Hall of Fame voter essentially tells T.O. that complaining will keep him out

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At a time when I had hoped the flow of Terrell Owens stories regarding his latest snub from the Hall of Fame had ended, some of those who should want the fire to die down continue to throw logs on it.

Gary Myers of the New York Daily News, who would take Michael Irvin over Owens and who also downplayed T.O.’s performance in Super Bowl XXXIX, shares a story regarding the gold jacket Owens previously said he ordered for himself.

Citing a Hall of Famer who for some reason insisted on anonymity (at least Bill Polian has the balls to put his name to his criticism of Owens), Myers writes that Owens told the unnamed Hall of Famer that Owens had his career statistics placed on the back of the jacket. The unnamed Hall of Famer, who scoffed at the gesture, had some advice for Owens.

“I told him he is dividing the selection committee just like he divided locker rooms,” the unnamed Hall of Famer said. “I told him to be quiet, let the process work and he will get in.”

Myers then followed the quote with a Dan Fouts-style warning that Owens is hurting himself by having the audacity to complain that he has been snubbed.

“Owens is not going about this the right way,” Myers writes. “The more he criticizes the process, or says it’s no longer important to him, the harder he makes it for himself. Just like he alienated his quarterbacks, particularly Donovan McNabb and Tony Romo, the anti-T.O. voters are becoming even more entrenched in their position by Owens’ insults and the insults of the non-voters in the media who are campaigning for his election.”

That’s a stunning admission from Myers, which serves only to underscore legitimate concerns about the validity of the process. If Myers or any other voter genuinely will become more entrenched in the opposition to Owens because people like Owens, me, or anyone else is willing to express a belief that his performance should have gotten him in the Hall of Fame by now, those voters are unfit to serve on the selection committee and should resign. If they don’t resign, the Hall of Fame should drop them.

Think for a moment about what Myers is suggesting. Essentially, he’s saying that Owens’ refusal to sit down and shut up will make it harder for Owens to get in. (Meanwhile, the bust of a double murderer remains in Canton, in plain view for every mother or father to explain to every daughter or son who visits a museum whose curators are taking themselves way, way, way too seriously.)

Beyond admitting that Myers will consider factors wholly unrelated to Owens’ on-field performance, Myers has offered a healthy dose of get-off-my-lawn condescension for the younger folks in the media who believe that T.O. is a no-brainer Hall of Famer.

“Many of the outspoken pro-T.O.ers in the media not on the HOF committee have covered the NFL for only a handful of years and lack the perspective to be able to identify what makes a Hall of Famer,” Myers writes. “Many of them were not even covering the NFL when Owens was playing and come off like callers to sports talk shows. I have been covering the NFL since 1978 and can at least compare Owens to Michael Irvin, who gained election on his third try and was a better player than T.O., and Drew Pearson, one of the best and most clutch receivers in his generation. Pearson is not in the HOF. Comparing Owens’ numbers to Pearson’s is not fair. It was a different game then when receiving stats were not bloated. But given the choice, I would take Pearson over Owens. Easy decision.”

That’s a slippery slope onto which Myers has stepped, inviting full scrutiny of every current and future member of the Hall of Fame selection committee who may lack the same credentials, experience, and insight that Myers believes must be possessed before a reliable opinion can be formed regarding who should and shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame. Also, the we-know-more-than-the-rest-of-you attitude expressed by Myers will do little to get the fans and non-voting media to sit down and shut up.

If anything, the clumsy, thin-skinned pushback against those who dare question the process will make those with concerns about the process stand taller and speak louder, as to Owens and anyone else who gets snubbed in the future.

50 responses to “Hall of Fame voter essentially tells T.O. that complaining will keep him out

  1. The Hall of Fame belongs to the Sports Writers – not the game or the fans. INCREDIBLE arrogance but that is the attitude of the sports writers. The NFL needs to take the Hall back for the players and fans. Unbelievable!

  2. There is enough information to have the Hall of Fame investigated and put criteria in writing in detail so that anyone can understand the voting criteria clearly

  3. The longer he is kept out the more petty and stupid these voters look. I’m nothing like TO but if I was I would tell these pukes to stick their advice where the sun don’t shine and if they have something to say to him it’s either, welcome to the club, or nothing at all.

  4. How petty, petty and small of the HOF.
    Stop playing games with a great player because you didn’t like his personality. You wanna institute righteousness now? than hold every single person in the HOF to the same standards. Last i check T.O. has never been arrested for crimes committed. Can you say that about all the other HOF’s? Petty, hypocrites.

