Bill Polian: Terrell Owens, Randy Moss don’t belong in the Hall of Fame


Hall of Fame G.M. Bill Polian doesn’t want either Terrell Owens or Randy Moss to join him in Canton.

Asked by Talk of Fame Network whether he’d pick Owens or Moss when both are on the Hall of Fame ballot next year, Polian said he’d leave them both off.

I take neither,” Polian said. “First of all, here’s my position: [I want players who] contribute both individually and to the team. T.O.’s situation, T.O.’s temperament, his ability to contribute to the team was well known up front. He was going to be a problem. We did not want to deal with problem children. Others may. We didn’t. That’s number one. Number two, every year in Indianapolis we said the following: ‘The price of admission is 100 percent effort all the time in everything we do.’ Well, how can we take Randy Moss when we make that statement? It’s that simple.”

Polian believes both Moss and Owens will end up with busts in Canton, even though Polian doesn’t think they belong.

“I think they will, unfortunately in my view,” said Polian, “because whether you like it or not. these ‘electoral campaigns’ have a way of swinging people. In my view, and I said this publicly last year, I think the Hall of Fames are for people who make their teams better, not who detract from them. Now, T.O. was a bigger detractor over his career than Moss, but you certainly wouldn’t call [Moss’ attitude] any harbinger or example of what you want in a football player other than when he decided to play. ‘I play when I play.’ I don’t buy it.”

Polian’s opinion of Owens is obviously shared by plenty of people on the Hall of Fame selection committee, which is why Owens has been voted down the last two years. We’ll find out next year whether Owens can overcome the opposition and get into Canton — and whether Moss, eligible for the first time, can get in as well.

162 responses to “Bill Polian: Terrell Owens, Randy Moss don’t belong in the Hall of Fame

  1. What are Polian’s feelings on Marvin Harrison? Just out of curiosity or Bruce Smith for that matter. Two hall of famers with off field issues. All wide receivers have a different mentality when it comes to football. It’s a double edged sword. Part of what makes them so great is having ap selfish mentality. Everyone knows that Owens and Moss are hall of fame recievers. You are welcome to think twice when it comes to character concerns but part of what made someone like TO great was his drive and passion.

  2. Owens and Moss were the two most dominant WR of their time. They both belong in the Hall and they both will be in the Hall.

  3. Until the HOF gets it act together and makes its qualifications more transparent, both of these guys belong. Regardless of side issues, their on field production was HOF worthy and yes Bill, they did make their teams better.

  4. Randy Moss isn’t the best of all-time but he dominated the NFL from the moment he stepped on the field. His flashes of brilliance were the brightest ever produced from the WR position. He didn’t sustain as long as Rice but he didn’t have Montana/Young or Walsh. He had 2 seasons with Brady.

    Polian overlooks the hardships some less privileged individuals have placed before them. Moss didn’t have an easy upbringing.

  5. The Colts fled Baltimore in the dead of night in a driving snowstorm and had their trucks all take different routes in order to evade law enforcement and the MD legislature. The drivers were not even told their actual destinations until they had crossed state lines. Permitting this franchise or anyone affiliated with it to pass judgment on others is idiotic.

  6. T.O. was a great receiver. There are lots of ’em. It took Art Monk ages to get in.

    Moss was a transcendent talent, maybe the second best receiver in league history. He gets in. First time.

  7. lmao 2 guns harrison makes it in and he wasn’t even that good Manning made him…Look at T.O. and Moss they made every QB they played for….annnnd never shot anyone….just saying

  8. And this is exactly why these older HOF voters shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    The Hall of Fame is for players who made the game look easy, or revolutionized the game with their skills.

    Both T.O. and Randy Moss revolutionized the game. Moss, in my opinion, is the second best receiver of all time. The guy could straight up play and he made it look easy.

    Did they have personality issues? Sure. But if we only elected HOFers based on personality then Trent Dilfer would have a bust in Canton.

  9. The issue I have with is that it is only pointing at T.O. and Randy Moss and if you really believe that cool but point out the people who are already in the Hall of Fame that fall short of your standards

  10. I would agree if they were consistent, but they’re not.

    It would be great to have a HOF with no turds and lazy malcontents, can’t see it happening though.

  11. Wow, HOF on (should-be) HOF crime…
    Hey Bill, these aren’t fringe HOF guys. They are #2 & #3 players at their position. They were better at their position in the pantheon of the NFL than Polian was at his… and they actually played the game. This to me is worse than a kicker saying they don’t belong.
    Just shut up Polian and appreciate you were included.

