Washington needs to be “blown away” to trade Kirk Cousins, supposedly

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With Washington applying the exclusive franchise tag to quarterback Kirk Cousins, which will cost them no more than his 20-percent raise over last year’s $19.95 million tender (i.e., $23.94 million), Cousins can’t negotiate with other teams. Which means that Washington controls his rights completely and entirely. If a trade is going to happen, it’s going to be initiated by or through the team, not by or through Cousins.

Of course, none of this means Cousins’ agent won’t talk to a team like, say, the 49ers in order to negotiate the parameters of an acceptable contract for Cousins. (It’s tampering, but it happens.) That contract won’t be executed, however, unless and until Washington trades Cousins. Which means that Washington will need an offer that motivates them to make the move.

So what will it take? One source with knowledge of the dynamics suggested that Washington will need to be “blown away,” and that team president Bruce Allen will specifically be thinking of what the team gave up five years ago to get quarterback Robert Griffin III.

That time around, Washington swapped three first-round picks and a second-round picks for the No. 2 overall selection, which they used to take Griffin. Surely, Allen won’t want three ones and a two for Cousins; however, the haul the team surrendered for Griffin suggests that Washington won’t be simply giving Cousins away.

Some would say Washington can’t have it both ways. On one hand, they don’t want to pay Cousins franchise-quarterback money on a long-term deal. On the other hand, they want franchise-quarterback compensation for him in trade.

Ultimately, it comes down to whether another team (the 49ers) will give Cousins what he wants and whether Washington will insist on what it wants or will simply take what it can get for a guy that Washington can’t keep from hitting the market in 2018 unless they want to give him a 44-percent raise over $23.94 million. Which would be $34.47 million. Which Washington won’t be paying Cousins in 2018 — unless he becomes both the league MVP and the Super Bowl MVP.

In other words, Washington won’t be paying $34.47 million to Cousins in 2018.

76 responses to “Washington needs to be “blown away” to trade Kirk Cousins, supposedly

  1. Can a team botch a situation worse than the Redskins did with Cousins? It should have been resolved last year. What a cluster.

  2. Can you say, “Smokescreen”?

    As much as it hurts, the Redskins need to recognize that Cousins isn’t a franchise QB. He’s OK, and if you are willing to settle for OK, then sign him up. But he is a long, long way from elite.

  3. There are few teams that would have the bravery to use their own terrible trade as a positive benchmark to evaluate future trades. Congratulations?

  4. As a close friend of the organization they should rid themselves of Kirk Cousins and fulfill the “Dan Snyder Prophecy” and acquire his golden boy, the one, the only, Robert Griffin III

  5. Purely posturing. They have zero leverage here…everyone knows they wont pay Kirk, so any team will have access to him as a free agent next offseason. No reason to give up a ton now unless another Teddy Bridgewater situation happens.

  6. The 49ers should let the situation implode and get him next year. Kyle and Lynch have 6 year contracts, they can wait. It’s bad enough they took 20 million dollar cap hit last year and scheduled to take a 24 million dollar cap hit this year. A smart team uses the number of years of the contract and upfront money to decrease the cap hit over the life of the contract instead of giving only a large salary each year.

  7. No, the Redskins CAN have it both ways. They can refuse to pay Cousins elite money and STILL demand elite compensation. It doesn’t mean they’ll get it but they can demand it.

  8. “um they can transistion tag him next year,”

    Transition tag entails zero compensation if Washington doesn’t match an offer.

  9. The Redskins are going to transition tag Cousins next year and match the 49ers offer. Washington is like Cousins’ personal Hotel California.

  10. The jig was up as soon as it was reported the KC would only sign with SF. That completely obliterated the Redskins leverage at that point. The Niners can now just sit back and use their extensive draft stock and salary cap space to build up the team while they wait the year out. The Redskins are just trying to flip the script to make it look like it was their decision all along when in reality KC has been the one in control. As far as the RGIII trade being used as a gauge… well it is pretty obvious what that means. The Redskins traded up to the 2nd pick in the draft, i.e. RGIII was worth the 2nd over all pick. The Niners just happen to have the 2nd overall pick, but they have absolutely no reason to part with that pick now when they can just spend the pick now and use a slightly lesser pick next year (if transfer tagged) or get KC for free next year.

  11. Washington has long been among the worst managed teams in football, starting all the way at the top with their owner. But right when they seem to have finally learned so many lessons from the previous decade of disasterous Snyder meddling and free agent overspending on has beens, this team just keeps shooting itself in the foot on the contract situation with Cousins. Is Cousins Tom Brady? Of course not, but for a team that has searching for “the answer” at QB for years upon years, here they finally have a very good quarterback and somehow they have bungled their way into this salary cap nightmare. Cousins is in no way worth this much money, but he is getting paid purely because of how badly the Redskins managed it. They bet against themselves and lost. It’s ridiculous, especially after going all in the way they did with RGKnee.

