Report: Chiefs expected to tag Eric Berry, let Dontari Poe hit free agency

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Chiefs safety Eric Berry said Sunday that he doesn’t have high hopes that he and the team would agree to terms on a multi-year contract before the March 1 deadline to use the franchise tag.

A report from Ed Werder of ESPN makes it sound like Berry has good reason for pessimism on that front. Unless there’s a change in the next 48 hours, Werder reports that the expectation in Kansas City is that the team will use the tag on Berry for the second straight season.

Berry said in the past and again on Sunday that he will not play out the year under the tag, which would leave him in position to make around $13 million barring a long-term deal. The two sides would have until July 15 to work on such a contract.

Using the tag on Berry would mean the Chiefs couldn’t use it on defensive tackle Dontari Poe. Per Werder, the expectation is that the Chiefs would then let Poe hit free agency next month. Poe would likely find a good market for his services under that scenario and that could push his price out of range for the Chiefs to hold onto both of their free agent defensive stars.

18 responses to “Report: Chiefs expected to tag Eric Berry, let Dontari Poe hit free agency

  1. No way he turns down $13m for a season. He’s bluffing and the team knows that.

    In fact all the teams know this ranting about franchise tag is nothing more than wasted air. Being paid in the top 5 of your position is darn good coin, every year.

  2. They will tag Berry. That will give both sides more time to make a deal before the season starts.

    Not for nothing, the fact that the Chiefs even have free agent defensive stars is good news for Chiefs fans.

  3. You cannot be afraid to let your own free agents walk. That’s a recipe for failure. Now, they have a very upset Berry who could sit out until week 10 and you don’t have Poe. Only the Raiders benefit by this.

  4. Iam and continue to be a life long avid Chiefs fan. Personally I think Poe is way overrated. And Berry is pretty good but I would not put him the great category but just good. I will never forget a couple of years ago when old man Antonio Gates kept beating him all day long. Funny how some things stick with you over the years.

  5. It also gives them more time to negotiate. ALthough, how much time is needed. Not like both parties didn’t know this date was coming.

    And with other teams lining up, just get it done.

  6. I’m getting more and more sick of the whole thing.

    The average annual median income in the US is just under $52,000. Thus, for the average wage earner, it would take 250 YEARS to make what Berry would make in ONE year.

    Folks, all this money is disgusting.

    When the ordinary guy can’t afford a ticket for the Super Bowl; when it takes $1,000 to attend a game; when a beer costs $10 a cup; something is wrong.

    And then the greedy bastards want us to pay for their stadiums.

    NFL – – – just go away.

  7. ” Personally I think Poe is way overrated. ”
    It’s funny how constant double and triple teams can make you look overrated while your team mates shine.

  8. joetoronto says:
    Feb 27, 2017 11:40 AM
    Either way the Raiders win.

    Screw the Raiders. The Chiefs swept them this year and will continue to.

  9. Chiefs already have Poe’s replacement in Jones and have Bailey and Howard who were both out with injuries the s find half of the season. So going into 17, we’re as good as 16, but the depth with Poe obviously helps.

    Berry, I’m torn on. He’s not very good in coverage but helps in the run game and short passing situations. His zone coverage is good but I don’t think he’s a top 3 safety and definitely shouldn’t be paid like the highest safety in the league.

  10. I hope he sits out the entire season!

    Dorsey won’t pay the most important guy on their team; but, he has like 900 million guaranteed wrapped up into aging and hurt linebackers along with a mediocre QB/WR tandem.

    He has also let 2-3 great lineman walk the past 2-3 years so he can continue to pay and play Eric Fisher!

    If you want to feel better about your team; look at their cap situation for 2017.

  11. kcflake says:
    Feb 27, 2017 12:01 PM

    joetoronto says:
    Feb 27, 2017 11:40 AM
    Either way the Raiders win.

    Screw the Raiders. The Chiefs swept them this year and will continue to.
    The Raiders are up and coming. The Chiefs are at their zenith and still cannot put it all together. Screw the Raiders? You should be saying screw the Steelers. Seems they destroyed you in the regular season (43-14) and sent you packing during your home playoff game. So please, keep your sights on the Raiders.

  12. Franchise tag for players is a problem for subsequent years and holds no signing bonus. I highly doubt the issue between the chiefs and berry is financial but rather terms.

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