  12. ‘The price of admission is 100 percent effort all the time in everything we do.’

    Are you serious? You were the lead dog in the suck for Luck campaign of 2011. On the list of Polian, Moss, and Owens, there is indeed a name that has no place in the hall of fame, but it belongs one of the most overrated executives in the history of the league.

  13. Both guys were undoubtedly the most dominant WRs in the League for many many years. Unfortunately, the NFL is full of unbearable, “shut-your-mouth-and-do-your-job” blowhards that do nothing but spew garbage and pleasure each other over their own garbage ideologies. Anyone that doesn’t fit the mold is written off.

    Randy Moss and TO are generational talents that belong in the Hall on the first ballot.

  14. Reggie Wayne didn’t want to play for the Patriots because he would have to work too hard and it wouldn’t be fun yet Moss broke the single season TD record with the Patriots. I guess that means the Colts really worked hard and Moss didn’t?

  15. Marvin Harrison was connected to guns and murder investigations. Polain is a fool and maybe they should’ve have voted him into the Hall of Fame. Not the hall of very good.

    The Bills of the ’90s didn’t win any titles and Peyton Manning’s Colts only broke thru once when scrub RB Rhodes was the underground MVP vs a weak Bears team with Rex Grossman. That is a lot of talent and very little to show for it. A single title over 3 decades is a small ball in tall grass.

  16. Let’s pretend we don’t know who said “I play when I want play. ” Who would want that on their team, I bet not one person. And then that issue snowballs into having your teammates backs and being a good teammate, and so on and so forth. Just sayin


  17. That cinches it. They both belong. Polian has a long reputation for pettiness, personal vendettas, underhanded politics, and rules manipulation.

    And what level of arrogance or accomplishment makes him the gatekeeper? He built chokers in Buffalo and Indianapolis. And was Manning ever “team first” in nickel grabbing for every last cent of cap space at the expense of building a championship team, not to mention plenty of character issues off field?

    I love seeing Polian in anguish every time he’s confronted with Belichick’s greatness after he spent a career trying to prevent it. Is that a bitter mug or what!

  18. pau49ers says:
    Feb 28, 2017 11:32 AM
    I have a lot of respect for Bill, but he’s been losing his mind over the past few years.


    The truth about Bill Polian is that the Patriots winning has driven him mad.

    If Moss was a Colt he would be talking him up like he was the best ever, like he did with Harrison (even though Harrison had worse off-field problems than TO or Moss).

  19. Bill is definitely entitled to his opinion. I kind of agree with him. But what about pulling the busts of guys who have disrespected the honor after their selection – such as Warren Sapp and OJ ( and perhaps others)? That should happen. But I dont think the posters should be telling Polian to shut up because they dont like his opinion. Both guys have the stats to get into the hall. There are others who have been bypassed and may not have the stats because the game was different but whose contributions to their team and to the game warrants a close second look even though the rules may not permit it.

  20. Remember when Polian whined and cried to change the rules because he and Manning could not beat the Patriots and their physical style of DB play?

  21. I am probably wrong, but I envision the HOF voters as an old men’s country club bunch who relish the fact they get together once a year behind closed doors, cigars, lots of martinis, share tall stories, and relish the fact they have control, relevance, and power. See Augusta and the Masters. Those blowhards think they are kings. They are not.

  22. Is Polian really one to talk about shortcoming in one’s character? He’s had some fairly serious shortcomings of his own.

  23. Moss was a tremendous talent, indeed – when he felt like it. He wasn’t Owens who, while demanding, gave his all on every play – because he was giving his all and likely always felt that he WAS open, regardless. TO was a gamer and one just has to look at his one crack at the SB to see how he laid it all out on every play he could.

    Moss though? As a Raiders fan, I’ll never forgive him for his ‘effort’ in the Silver & Black. He wasn’t Marcus who languished on the bench bc of a stupid feud with Al for the middle of his career and still overcame to reach the HoF…no, he put himself on that bench when he checked out and cashed a check.

    The Hall should be for the best of the best – and that includes those who displayed those traits we admire in a teammate and a player.

    Just my $0.02.


  24. Jerry Rice played with 3 MVP QBs, 2 of which are HOFers. And Jerry Rice played for a HOF coach and another coach with the highest winning % of all time.

    Let us not think the guy just did it by himself. And when all else failed he cheated and applied stickum.

  25. If Moss doesn’t belong in the hall then neither is Brady. Brady has actually been suspended by the league for cheating. Of course that’s crazy talk, both players are going into the hall.