  12. Guess you missed this, it would mean 28 million + in 2018 but the team only gets the option to match any offer.

    Kirk Cousins saga could culminate in 2018 transition tag
    Posted by Mike Florio on February 11, 2017, 3:26 PM EST

    feckyerlife says:
    Feb 28, 2017 4:17 PM

    um they can transistion tag him next year, every article on this website mentions that besides this one….

  13. Cousins and Sam Bradford somehow made deal with the devil to keep getting such lucrative contracts.

  14. Fair value for anything is whatever someone is willing to pay. That Kirk Cousins, with 3 career wins against winning teams, is currently driving the QB market and Washington thinks a team is going to ‘blow them away’ for the dubious pleasure of overpaying him to secure his services long term is a peculiarity of supply and demand in the current QB/tag/cap environment. That it is also fairly humorous and faintly obscene is just a bonus.

  15. He’s a mediocre QB in a great system with lots of talent and he still found a way to choke when the REDSKINS needed him the most. Fine if they keep him and fine if they let him go. The happiest people in the world are the worthless REDSKINS beat reporters who can break out the KY now that they’ve got another 4 months to beat this issue to death again and again and again. Oh Joy!

  16. So they want another team to blow them away by committing to a guy long term, a guy that they themselves seem unwilling to commit to long term? That makes no sense. They’ve had him on the roster for years and aren’t willing to put their franchise behind him, yet another team is supposed to go by tape and stats to jump on board? Dumb.

  17. How often does a team trade the #2 overall pick for one player? It never happens.

    If the 49ers involve the #2 pick in a trade for Kurt Cousins, the Redskins will be the ones surrendering extra draft picks.

    Otherwise, call the Redskins bluff and see if they are willing to rent Cousins for another 20 mil and watch him walk for nothing. #noleverage

  18. let’s see, “blown away” and you’re dealing w/ dan snyder… i would think an in-n-out burger and a shiny new toy drone would do the trick. maybe a pack of gum if he hedges.

    washington redskins = cleveland browns east

  19. unless he plays at an elite level this year and the skins win 10+ games,he may find that nobody will give him the money he wants next year….might be one of the stranger set of contract negotiations I’ve ever seen

  20. I bet if the 9ers waived that 2nd pick and a 4th at the Redskins they would pull the trigger. And for all the folks saying Cousins and Jimmy G. are not worth “insert some unproven picks here”… Your nuts. In the NFL. If you do not have one…. Your the Browns for 50 years. Of course, you trade the farm for either of them. I just don’t get some folks….. There is literally 1 good quarterback drafted about every two years. Maybe 2. If your lucky…. I’d trade my whole draft for a franchise quarterback. Keep your Von Miller’s and JJ Watts. No franchise quarterback. No dice. The Broncos super bowl was a “outlier” period.

  21. Why would anyone pay him $24 million for one year AND have to give up a draft pick for that pleasure? That makes no sense. He will be on Washington in 2017 and then an unrestricted free agent this time next year when the college quarterbacks entering the draft will be as weak as this year’s crop. Good for him.

  22. nflrule says:
    Feb 28, 2017 4:18 PM
    “Is upper management on drugs?”


    “Washington swapped three first-round picks and a second-round picks for the No. 2 overall selection, which they used to take Griffin.”

    So, YES.

  23. Easy to say they will just transition tag him and then match an offer. That’s assuming they will have comparable cap room to whatever team gives an offer sheet. A frontloaded deal from a team with a lot of cap can negate a matching offer quite easily.

  24. If I’m Cousins then I’m signing that franchise offer before the ink drys!

    Redskins are genuinely hoping that a team in need will offer the farm to get him (49ers).

    No one will offer more than a mid to late 1st round pick for him, and considering the moment Cousins signs that contract it becomes guaranteed, I’m not sure how much of a cap hit the Redskins will take by trading him.

  25. This is obvious. Are we surprised? If they didn’t want a king’s ransom for him, they would have put the non-exclusive tag on him and netted 2 first round draft picks. This suggests that they want more than that or to sign him long term. They will need to pay him the full 53 million guaranteed over the first 2 years at the very least.

  26. suckafree9rs415 says:
    Feb 28, 2017 5:28 PM
    If I were Lynch I’d offer the 2nd round pick (#34) and a 2018 3rd round pick. Nothing more.

    Same goes for Garrapolo.
    You won’t get Garoppolo for that. One year of Jimmy G at $1 million and the ability to get him long term at reasonable money has more value than that. Jimmy G was a second round pick and someone else groomed him for you, learning under Tom Brady. That and his talent will bring back a higher return. Cousins isn’t worth the $23 million. I suppose you could make a deal conditional on a restructure.

  27. “washington redskins = cleveland browns east”

    Really? They made the playoffs the last 2 seasons. Do you know how many other teams can say this? Hint: Not very many.

    As for the rest, the usual suspects are beating the drums and contradicting each other hourly. I predict they get the long term deal done sometime before the summer deadline. Also, if KC is going to follow someone somewhere, why wouldn’t he go with McVay?

