Trent Cole wants to sign with a team that will let him off the leash

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Soon-to-be free agent pass rusher Trent Cole wants to make it clear that he’s not done playing.

Cole took to Twitter today and said he will keep playing, emphasizing that he wants to sign with a team that will let him loose to go after the quarterback.

“No retirement happening here to make things clear,” Cole said. “It’s just time for somebody let me off the leash.”

Cole may be implying that he thinks the Colts didn’t let him off the leash. Cole finished last season with a career-low 2.0 sacks.

Of course, that’s in large part because Cole missed most of last season with a back injury. Some teams may question whether the 34-year-old Cole will ever be able to make it through a season healthy and return to his prior form. But he’s confident that he still has some football left in him.

8 responses to “Trent Cole wants to sign with a team that will let him off the leash

  1. Yep, Trent. The Colts were holding you back with all of those injuries and sub-par play during your tenure. See ya!

  2. Selfish guys like Cole who want to be “let off the leash” are so single minded in trying to rush the QB that they forget their lane assignment. Meanwhile the running back just rushed past them for a 15 yard gain.

  3. who’s trent cole? he skcus yet trying to blame the his current (or former) team to not letting go unleash?

  4. There just aren’t enough roster spots for a one dimensional guy, who’s average at that one dimension. There are plenty of guys who are available at a low cost who could get 15 sacks if a team was willing to “let them off the leash”. What he wants to do is jump around right before the ball is snapped so that he can find a hole or force someone to miss an assignment. Anyone can do that. Cole is better off waiting until an injury or two causes a team to get desperate.

  5. Jason Babin parlayed a similar one-dimensional profile into a big contract when he left the Eagles. That has to be on Trent Cole’s mind.

    Babin still had some gas left in the tank, and went to a bad team. Not sure Cole will get the same opportunity.

  6. Seems like this could be a dog whistle to his former team. Heck that’s all Jim Schwartz wants from his DEs. Attack the QB. Cole has proven to be able to play in that system before under Jim Wasburn in Philly. The Eagles could use a cheap VERY CHEAP pass rush specialist to spell Curry and Graham if Barwin is cut.

    I wouldn’t mind the Eagles taking a flyer on him for the veteran minimum and seeing if he can hold onto a spot through training camp and the preseason. If not it would still be nice to see him end his career in Philly. Like Brian Dawkins should have done.

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