  26. TO is complicated because of you can legit say that he tanked the 05 Eagles.

    But he was an all time talent that made his teams better for the most part even with his occasional douchery.

    Randy Moss at his peak was the biggest freak in the modern history of the NFL. His rookie season with the Vikings and first season with the Pats are among the best of all time. If the Giants don’t make the last minute rally then we don’t even question Moss getting in.

  27. This proves the Hall of Fame is a popularity contest among a few elites, and talent and ability on the field have nothing to do with getting in.

  28. Username says it all… Moss is the GOAT. Should be unanimous first ballot HOFer and its not even arguable (the fact that he’s first ballot, not the whole GOAT thing cause Rice fans have a case).

    Moss destroyed the NFL and these were his QBs:

    Randall Cunningham, Daunte Culpepper, Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Brad Johnson, Jeff George, Todd Bouman, Gus Frerotte, Kerry Collins, Andrew Walter, Matt Cassel, Vince Young, Aaron Brooks, Spergon Wynn, Rusty Smith, Brian Hoyer, Brett Favre (41 year old Favre), Jay Fiedler, Marques Tuiasosopo, and Tom Brady (2 years and he showed what he could do with an Elite QB)

    Polian needs to go away for good

  29. Pick two receivers, any NFL era, any year, to build a “super team”. Only requirement is that it can’t be Jerry Rice. Ignore their character and grade it purely on performance, ability, and best chance to win a game for you.

    Ask this question to anyone who knows football well (heck, ask any NFL quarterback for that matter) and I guarantee you will find multiple answers of:

    Moss & T.O.

  30. Quite frankly, I don’t think GM’s or owners should be in the HOF. Should be players only.

  31. Check out the “100%” effort that Marvin Harrison gave in the postseason. Look at his TDs per game, postseason vs. reg season, also catches, and yards per catch

    People blamed Manning, but it was Harrison who shriveled up under postseason pressure.

    Pistol-packin’ Marv could never hold the jock of either TO or Randy Moss.

  32. Polian said that the natural deflation of a football during cold weather was as serious as PED use.

    But he has no problem with:

    PEDton Manning taking HGH.

    PEDton Manning assaulting the trainer at Tennessee and trying to destroy her career and reputation.

    Marvin Harrison shooting people and hiring hitmen to shoot people.

    Piping in phony crowd noise.

    Forcing rule changes down the Competition Committee’s throat year after year because Indy’s soft offense couldn’t beat physical defenses.

  33. The truth is Polian probably doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame. He didn’t draft Kelly in Buffalo and honestly he hurt the Colts more than he helped.

    Peyton Manning didn’t get the help he needed. Polain built a team that was great in early part of the season but always failed later on. Weak offensive lines and lots of bad picks got Peyton only 1 ring with Indy. Polian didn’t build a team around Peyton, all Polian did was shop for offensive weapons. The lesson should’ve been that Peyton, like Brady, would’ve elevated lesser players around him like Brandon Stokley for instance. The Colts didn’t need to spend 1st round picks on Wayne or Clark. Peyton would’ve gotten equal production from lesser drafted players. Should’ve drafted a difference maker in the middle of the defense or reinforced that weak o-line which eventually broke Peyton.

    Polain built good teams, but good isn’t the game. Championships are.

  34. I’m not saying the Hall of Fame voters or Polian are right, bu they do have a point (to an extent). Let this be a lesson to young players that no one like a diva. You are NOT bigger or smarter than your team. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Reporters and execs have long memories and hold vendettas against players who treat them like dirt.

    TO and Moss will get in. The voters are just letting them stew and squirm. You reap what you sow.

  35. To be fair people. You are missing what semantics he is getting at. Sure Marvin had off the field issues….separate from football. Terrell and Randy were team related. Taking off plays and not always giving a 100% (Randy) and being a locker room and team chemistry issue (Owens) are viable arguments to take into account for on the field performance.

  36. I can see both sides of the TO debate. He clearly should be in, but other guys who were that great in their own era had to wait too. Moss however is the greatest receiver to ever play the game. Period. Yes, Moss was better than Rice. A simple eye test proves it. He didn’t have Rice’s career accomplishments but he was the better player in his prime.

  37. At this rate if a player ever indicated he was a republican, there would be writers that would not vote him in. Most of the media are intolerant towards republicans.

  38. Personally, I think a member of the Hall of Fame lobbying against others being in the Hall of Fame shows a lack of class. I think this is going to make those future Hall of Fame luncheons a little awkward, especially if Moss, Owens, and Polian get seated at the same table.

