Chiefs announce Eric Berry extension

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Word early on Tuesday afternoon was that the Chiefs and safety Eric Berry were finalizing an agreement on a contract extension and the deal became official a few hours later.

The Chiefs announced the deal, which comes a day ahead of the deadline to use the franchise tag. Berry played out last season under the tag and said he hoped to avoid doing so again this year, something made easier by the fact that the Chiefs have reportedly made him the highest-paid safety in the league.

The team didn’t announce any terms, but multiple reports peg it as a six-year deal worth up to $78 million with $40 million in guarantees.

“I’d like to thank Eric and his agent, Chad Speck, for their professionalism during these negotiations,” Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey said in a statement from the team. “Keeping Eric Berry in a Chiefs uniform long-term has been a significant goal of ours. He’s a special football player and an incredible person. We’re thrilled we were able to get this deal done.”

The Chiefs were busy on Tuesday as they also released veteran running back Jamaal Charles and had guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif in to sign his contract extension. With Berry signed, defensive tackle Dontari Poe now tops the list of potential free agents in Kansas City.

20 responses to “Chiefs announce Eric Berry extension

  1. idiedpretty says:
    Feb 28, 2017 4:53 PM

    A strategically timed announcement to shield their release of Charles. Good damage control, KC.
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    Charles got paid $13 million for 8 games the last two season. No damage control needed they already did him a favor.

  2. So much for the Bears fans like myself who thought we might be able to bring in actual players from other teams to help us fix our godawful D-backfield. The pattern so far is for teams to be locking up their stud FAs so we’re gonna have to grow our own.

  3. Great move by KC. While teams like Washington twist in the wind, unwilling to commit to players they need, KC makes the moves they need to stay competitive.

    On a related note, those who criticize the Chiefs for sticking with Alex Smith (so far) should remember how close they are to SB contention. They pretty much just need to solve the New England problem, which puts them in the same boat as the rest of the conference.

    Berry plays a huge part in them being able to do so.

  4. idiedpretty says:
    Feb 28, 2017 4:53 PM
    A strategically timed announcement to shield their release of Charles. Good damage control, KC.

    Except they had nothing to feel ashamed about with Charles’ release and announced it this morning. Dang, chippy you really have no clue no matter what id you use or what team you talk about it.

  5. Way way way overpaid. These salaries are beyond ridiculous. 13 million a year for a safety that is just above average. Just crazy.

  6. Berry’s history shows that he is a consistent all-pro safety on the field. Off the field/in the locker room, he is a consummate professional and leader. He is what Derrick Thomas was…Eric Berry IS the Chiefs.

    The total package EB brings makes this deal worth it.

  7. Dude is an inspiration on so many levels. Supreme talent can even come back from cancer and still be as good as any safety on the field.

    Solid player, but he’s not getting any younger. Contract wont last more than 2-3 years tops.

  8. you just could not let that guy go , he is the team leader, heart and soul of that locker room. chiefs overpaid but they had to

  9. idiedpretty says:
    Feb 28, 2017 4:53 PM
    A strategically timed announcement to shield their release of Charles. Good damage control, KC.


    Why would they need damage control? Anyone who watches football knew that he was going to be released, barring him being willing to drastically restructure his contract for a fraction of its current value.

  10. blogatron2000 says:
    Feb 26, 2017 7:47 PM
    “I’m not getting my hopes up” doesn’t necessarily mean that a deal isn’t close. Could mean that Berry is a “it isn’t real until the ink is dry” kind of guy. My bet is that the deal gets done.
    Nailed it. There was no way the Chiefs were not going to get this one done. This is a team being built for the long haul and Berry is a cornerstone. Well done, John Dorsey!!

  11. Great player, but man, $40 mil guaranteed and
    over $13 mil – that’s a very rich contract for a Safety.
    Especially for a player with some medical concerns.

    Going to screw other teams when they have to sign
    their own guys, and having this outlier of a contract
    skewing the numbers – like Adrian Peterson’s did for RBs.
    Chiefs and Cardinals ( Honeybadger ) are sure inflating
    up the safety market.

  12. For those saying they don’t have the money; Cutting Charles and Foles frees up a lot. The cap also rises over the next couple years so they will be fine. That being said they need to keep spending on that oLine though.

  13. I’m happy for Berry, he deserves to be the highest paid safety. This hurts for me though because I was hoping my Niners would make a run at him. Especially after the top two pass rushers got tagged: Melvin Ingram and Chandler Jones. Maybe that means we can snatch up Dontari Poe from the Chiefs now. Regardless Berry deserved every penny of his new contract, he is a playmaker who can turn entire games around.

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