Jets, Bears could land Mike Glennon

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Four years ago, the Buccaneers drafted quarterback Mike Glennon. His contract is now expiring, and he’ll be free to go wherever he wants.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Bears and Jets have emerged as the primary suitors for Glennon’s services.

Although Bucs G.M. Jason Licht also has said that the team would like to retain Glennon as the backup to Jameis Winston, Glennon’s chances of actually playing will be enhanced if he goes elsewhere. He started 13 games as a rookie and five in 2014; since Winston arrived as a first-round pick in 2015, Glennon hasn’t started a single game.

Teams like the Bears and Jets could give Glennon an ideal chance to become a full-time starter. Whether he does, and how he plays if he does, remains to be seen.

25 responses to “Jets, Bears could land Mike Glennon

  1. One mans garbage…….If the Jets take him they would have to be crazy. Just going backwards. Not saying they should get Kapernick, but at least he once was very good. Glennon was never good.

  2. Mike Glennon was good enough to push Russell Wilson out of the starting QB job at North Carolina State.

    The Jets and Bears could do a lot worse than Glennon.

  3. Yo mort. Kap was good with a great D and a good rb. Maybe a political career in kaps future.

  4. Are the Jets under the impression that you can add all 5 of their QBs together to make one decent QB?

  5. Whatever team is counting on him as their starter had better have a really good running game and solid pass protection. He’s got arm talent but he’s worthless if he has to get out of the pocket. Think Matt Ryan 3 inches taller.

  6. Glennon may benefit from the lack of alternatives but the underlying premise is far more intriguing. The rumors that Garoppolo will not be traded could be a signal that Brady’s shelf life is about to expire in NE after next year. I wonder if Brady has a no trade clause in his current or extended contract. Maybe the lie is that Brady plans to play in NE another five years. Keep Jimmy G around and franchise him next year if Brady is ready to hang up his cleats or if Belichick is ready to trade Brady in a Joe Montana move. With speculation that Belichick wants to cement his GOAT Coach status with a Super Bowl win without Brady keeping Garoppolo around makes perfect sense. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Belichick with Garoppolo against Brady in a Super Bowl? I’m thinking Elway or Bill O’Brien might have a long term plan that does not include Tony Romo.

  7. Glennon was promising early on, but his accuracy has gotten to be an issue lately. I hope he lands a good gig, but he’s not a franchise QB

  8. The media does more to influence the bad decisions of NFL management.

    In fact, the media does nothing good for the improvement of anything on the planet.

    Attention NFL GMs: Improve your coaching staffs and have them improve your players. Quit, for the love of God, trying to hire players to fix your coaching staffs.

  9. would be a good move for the Bears as he showed promise his rookie season playing on a bad team. to bad his career was derailed by a what is offense coach in lovie smith. who else but he would bench a young qb with promise for Josh McCowan? he has to be better than captain check down hoyer and the guy who has to be the best practice squad qb in the league since he is always on one, either bears or the ravens was it last year? and Glennon is better than another over product of the dame hype machine in kiser who the experts want the bears to draft. and if he does not work out the qb class next year will be a much better one so they will have a chance to get a true franchise one then.

  10. The reliance on free agent quarterback heap for some teams is boggling. If your team is not plug and play ready, just draft and develop one. No need to get enamored with someone else’s backup if your team is full of them already.

  11. This kid can play and has live game experience…yes, he did a solid job as a rookie and needs a change of scenery.

    Classy guy for any organization that lands him…he will compete and turn some heads.

    Consistency is where he gets paid or he goes back to being a great clip board holder w some servicable skills.

  12. I think he would do okay in Chicago. Fox likes to play it conservative on offense, not exposing him to doing stupid things with the ball. Heck, the Bears even made Matt Barkley look good at times last season, so you know Glennon would be okay.

  13. The Jets are going no where without a QB so they need to tank.
    Glennon can help them do that. So can Bryce Petty.
    I’d like to see them go with Petty, then bring in Christian Hackenberg when Petty ends up on IR due to his inability to call protections and read defenses.
    Then in 2018 the Jets can draft a QB.

  14. If Garappolo is indeed off the trade block, then this makes sense for the Bears…In any case, I’d like to see them nab Trubisky at #3, if he’s still available.

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