  39. Randy Moss was the greatest receiver–and one of the best all-around athletes–I ever saw. He did things on the football field that defied description.

    I also saw Jerry Rice, who was excellent, although he was not a superhuman athlete like Moss. I even saw Jim Brown when I was young. Brown may have been the best athlete to ever play in the NFL. He was something else.

    In any case, Randy Moss definitely belongs in the HOF. Terrell Owens, not so much. He was a good receiver, no question, but he probably caused problems than he solved. Moss was no choirboy and he had his issues, to be sure, but Owens was just a royal pain most of the time.

  40. Polish does not deserve to be in the hall of fame for sure. He lacked the integrity when he made his team lose intentionally to get the number one pick in Luck.

    What has he really done to get into the hall of fame?

    There has been no sustained success….

    I suspect he got in because of the old boy network.

    Overrated So sad….

  41. Randy Moss is to football what Pedro Martinez was to pitching.

    Neither had the greatest career of all time. But in short windows, they were the GOAT.

    The version of Pedro Martinez from 1999-2002 is the greatest pitcher the game has ever seen.

    Randy Moss in his prime, is just a better wide receiver than anyone else in history.

    Randy didn’t have the longevity/consistency, but if I could pick 1 WR in his absolute prime for 1 game, it’s Randy Moss and there is no close second. Guy was just on another level and untouchable.

  42. gallopinghost says:

    Yeah Randy Moss really detracted from the Patriots in 2007.

    That one single year is the only reason anyone likes him.

  43. streetyson says: “100% effort!!!! Is that what the Colts gave during your Suck4Luck campaign?”

    George Carlin said “If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?”

    I say: “Colts gave 100% effort to suck and they sucked effortlessly 100%.”

  44. I’m thinking that he values locker room and field of play more so than off field issues. The worst of Harrison’s problems were after he retired and let’s face it Moss and TO had locker room issues but no real off the field issues.

    TO was a headache because of the constant contract issues. Moss saying he’d play when he felt like it was the dumbest statement a body could make. The fact he lasted less than 3 years with the Pats and played for 3 teams in that eat speak a lot about his prowess as a teamate.

    Both deserve to be in the hall due to skill, neither are first ballot because of how they treated teamates.

  45. Moss, FOR SURE HOF player
    T O, coin flip but I lean toward him being inducted as well…
    POLIAN…. Undeserving…..

  46. Watering down defenses to help your team win makes you a hall of famer… TO shouldn’t lose sleep about not getting in when senile, bitter, clowns like Polian do… Speaks volumes to what’s wrong with the entire process

  47. “Well, how can we take Randy Moss when we make that statement? It’s that simple.”

    lmao, Polian the talent evaluator thought Moss was done or he’d have gotten him for Manning in NY minute. What a fraud. This is the guy who lead the charge to neuter defensive backs and put dresses on WR’s and tutus on QB’s.

  48. starrfavrerodgers says:
    Feb 28, 2017 11:55 AM
    Well, there it is. Polian provided us with the stupidest thing we’ll read on the internet today.


    The day is still young

  49. I got to hand it to him. I can’t stand Polian. I think he’s tremendously biased, an old-man-get-off-my-lawn, and his ego makes Belichick look humble. But that guy says stuff and backs it up. He’s wrong all the time, but at least he stands up and tries to defend it.

  50. Here’s all you need to know about Bill Polian.

    Bill Polian: “Defense Didn’t Show Up In Peyton’s Playoff Losses”. Hey Bill, maybe you didn’t show up on draft day or didn’t care enough about defense. Moss and Owens will eventually get in on merit.

  51. Sorry Bill, but your attitude reflects your generation and is another example of why the NFL is out of touch with its fan base. I don’t care for either player (I’m a Raider fan, think I like Moss??? NOT!!), but their numbers indicate they belong. Its not a freaking popularity contest. By your standards, all sorts of bench warmers would be in the HOF, because they were good guys and even better team mates. I love those kind of players as well, but they are not HOF’ers. In fact, by your standards how was Warren Sapp a first ballot HOF’er???? Guy was a tool his entire career, but he could play. How did he get in Bill? Its the hall of the greatest players to ever play the game. Its for players that accomplished great things on the football field, not those that were good teammates.

