John Harbaugh: I want Mike Wallace back


The Ravens have some difficult salary-related decisions to make, but Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Wednesday he expects wide receiver Mike Wallace will be back for 2017.

Wallace is due about $8 million in the final year of a two-year deal he signed last season, and the Ravens would save $5.75 million on their salary cap if they released him. But Harbaugh said at the NFL Scouting Combine that the Ravens are thinking about what he can do, not what they can save.

I want Mike Wallace on our football team,” Harbaugh said, per “Circumstances, contracts, salary cap are another conversation that you have about every single guy. But my anticipation is Mike Wallace will be a part of our team, and I know he’s working to be part of our team. And I’m planning on having him back next year.”

Wallace caught 72 passes for a team-high 1,017 yards and four touchdowns last season.

In what’s expected to be a thin wide receiver market, Wallace likely wouldn’t be unemployed for long if the Ravens decided to move on. Given the retirement of Steve Smith Sr. and the way Wallace clicked with Joe Flacco last season, keeping him in Baltimore is probably a wise decision even if it is an expensive one.

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  1. Tricky spot. He played well, but not for an $8 million hit. He wouldn’t last long in free agency. Why restructure if he can make that $8 million or get nearly that from free agency? I don’t see this being an easy resolution.

  2. Wallace ain’t bad but he’s so far from the solution for Baltimore. Perriman gotta embrace that #1 role but they need another WR. Maybe a 2nd or 3rd rnd pick or a FA like Garçon or Britt. Flacco need some weapons

  3. This is a perfect example of why coaches should be in Hawaii on draft day. Just stay the heck out of personnel.

  4. Wallace and Flacco are a good tandem. They need a veteran WR this is a brainer to keep him. They need another young developmental guy to push Perriman and a veteran possession WR.

  5. How times change…..wanting Wallace back for 8 million but letting Boldin go for far less. Would seem to make no sense. Forget Wallace. This year Perriman and Waller have to step up and carry the mail…..they are both capable and should be ready to have dominant years. Keeping Aiken and Moore with these two should be all we need. I’d love to see what we would have to pay to pick up Pryor…..less than 4 million and I’d trade him for Wallace in a minute.
    I was at the Christmas Day game and there were some important take home messages for the Ravens.
    First, we are a better team than the Steelers. The way we drove down the field using 6 of the last 7 minutes to score the go ahead touchdown should have been all that was needed to complete the victory…..which would have been the 6th win in the last 7 times we played them and 9 of the last 10.
    The Christmas miracle that allowed them to win that game left every Steeler fan in the stadium saying the same thing….”can you believe we won?”
    That loss really stung but it was familiar….we lost to the Raiders, Giants, and Redskins the same way. This leads to the second point.
    Our secondary without Jimmy Smith was fkn helpless. With Smith they were very good. Beckam was invisible until late in the game after Smith went out. Brown is routinely shut down by Smith. The important fact is that to play a prevent defense without Smith is complete lunacy….it only prevents us from winning. This means that we need to draft or acquire 2 more top notch corners or at least a corner and a safety…we have to be ready for when Smith gets hurt. Young is a good corner and will only get better. Weddle is a very good safety. We need to trade up and get the top corner in the draft and consider picking up Revis to play safety opposite Weddle. It would be great to pick up a bone crusher ala Pollard as well. Some physical dominance in the secondary would go a long way to bringing back Raven football. Pollards knockout hit and resultant turnover won the game for us in NE on the way to the Super Bowl in 2012.
    The 3rd point is to retain the players that give us some mental and physical dominance…..that means resigning Brandon Williams and Rick Wagner. Even if it means letting Suggs, Dumervil and Wallace go it would be well worth it. We have or can develop younger players to replace all three of these guys….they are overpriced for their current ability.
    Finally we need to get the appropriate contributions from 3 or 4 young guys that need to step up…..Maxx Williams, Corriea and Kafusi come immediately to mind.
    Many thought Joe fell short last year but I disagree completely. He put us in position to win the games against the Steelers, Giants, Raiders and Redskins….the defense let us down. His performance on Christmas Day was exceptional and should have resulted in a win and the conference championship. Pitta was excellent. West was terrific and the offensive line was damn good. Although less than spectacular most of the season the offense wasn’t the cause of any of our defeats. They didn’t turn the ball over and give games away.
    Finally, the coaching last year was below average. Harbaugh made several bonehead decisions that backfired and cost us dearly. Pees offset excellent games by abandoning an aggressive defense in the 4th quarter and letting our opponents gain some momentum. Watching Brown and Bell run free from the line of scrimmage in the final quarter of the Christmas Day game made me sick. They had been contained for 3 quarters resulting in a 20-10 lead until Pees called off the dogs and let them run wild. Just plain stupid.
    Like Harbaugh said….the Ravens were very close to being a very good team. Bad coaching and injury to Jimmy Smith prevented this from happening. It still makes me sick.

  6. I want him back – but we miiight try and screw him like we did Boldin? we’ll try not to

  7. Harbaugh is saying exactly what every other coach says who doesn’t make personnel decisions. He said straight up he wants everybody back, Wallace, Juszczyk, Williams and Wagner. Of course he does, he is the coach and coaches don’t worry about salary cap, the GM does.

    So since Ozzie hasnt decided what he will do, because the agents havent decided if they like the offers yet, Harbaugh is going to talk nice about everyone.

    People blast Harbaugh for the Boldin deal because “Harbaugh doesn’t like outspoken players”, but Ozzie made that decision straight up. Everyone inside the Ravens front office says that Ozzie takes input from everyone including the receptionist and the HE makes the decisions ALONE.

    Coaches are like QB’s, they get too much credit for wins and too much blame for losses.

  8. Well said bbbbwindows. Typically long winded posts don’t get my attention, but you made a lot of valid points. I don’t know why all the dislikes. Perhaps peoples don’t want to hear or face the truth.

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