  28. Kirk Cousins situation is one of the worst you can have if possible.

    Can you win a superbowl with him? Yes (emphasis on the can)

    Can you win a superbowl with him getting paid elite money? Probably not.

    Dude is good enough that you feel like you can win with him but not good enough that you feel like you can win with him as your centrepiece and as a result the redskins are going down the hole until the commit one way or the other.

  29. The Redskins WANT to be “blown away” by an offer for Cousins – it is the only way they can save face and recoup something for their ineptitude. Cousins will soon be an ex-Redskin and the team will soon be trying to pour resources into finding another QB (Jacoby Brissett or AJ McCarron). Unbelievable that a once proud franchise has fallen this far. Congratulation Dan Snyder. You have wrecked a franchise!

  30. moonriver22 says:
    Feb 28, 2017 6:31 PM

    “washington redskins = cleveland browns east”

    Really? They made the playoffs the last 2 seasons. Do you know how many other teams can say this? Hint: Not very many.

    They made the playoffs in 2015 but not last year, that said they are not the Brownies…. (giggle)

  31. Who would Skins put at QB if they got rid of Cousins? They’d be better off getting him better offensive help.

  32. This is actually comical. The people running the Redskins must be awful poker players. Teams will just wait until next year & the Redskins will look like fools.

  33. So they are so attached to him that they’d have to be “blown away” by a trade offer, yet they don’t like him enough to just give him a contract? They’re paying him top dollar on a year to year basis, so if he goes out and has another good season this year like they’re hoping he will, then they will have to pay him even more than they originally would have, and would be starting the term on that contract later meaning the duration would carry into an older age, after paying him $44 mil or whatever for 2 seasons of franchise tag play.

    Nothing the Redskins do ever makes sense. Can’t wait to throw money and term at useless wash ups, but have a young player entering his prime and wanna jerk him around and not commit, despite having absolutely zero other viable options.

    Dan Snyder is a pair of clown shoes

  34. So many GMS in the house. There is zero proof of any teams or Kirk interested in trading. Most of this crap comes from his agent. Shame on you all for being the fools.

  35. We’ll see what another month of Cousins not backing off his price does for that “blown away” thing.

    Any team that wants Cousins would sooner wait a year and just pay him than give RGIII compensation. Sorry, Snyder, you were a moron. You cant get it back.

  36. Moreover, I want to be a fly on the wall for the next meeting with Cousins agent

    “Your contract demand is too high, Kirk isnt worth it”

    “But you just guaranteed him 24 million for 1 year”

    “He isn’t worth it”

    “But you just told the hold league you think he is so valuable you would need multiple firsts to trade him”.

    “Well, we aren’t paying that deal”

    “Bummer, guess he has to take his 28 mil and be a free agent next year”


  37. The 49rs woud still be in trouble even with Brady or Rogers at qb until they fix that offensive line. So whats the point of getting Cousins? But now Washington just basically gave away that SF can use their resources this year to fix that line and maybe some defensive pieces too. Then next year sign Cousins without giving up any picks.

  38. All of this fuss over Kirk Cousins, when Ryan Fitzpatrick is out there, and can be had for $50,000 and a new jersey.

  39. I would be willing to bet any amount of money Kirk and the Redskins agree to a long term deal. All this rhetoric about trading Kirk is just fodder for reporters and talking heads. If you look at it without emotion it doesn’t make sense for either party not to do anything but a long term deal.

  40. This a very good QB who is only the starter for the second year. He is going to get better. Add a defense and he can carry this offense and the Skins to playoffs for several years in a row. The question is not if Cousins is worth it. The question is, “Is getting to the playoffs for 4 of the next 5 years worth the money the Skins are going to pay for Cousins today?” If only a Super Bowl makes it worth the money, it’s too big a stretch to bet it. But if you want wins and playoffs, paying Cousins will get you there.

  41. Washington… fools! Draft the guy, make him your starting QB, then play these stupid games. First good QB they’ve had in ages and they’re doing this.

    As a Cowboys fan, there’s a certain relief in watching a potential division rival implode, but it’s still baffling. They finally get a QB who can compete in this division of excellent QBs, and they mess it up.

  42. the Redskins can send Cousins anywhere and there is nothing he can do about it. the Redskins have all the leverage. they will trade him soon because he is at peak value. they would be stupid as heck if they let him play in a Redskins uniform. if he gets hurt, and it’s possible, they get absolutely nothing next year.

  43. Just apples and oranges, after getting Robert Griffin III rights the ‘skins paid him $20M over four years, where Cousins will make over $20M a year, every year….

  44. moonriver22 says:
    Feb 28, 2017 6:31 PM
    “washington redskins = cleveland browns east”

    Really? They made the playoffs the last 2 seasons. Do you know how many other teams can say this? Hint: Not very many.

    Redskins made the playoffs last 2 season?
    Strong and wrong. I bet I know who you voted for.

    Oh and on a less sarcastic note – Do you know Cousins is 0-2 in elimination games and 1 of those games was not the playoffs? Hint: week 17 is not playoffs.

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