the QB’s in shorts throw easy passes w no defense. Make it difficult put em out there throw exotic blitzes at em things they’ll c at next level obviously no contact but that’s where u c the decision making when no time to think just react. Throwing lob post and fade routes most of us can make show nothing. It’s not any behind the scenes and nothing like what team interviews look like which would be interesting. I can’t watch them anymore as it’s like they are 1/2 hr infomercials for every kid he’s ever had on show.
    Never heard him say anything bad about the kid. U don’t have to do it to his face at least shoot a scene after kid left telling the truth he has a long release makes bad reads when he feels the rush. Needs to work on the mechanics instead it’s all rainbows and unicorns. He’d take em all in the first rd they can all play for him anytime yet he gets hired as Coach/GM and we’d x if he took any of his guys which he should as this year he’ll tell 7 guys their first rd in his book and have such a bright future when some r late rd picks. Some never play some already been cut some outta the league already and guys like Christian Hackenberg who he loved last year even though he was a 2nd rd pick couldn’t even dress on Sundays for the Jets who were outta the playoffs in like 5th week.
    I know it’d be hard to have agents let their guys go on the show if Chucky was gonna rip them but he doesn’t have to praise every single guy ever and I want an honest assessment. As instead it’s like watching a YouTube highlight 30 min’s long made over 3 or 4 years as they always make look like stars

  7. Nate Peterman seems like he might even be able to make Christian Hackenberg look respectable.

    If that is possible.

  8. Gruden won a SB with Dungy’s team. He did nothing thereafter and was fired after several years of sub-mediocrity. His abilities as a head coach are highly overrated.

    I hate this hot take so much.

    The team he beat, by extension of that argument, was ‘his own’ team, since he put it together, so either way he took his team to the Super Bowl. He turned a journeyman QB into a SB winning QB, beating a journeyman QB that he turned into an MVP.

    I’m not saying he was a savant, but he deserves more respect than a Brian Billick, Mike Ditka, Gary Kubiak.

  9. Being around Gruden pre-draft, has to be be great for these players draft status. By the end of the camp, he’ll think every one of them is the tops. “Awesome use of football terminology in everyday life. This guy obviously pays close attention when he watches Gruden’s QB Camp.”

  10. thetroofishere says:
    Feb 23, 2017 7:54 PM
    Super Bowl winning Coach Jon Gruden. Put some respect on his name.

    Considering his former team who wasn’t even smart enough to change the names of plays after he left…nah, I’m good with Jon Gruden.
    I will respect him when he builds a team that wins a Superbowl. Until then, he is just a lucky SOB.

  11. Jon Gruden has become a caricature of a caricature. Listening to him babble is the auditory equivalent of eating glass. At one point during a game this past season I had to mute the tv because if I heard ‘two handed monster’ one more time I was going to throw the remote right through it.

  12. I would rather watch basket weaving. ESPN never gets my ratings with this garbage. Same thing goes for Hot Taek shows with dumb loudmouths.

  13. Gruden won a SB with Dungy’s team. He did nothing thereafter and was fired after several years of sub-mediocrity. His abilities as a head coach are highly overrated.

    I hate this hot take so much.
    You have fan boy man love for Jonny Grudog, yes?

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