Past trades net Patriots, Titans third-round compensatory picks

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When the Browns and Patriots agreed on a trade sending linebacker Jamie Collins from New England to Cleveland, the pick going back to the Patriots was unknown.

If the Browns got a third-round compensatory pick, they would convey it to the Patriots. The Browns found out that they did get a compensatory pick on Friday, so the 103rd overall pick will be in play for Bill Belichick to use in April. The Patriots now have two third-round picks and two fifth-round picks to go with selections in the first, second, fourth (they acquired one in a trade during last year’s draft to offset the one stripped by the NFL in Deflategate) and seventh rounds.

This is the first year that teams have been allowed to deal compensatory picks in trades and the Patriots weren’t the only ones adding a third-round selection to their collection. The Titans will pick at No. 100 with the Rams sending their compensatory pick to Nashville in last year’s trade for the first overall pick.

The Browns were rewarded with four compensatory picks, but they will only have two come the draft. They also agreed to send a fourth-round compensatory pick to the Eagles as part of Philly’s deal for the No. 2 overall pick last year. They received two of them and it is believed the higher of the picks — No. 139 overall — will go to the Eagles.

Cleveland also received a compensatory selection in the fifth round to go with the nine other picks under their control.

21 responses to “Past trades net Patriots, Titans third-round compensatory picks

  1. Even with the NFL stealing picks from the Pats, they are armed and ready for some more wheeling and dealing come drat day.

  2. BB when it comes to personnel is the same as how he has his team for gameday, ready and prepared.
    That said don’t let this overshadow the Titans, Jon Robinson has done some very good things over the past couple of years. If he can continue to do so successfully, the Titans will be a very good football team.

  3. After trading Garoppolo, the Pats are gonna own this draft. After winning the Super Bowl. It just keeps getting better.

  4. terripet says:
    Feb 24, 2017 4:26 PM
    Draft a qb your gonna need one when you trade overrated jimmy and Brady gets hurt next year


    Another brilliant, Nostradamus-like terripet prediction??


    …as we all have learned–bet the opposite, it’s a lock!!

  5. And the rich get richer. Spoiled in world champion Patriot nation. Best of times.

  6. The Pats are just so prepared. They have enough picks this year now so I think they keep Jimmy G for another year just in case Brady goes down. With another year of evaluation they will also have a better read on Jacoby and whether he can be the successor to TB. If so, JG is gone next year after they franchise him.

  7. NFLexpert says:
    Feb 24, 2017 4:26 PM
    Pats always cheat their way into comp picks by trading players who are damaged goods…


    Comp picks dont come from trades. They come from having teams taking your free agents by outbidding you. Hope this helps.

  8. Belichick is always thinking about value. That nexus includes performance over cost. Collins had high performance that was limited by freelancing, a trait Belichick particularly does not like. He had a chance to move Collins, who he invested a second round pick and a few years of coaching his development. The return was a third round pick and several years of strong performance at a very low financial cost. The return also included beating the unbeatable Seahawks in the super bowl.

    One part of the equation that was nonexistent was ego and public perception, two factors that greatly impact guys like Jerry Jones.

    It couldn’t be that Belichick wins because he operates his team better the haters and apologists in the NFL tell us. Rather, he and his quarterback are playing with less air in their balls, air that doesn’t amount to the weight of a dollar bill.

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