  52. Clear case as to why the hall of fame voting process needs to change. You get a former G.M. so stuck on himself he tells you about what he wouldn’t want on his team when we can all pin point the bad character players he had..Performance cheats to gun charges. You’re not the G.M. of the H.O.F. There are no more games being played. You’re all retired! Behavior cost them then, it shouldn’t cost them now. So what’s the purpose in voting a certain #of players anyway? If it’s 10, 15, 20? Heck, if they’re some of the best to ever do it what are you voting? Why are you deciding who deserves more? If the Eagles win the Super Bowl (game which T.O. was the best player on the field-coming off a broken leg) you have no argument. He’s first ballot. You want to judge the personality and not the profession. Now You didn’t have to like T.O. but you damn sho had to respect his play on the field with constant double teams. And the boy did it for a long time in different systems. He may not have caught every ball but he caught a trip to the pro-bowl and his team to the playoffs nearly every season he played. How I judge a hall of farmer? When I go to the chop shop and we discuss who was the baddest mofo’s to ever do it and it’s always Rice, T.O., Moss, Carter. When the eye test and the numbers say so.. So stop punishing these guys when you know they are more valuable as T.O. or Moss the H.O.famer when doing promotions, endorsements or book signings than without.

  53. Charles Haley; the ultimate anti team player far worse than Owens and Moss combined at their worst.

    Michael Irvin; prostitutes, illegal drugs, cheating on his wife

    Lawrence Taylor; mountains of coke, prostitutes a plenty

    All three caused seriously disruption during their playing days. Do they not belong, Polish?

  54. Owens and Moss will both end up in eventually. Their attitudes may cause voters to make them wait a few years, but they will get in.

    While I understand that attitude and effort may have wanted Polian to not want them on his team, that is a different question than whether they belong in the HOF. If a guy is borderline with his output, maybe off field issues hold them out. But, those two guys were fantastic producers on the field, and the numbers back it up. Even with Owens’ drops and attitude and Moss’ inconsistent effort, the opposing teams still had to game plan specifically to stop them, and often still couldn’t stop them.

  55. I think Bill Polian stated his opinion well. If I were discussing this with him in person I’d say “that’s fair of you to think” while I quietly disagree and move on to a different topic knowing there’s no way anybody could change his mind.

    I believe his opinion is based in rhetoric. “100% effort all the time” is a fantasy. Maybe he understands that, but even the guys like Zach Thomas who looked to be that type of player dialed it back on plays. What is realistic is “a ton of effort as often as you can give it and maintaining etiquette during the game”.

    So basically Polian thinks that the Hall of Fame comes down to talent plus demeanor.

    I think our world is full of diverse characters who express themselves differently and deserve accolades if their accomplishments are significant enough to warrant them when their performance is measured against their peers, convicted felons not withstanding.

    It would be pointless for Polian to try and convince me otherwise.

  56. The HOF doesnt mean anything to me anymore. I could care less about it. Dungy?? Terrell Davis??? Who runs the HOF now? A bunch of SJWs? Might as well let in Freddie Mitchell at this point. In fact let in everyone! Everyone gets a bust and a jacket because it will make the HOF committee feel better about itself!

  57. medialovesthecowboys says:
    Feb 28, 2017 11:23 AM
    Sorry, but outside of a lightning in the bottle run with the Bills, Polian doesn’t exactly belong either.
    Peyton Manning falling in your lap at No. 1, doesn’t make you a genius.
    There is more to Polian than his run with Buffalo…
    He had 9 playoff berths with the Colts… Most wins in a decade… Yes, Peyton Manning was a big part in that, but Manning couldn’t have done it on his own. The teams that were built around him were pretty damn good.
    He also took the brand new Panthers to the playoffs in year two of their existence.
    Polian knows Football… period.

  58. bchap17 says:
    Feb 28, 2017 11:40 AM
    2 of the 3 top scoring teams in NFL History featured Randy Moss.

    How is that NOT making your team better?


    Not to mention that he was a big reason any other team would think of parting with high second rounder for Matt Cassel after the 2008 season. (Obviously, I know there were other factors, like Wes Welker also catching balls from Cassel, and the Pats throwing in Mike Vrabel as part of the trade, but having Moss in the lineup made it a lot easier for the Pats to win 11 even after losing Brady).

  59. So calling another player an ‘idiot kicker’ to the press is being a team player?

    Throwing your offensive line under the bus after an AFC Championship game against the Steelers, calling them out for protection issues, is being a team player?

    Or how about the laughable farce of an NFL investigation into PEDs being delivered to your house?

    Not to mention playing whack a mole with your man berries on some poor intern’s head.

