Josh McCown thinks Jay Cutler can play at a very high level

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There are no shortage of questions swirling around the league with free agency looming on the horizon and Jay Cutler’s place in the NFL for the 2017 season is among them.

No one thinks Cutler will be back with the Bears as they are reportedly trying to trade him and are expected to cut him when and if that effort fails. The possibility of retirement has also been floated recently, but one of Cutler’s former backups hopes that won’t be the case.

Josh McCown has remained friends with Cutler since they played together with the Bears and shared that hope during an interview with Ross Tucker and Greg McElroy of SiriusXM NFL Radio. He also shared an opinion that runs counter to most when he said he believes Cutler can “play at a very high level.”

“I know he’ll make the best decision he can for him and his family,” McCown said. “I root for him either way it goes. As a friend, and a football fan, and as a guy who appreciates quarterbacks, I hope he continues to play and finds a good spot where he can play good football because I believe that is still in his future.”

McCown thinks a team in a “quarterback-driven” NFL will give Cutler the opportunity to play that kind of football and it shouldn’t be too long before we have a clearer picture of where that opportunity is going to come.

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  1. hopefully he will go to a team that runs a offense that fits his skills. it was not all his fault during his time with the bears, name another team that give up what they did to get him then say what he did with the broncos was nice but we do not do that here. while the bears did not have the talent the broncos did how hard would it have been to have a offense that featured his strengths? that would be like getting rodgers then saying do not throw the deep ball and believe me if lovie were the coach that is what they would have done! his idea of offense is get off the bus running until the last 2 min. of the game and then ok win the game for us now and then act shocked when it does not happen or when turn overs happen. seriously how does anyone expect a qb to be successful when you have to learn a new offense every year?

  2. How/Why is Cutler seemingly immune from teammate criticism?
    …From the outside he seems like a lazy QB, bilking teams for $$$ because he had 1 or 2 good seasons.

  3. If he plays in a state where dope is legal, he MIGHT be able to play at a high level without getting caught

  4. Bears have no plans at QB, all speculation at this point of what’s available in FA or Draft. Cutler still under contract, wouldn’t be surprised if he had one more year with Bears.

    In fact, remember these QBs and the awesome offense the Bears had before Cutler?
    Kordell Stewart
    Chris Chandler
    Rex Grossman
    Henry Burris
    Shane Matthews
    Brian Griese
    Craig Krenzel
    Chad Hutchinson
    Jonathan Quinn

  5. He’s a talented guy but he’s not a leader and he’s not a gamer. Unfortunately for him, those are attributes you need in the NFL.

  6. Like Grogansheroes says, I don’t think anyone doubts Cutler’s ability to play at a high level. The problem is his desire to play at a high level, which seems to come and go.

    At times it seems like football is being forced upon him rather than something he loves to do.

  7. cobrala2 says:
    Feb 24, 2017 9:12 AM
    How/Why is Cutler seemingly immune from teammate criticism?
    …From the outside he seems like a lazy QB, bilking teams for $$$ because he had 1 or 2 good seasons.

    Just maybe because they actually play in the NFL. And since they share a locker room and practice w/ him they know more than someone who comments on a PFT thread. Just a thought.,,

  8. Cutler has one of the strongest guns in the history of the NFL. So what? He has poor throwing mechanics and sloppy foot work. His problems besides being a baby, a sulker, a terrible teammate, a sulker, a non-leader, not caring about winning is that he is in love with his arm. It is actually the only thing he loves in life. Caveat empty to those teams possibly interested in him, he will ruin you and laugh.

  9. the Bears should just cut him now and get on with their world post Cutler. He has a place in the NFL and have no idea how his finances are regarding whether he needs the dough from being a back-up elsewhere.

    Given his current contract the Bears will get no offers so let’s get on with the real world. It will make it easer for the Bears to plan accordingly and deal with others to take his place.

    Like the Great Wall in China the Bears rebuild might also take 500 years.

  10. Bears should hold on to Cutler at least for another year. Don’t force the QB situation, let it develop and “possibly” develop a demand for him. Cutler has proven he can put together a good year under the right system and coaches. Unfortunately the Bears have been a turnstile in that regards. If there were some great prospects in this years draft, still wouldn’t hurt to keep him around another year. He’s priced well regarding his contract as the Bears have already eaten the worst of it. The Bears appear to have already decided to ship him out, which doesn’t surprise me the way Pace has run this team. There are better ways to handle this situation and the Bears as expected seem to be taking the worst possible route.

  11. When Josh McCown clearly outplayed cutler, it proved cutler cannot play in this league.

    (Note: McCown did it w the same coaches and O-line all of the Cutler lovers claim was his downfall)

  12. I didn’t read the article, I don’t care what Josh has to say about Jay. The truth is Jay has shown the best he has, he won’t get better. I would possibly sign him as a backup only. Any GM signing Jay Cutler for their starting QB should immediately be fired. Period.

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