  5. This is the way it’s always worked. Those who thought it was a perfect system are kidding themselves. I know why the voters kept him out. They thought he was detrimental to his teams. There are all these stories about one guy saying he dropped too many balls. Now this story. These aren’t the real reasons. The real reason is that although Owens was a great athlete, he isn’t a HOFer because he made his teams worse. I feel bad for Owens. Nobody with mental disorders wants to have mental disorders. Terrell has the body of a grown man, but the mind of a very mean spirited 6 year old. That’s not Terrell’s fault, nor is it the fault of the voters for their observations. By the way, when was the last time everyone agreed on something? It’d be pretty boring, and the website would get less run. Lol.

  6. I happen to agree with Myers appreciation for Drew Pearson who excelled in an era when dbacks could literally assault receivers almost entirely through their routes, and yet TO put up his all world stats in the five yard chuck era. I remember seeing another Terrelle this past season publicly yelling at his QB during a game and how it wasn’t well received. But Myers is correct in his assessment of human nature. The more one antagonizes, the more some people dig in.

  7. The individual votes should also be made public. If members of our federal and state legislatures have their votes public (for things far more important than football), then a simple Hall of Fame vote can be publicly disclosed.

  8. Solid article, keep it up. These guys just keep burying and alienating themselves to the individuals the HoF is supposed to be for.

    Lol.. drop the mic at

    . (Meanwhile, the bust of a double murderer remains in Canton, in plain view for every mother or father to explain to every daughter or son who visits a museum whose curators are taking themselves way, way, way too seriously.)

  9. The Hall has lost a significant amount of credibility with me. It might as well be a country club where you need the recommendation of influential members to get in. Isn’t the NFL already having a fan problem? This is of course going to help that…..no?

  10. It may be impractical, but honestly each team should have their own wing in Canton and it should be left up to the individual franchises to decide which of their alumni they want to represent them in the Hall.

    Take sportswriters completely out of the process.

  11. “The more he criticizes the process, or says it’s no longer important to him, the harder he makes it for himself.”

    I basically said this at least twice over the last month, and got mostly thumbs-down.

    Don’t look now, cuz all I’m doing is my little happy dance with my thumbs in the air like I just don’t care…or maybe it’s a different digit I have in the air, who can really tell these days…

  12. Myers is a pseudo-intellectual. The type of guy who used to read Time magazine because every story was a retread with words you rarely use.

    Drew Pearson was awesome and I actually thought he was in the HOF. All decade players should be in the HOF. Terrel Davis and no Pearson or Sterling Sharpe even remotely considered? What a joke.

    But Myers is a know it all. Like listening to Verducci talk baseball. Neither has an athletic bone in their body and both are painful to listen to.

    I’ve forgotten more about baseball than Verducci knows but I digress because I can’t stand either one of them.

    Myers did open up a can of worms. Go sit in the corner and be a good boy because those of us who have time on the job are more important than those that don’t and that’s what we want. What a tool.

  13. We can’t compare the O.J. Simpson situation to Owens, because he was inducted roughly a decade before the murders. Jim Tyer, the deserving Chiefs lineman, committed his crime in 1980, and would have eventually been inducted otherwise.

    The HOF isn’t like accruing pension time at work, where automatic rewards kick in. It’s an honor without specific performance standards, even if Owens has done enough. However, the HOF has every right to push back the induction because of all this whining. At this rate of complaining, I hope Owens never gets in. A perfect analogy would be a leading actor or director of a well-crafted movie whining about deserving the Academy Award.

    The smart play by Owens would have been to stay quiet, and use this time for a little self-reflection.

  14. Drew Pearson? Drew Pearson?
    Loved Drew Pearson growing up, but he had a total of 48 TDs or less than a third of what TO had, plus he had two 1,000 yard seasons. And he he had a HOF QB throwing him the ball must of the time.

  15. Florio is 100% correct. TO should be in this HOF class and Moss should be in the next one. The best argument is that these 2 are the 2nd and 3rd greatest WRs of all time

  16. The HOF should be ignored as well as the arrogant people who vote for it. It is a by-gone dinosaur and an irrelevant popularity contest. Stop giving it press.

  17. Mike, Mike, Mike. You can rant on OJ all you like but what’s keeping TO out were things relevant to his career, not things that happened years afterward.