    Thanks Bill, you’ve settled it. Peyton Manning does not belong in the HOF.

  60. It’ll be interesting to see Polian and Moss on an ESPN set next year talking about football. Do you think Randy Moss will have anything to say about Mr. Polian’s comments?

    Straight cash homey! Or will Randy express himself with an emoji?

  61. What a bunch of dimwits.

    Look, there are consequences for our actions in life. TO and Moss are reaping those consequences.

    It’s like smokers. They smoke all their lives and then complain when they are diagnosed with cancer. They knew they were alienating people. They took pride in it.

    Every. Single. Time.

    Now they complain. They want to avoid those consequences. But life doesn’t work that way.

  62. A huge Viking fan here so I loved moss but to me the hall of fame engulfs the best talent in football history not always the best people! It honors the talent to ever step on the field!!! Owens and moss absolutely should be in the HOF! If hall is designated based on how good of a person you were than start removing busts and begin with s guy like Lawrence Taylor!!

  63. Every time Polian looks in a mirror he sees another guy who most assuredly doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame.

  64. Bill Polian’s time with the Colts is one of the most overrated GM’s of all time.

    He did great work early in his career, but he failed the Colts year after year. Just rode the coattails of the HoF QB who fell into his lap as far as he would carry him.

    One dimensional team that suffered the same deficiencies year after year, and he never corrected them. They were built to play on a fast track, indoors, with the lead Peyton Manning would give them. Small undersized speed based defense that could sit back and swarm underneath because they always had a 2 score lead that Manning would give them. But anytime they got late in the season in tough conditions, they faltered horribly time after time after time, and Polian NEVER addressed or corrected it. To only have one Super Bowl with one of the greatest QB’s of all time is a failure.

    Look no further than the year Peyton missed with neck surgery. Went from a perennial double digit win playoff team to one of the most embarrassing teams we’ve ever seen, just because of the subtraction of ONE player, Peyton Manning. THAT is the team Polian built when Peyton wasn’t there to mask their deficiencies.

    Polian shouldn’t be talking about who doesn’t belong among the true elites, because he’s in that exact same class.

  65. Moss was one of the greatest wide receivers ever to play. When he was healthy, he probably had the most impact on a game that any wide receiver ever. Even Rice! Think of the crappy quarterbacks that Moss made look like pro-bowlers: Jeff -freakin- George! Dante Culpepper, over-the-hill Randal Cunningham. When he was put with a HOF QB, he broke the record for TDs in a season, which resulted in an undefeated regular season. He was on 2 of the top 3 scoring teams in league history. It would be a travesty if Moss didn’t get in HOF.

  66. The hall is littered with a-holes and he chooses these 2 to make a moral stand. I have never respected th8s guy b3cause he always tries to come off as the elder statesman however he really sounds like Jack Lemmon in Grumpy Old Men

  67. This guy is going to argue about character flaws?
    When his boss is Jim Irsay?
    Go ahead and Google Marvin Harrison gun crime when you have a chance, too- I’m sure he’s got no problem with that.
    What a joke, this isn’t a popularity contest, this is a football-ability contest. TO and Moss are shoo-ins, they’re both probably to 5 all time.

  68. How’d Bill Polian get into the HOF? Former 49ers’ GM John McVay has five super bowl rings. I’d think he goes in way before Polian. But Polian is a big self-promoter, and I guess that’s the ticket that you need for entrance. The HOF is becoming more of a joke every day. Besides, as far as WRs go, Owens made his teams worse, Moss made his team better. Moss joined a mediocre Vikings team and they immediately went 15-1. He joined a good Patriots team and they immediately went 16-0. What Moss was able to do to NFL defenses, has never been done by a WR. He’s easily a first ballot HOFer. I don’t even put him in the same category with Owens.

  69. OJ absolutely deserves to be in the HOF. Yes, he had more than a few DV incidents during his playing days but back then nobody cared.

    OJ’s major headline drama didn’t come until post retirement. The Hall will never consider expunging anyone, particularly an elected member, based on post career conduct. Man, what a pandora’s box that would open!

  70. OJ absolutely deserves to be in the HOF. Yes, he had more than a few DV incidents during his playing days but back then nobody cared.

    OJ’s major headline drama didn’t come until post retirement. The Hall will never consider expunging anyone, particularly an elected member, based on post career conduct. Man, what a pandora’s box that would open!!

  71. @mongo3401 says:
    Feb 28, 2017 11:54 AM

    Bill Polian and Gil Brandt are really hard to listen to these days. Like dragging your face in cut glass over and over.
    Polian takes forever to make a point and Brandt’s penchant for wanting people to know where h’s been is exhausting. If I live to be 89, I’ll be able to go to all those places…I do like some of his old stories though. Polian, not so much.

  72. tonebones – please tell me which team was worse because of Owens? Where did the 49ers go after he left? Down. When did the Eagles almost win their first Super Bowl? The year they added Owens, and they only had a chance in that game because of Owens playing better on one leg than anyone else on that team played on two. Did averaging 1200 yards and 12 TD’s in Dallas make them worse? Get outta here with that bogus BS. It’s fine if you don’t like the guy, but making stuff up to validate your own bias to yourself doesn’t mean you’re proving a point

  73. STOP ! STOP lumping all “old men” with this clown.
    Owens and Moss belong in the HOF ! Polian is just getting on his “high horse” trying to show everyone how “smart” he is.
    PS: I’ll be 70 this year.

  74. “whether you like it or not. these ‘electoral campaigns’ have a way of swinging people.”

    Is that really what this process has been reduced to?

    You, and pompus Pete King doing your William Wallace impressions to get guys elected to the Hall?

    Are the voters serious that mindless that they need you dweebs to validate their opinions?

    Its no wonder the Hall is such a joke now!

  75. Wait a moment…this is Bill “let me turn the heat and noise up in the dome” Polian talking. The guy who got the rules committee to strengthen up penalty calls because his future hall of fame receiver, and well known gun owner by the way, was getting neutralized. So this guy is the voice of reason, really…one would think the 4 straight losing SB’s in Buffalo would be enough to keep the guy quiet but alas, he continues to spout idiotic comments from his pie hole.

  76. Using Polian’s logic, guys like Michael Irvin shouldn’t be in the Hall, either. Give me a break, dude. You’re out of touch with reality and you should stop embarrassing yourself.

  77. I agree with Polian. The things that he talks about with Moss and Owens are not “off the field” issues, but things that directly affected their teams and those teams’ performances. Owens was a locker room cancer who publicly attacked his teammates. Moss quit on his team when he was with the Raiders, and admitted that he dogged it sometimes. HOF caliber players don’t do those kinds of things.

  78. lifetimefan says:
    Feb 28, 2017 3:26 PM
    Wait a moment…this is Bill “let me turn the heat and noise up in the dome” Polian talking. The guy who got the rules committee to strengthen up penalty calls because his future hall of fame receiver, and well known gun owner by the way, was getting neutralized.

    Like Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison was a great regular season player but he had his problems in the post-season; and those problems were not only against the Pats. Some might argue that is because of Peyton’s post-season issues, but Harrison only had one good playoff game in his entire playoff career; Peyton had more than one good playoff game.

    Harrison probably deserved his HoF induction, but not as much as T.O. and Randy Moss who were both better NFL WRs than Harrison.

  79. He is a blowhard hypocrite. Oh no, Moss Fake mooned some Packer fans so he shouldn’t get in, but his boy Harrison shoots people and he is deserving? What a load of crap

  80. Pu-lease, you old fart. Moss without a shadow of a doubt. Game changer from the moment he stepped on the field.

  81. I just go by the eyeball test and I don’t care about stats. Guys in the recent era are going to have way better stats. The best WR’s I’ve ever seen were Randy Moss and Lance Alworth. I couldn’t care less what HOF voters think, because the majority of them aren’t even going by their own eyeballs. They’re relying on the opinions of others. I think Owens had a lot of talent, but from what I witnessed, he was a detriment to his own teams. Most great players help their teams win. I didn’t think Owens did that for the majority of his career, but I don’t have a vote. He’ll eventually get in just based on his stats, and the sun will come up the next morning. I’m starting to get a little concerned about Bill Polian. I’m not so sure how much longer he’s going to be on the air.

  82. I don’t think Polian should be in the HOF.

    There are two, and only two, reasons he’s there: Jim Kelly & Peyton Manning, whose abilities bailed out Polian for many bad decisions he made, and neither of whom reached the pinnacle of success their talents deserved due to those same bad decisions by Polian.

    With a better GM, Kelly would have a ring and Manning would have probably a couple more.

  83. 100% effort!!!! Is that what the Colts gave during your Suck4Luck campaign?

    Not just that, but remember when the Colts went 14-0 and then intentionally lost their next game to avoid the “pressure” of being undefeated? Was quitting during a game part of 100% effort? Polian lives in his own little world where the Colts won 10 straight Super Bowls.