    And while we’re at it, I’d expect a legal eagle like yourself to know better than to call him a double murderer. There is no such thing in civil court.

  18. Sums up the arrogance of the pompous guys who vote for HoF.

    This needs to change, because these people don’t represent the views or interests of real football fans.

  19. Look T.E.O 100% deserves to be enshrined.
    The only argument against this snub is his temperament with the coaches and his teammates. WEAK
    Same crew should run the oscars !
    Check out the GOATS SIDELINE RANTS


  20. The problem with TO, who definately deserves to be in the HOF, is his crybaby, poor poor pitiful me act. He claims he doesn’t care yet he keeps crying about it. Just shut up and let the process, however flawed, work. You’ll get in and be the Man again.

  21. Mr Owens should get in but there is nothing wrong with making him wait 10+ years for the honor. It will give him time to learn patience and humility in learning good things to those who wait not to those who whine.

  22. TO deliberately made a dumpster fire of the 2005 eagles, a team that was very much a super bowl contender. He was so hurt and insulted that the Eagles didn’t give him a new contract, 1 year into a 6 year deal, that he chose to DESTROY HIS TEAM and completely derail their season. Jerry Jones cut him after the 2008 season, less than one year after signing his whiny butt to a big extension. He was an incredible WR, but the man put his own needs and interests so far above that of his team, that I have no issue at all watching him flap in the wind for a year or 10 over his HOF candidacy.

  23. I will never be confused for a TO fan but there is no doubt in my mind that his performance on the football field warrants induction into the hall of fame.

  24. It’s human nature and brings to mind the golden rule “Your life will be a lot easier if you don’t try and be an A$$hole”.

    He’ll get in, but he’s just making it tough on himself, and delaying it a year or three. The good thing is deserving production will get in, and TO will get to be unhappy for a few years. What else is new?

  25. Double murderer? I don’t know of anybody that was convicted of double murder in the HOF. Drew Pearson should be in as well as Terrell Owens. I agree that Owens is complaining about something he “doesn’t care about” way to much, but there are many players who although deserving, didn’t get in on the first ballot. Owens, in my opinion, should and will get in.

  26. I’m 46 years old, so I don’t know what that means as far as my opinion on Owens. Take it for what it’s worth.

    I don’t think he belongs is the Hall. When I think of the Hall, I think of the all-time greats; the ones who carried the legacy of the league.

    Owens was a spectacular talent, but he didn’t carry anything but his own ego. He was a sideshow.

  27. Did anybody here know that Donovan McNabb was injured during the 2005 season since week 1? That he missed the last 7 games of the season after undergoing surgery for the 2nd of the injuries he suffered (sports hernia) in week 3? That the Eagles were 4-3 that season with Owens and 2-7 without him?

    Most of you probably didn’t even know that. That’s what’s so sad. Why are you commenting on things you know nothing about?

  28. Does Owen belong in the Hall of Fame? Probably. Does all his whining about not getting voted in make it more like he’ll get in? Absolutely not. What is the first thing you think about when T.O. is mentioned? Head-case? Malcontent? Whining? Bad attitude? Probably something along those lines. The first thing that comes to mind is not his play but his behavior on and off the field. His constant whining didn’t make him a lot of friends. Fair or not, he only has himself to blame. His latest temper tantrums aren’t going to help. Until he grows up I don’t expect it to change. Teams kept him until he was more trouble than he was worth–which usually didn’t take long. Maybe should look at himself and show some contrition instead of continuing to act like a spoiled six-year old brat.

  29. a) I have no problem with him getting in after he dies…I believe that would be the best option for everyone concerned.

    b) Quit stumping to be a HoF voter. There’s a reason they didn’t pick you and you display it with every one of these type stories.

  30. The media created that narrative about Owens. None of it is true. His actual teammates and receivers coaches disagree with you. Yet you’ll listen to the likes of Skip Bayless and other people whose motivation is, you know, attention (which is how they make their money) instead.

    Also, the HOF is rendered meaningless if it’s about kissing the voters’ rear ends. Don’t you get that?

  31. Who cares what these idiots think of TO as a man? They don’t put people in the hall for being humanitarians, do they? Owens’s stats make him one of the Top 3 WRs of all time, if they don’t put him in then the Hall is a JOKE.

  32. “What is the first thing you think about when T.O. is mentioned?” Personally I think of the 16,000 yards and 153 touchdowns. But hey, that’s just me.

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