  84. They both belong in the Big Turd section of the HOF – hidden off to
    the side of where Michael Irvin and Jerry Jones are, and just behind
    and to the right of the punters and kickers.

  85. I don’t have a problem with high standards being the criteria for induction. But thats not the case, you’d have to remove certain members if it was.

  86. My bad. Switch out Jerry Jones for Warren Sapp above. ^
    Even Jerrah has more class and respect for the game, than those
    undeserving turds mentioned above.

  87. I know Pete Rose is a bit of a sad sack of a man but despite that I know of his accomplishments a lot more than the vast majority of other players who made the hall. I think TO would be that kind of person; more famous for not getting in than the majority who did.

  88. “I want players that contribute individually and to the team.”

    That’s gibberish. Both TO and Moss contributed to their teams. The statistics make that clear. Polian doesn’t like that they won’t kiss his ring, but that’s not part of the process.

    Both WRs caught lots of passes for lots of yards and lots of TDs. Both won lots of games over many years. They were clearly the best WRs of their generation.

    Polian might have some credibility if he had repudiated Marvin Harrison back when it became clear that his “character” was much worse than that of TO or Moss. Instead, Harrison was inducted just last year.

  89. “I think Owens had a lot of talent, but from what I witnessed, he was a detriment to his own teams. Most great players help their teams win. I didn’t think Owens did that for the majority of his career, but I don’t have a vote.”

    TO finished with 153 TDs, behind only Jerry Rice and Randy Moss. You don’t think those TDs helped his teams win?

  90. Kurt Warner and Broadway Joe don’t belong in the HOF either.

    How can you tell the story of the NFL without Joe Namath?

    And hit the interwebs and find Bill Walsh’s commentary on the guy. He talked about Namath as if he were the second coming.

    … Warner? Couldn’t agree more. Not even one of the 10 best of his era, let alone an all-timer.

  91. Lets not forget that Bill Polian is the same genius that traded away Marshall Faulk for Mike Peterson and Brad Scioli

    The same year he traded Faulk, he drafted Edgerrin James.

    Throw all the mud you want at Polian for his stupidity here, but that one really doesn’t stick.

  92. With a better GM, Kelly would have a ring and Manning would have probably a couple more.

    Manning couldn’t beat Brady and Belichick. One or two more players wouldn’t have changed that.

    The Bills should have won in 1990. Levy didn’t pick up on the fact that the Giants were giving them the running game. Even still, Norwood could have won it for them.

    1991-1993? NO chance.

    Look at how good that Redskins team was. One of the more underrated Champions of all-time. And the beating those Cowboys teams? C’mon. Buffalo had almost no chance.

  93. Polian is still reeling from the Bill Belichick/ Tom Brady greatest ever SB comeback. Even after everything he tried to do both on the field and behind the scenes to beat Belichick and the Pats, he always failed miserably. If Moss isn’t a HOF than Polian, a jealous, hypocritical, disgruntled, negative old man shouldn’t be in either. His Belichick envy is palpable.

  94. People forget football is a team sport, and while Moss and TO both had very impressive stats, they repeatedly demonstrated they put themselves before their teams, especially TO. If this was the “ass” Hall of Fame or NFL Hall of statistics, extreme narcissists like Moss or TO would be first ballot. I agree with Polian here. At some point enough people will vote them in. But I’m among the many that feel they just don’t deserve an automatic free pass because of their stats.

  95. ducknichols50 says:
    Feb 28, 2017 11:44 AM

    and OJ deserved to be in the Hall of Fame.

    If Moss isn’t a Hall of Fame WR, then only Rice is a HOF. (notice the period).

    Which of the two did not use stickum….. so in retrospect, maybe it’s Moss that’s more deserving.

  96. Polian is another person that took this quote of Randy’s out of context to put a negative light on a HOF receiver. ‘I play when I play.’ I don’t buy it.” You did buy it but he never said it in the context you are representing . The National media got it wrong and didn’t care when they did it.

  97. i have watched the nfl for 47 yrs, moss is the number deep threat of all time and he played with a bunch of bums at qb.

    to the dumb poster who said warner was not a top ten of his era and should not be in the HOF, put the crack pipe down.

    Kurt Warner should be in, when he was healthy he was one of the best I ever saw. I tell you what, the man was no joke in the playoffs went to three SB’s I am sorry I never saw a bum make it to multiple super bowls at QB. I believe Kurt still hold QB records for the SB

    TO should be in there too, ask the players i bet he goes in first ballot

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