Kyle Long won’t have shoulder surgery this offseason

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Bears guard Kyle Long was slated to have two surgeries after going on injured reserve last November, but one of those surgeries won’t happen so that Long can concentrate on ankle rehab.

Long went on injured reserve as a result of ligament damage in his right ankle and he’s had surgery to address that injury, but will not have an operation to repair the torn labrum in his left shoulder. Long played through the torn labrum last season and signed an extension with the Bears last September after suffering the injury.

Long’s father Howie told Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune that his son “struggled with medication” related to the ankle surgery and that he has lost 40 pounds since the surgery. Some of that weight loss was prescribed to help with his ankle recovery, but Biggs says that will now be an “extended process” that will require more focus than Long could devote if he was also rehabbing from shoulder surgery.

There’s no word on just how extended that process is going to be and the change in plans suggests that Long will a limited participant at best through the offseason program.

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  1. News like this, along with the defection of key position coaches (who appear to have been replaced with downgrades) and the way the team finished out last season, make me skeptical at best that Fox has this team going in the right direction.

    Then you figure on the almost certain loss of Alshon Jeffery and you’re left with one person on the team worth watching (Jordan Howard). Ryan Pace needs to find a way to inject some juice into this franchise before preseason rolls around because as a Bears fan my interest in the upcoming season is pretty much at an all time low. Killing it in the draft and using his considerable cap space to land two or three true difference makers in FA would be a good start.

  2. I agree with bassplucker Da Bears look pretty pathetic. After more than 50 years, last year I hardly watched or cared. Da Bears are part of the NFL bottom scum with a long and excruciating re-build in sight.

  3. This will be another rough season- it would have been even if Jeffery was kept. They need to do a “Cubs” type of rebuild. Tear everything down and start over. I’d rather see them do that than just trying to keep their head above water, and they don’t even do that at times. With line problems, an uncertain QB situation, and a defense that isn’t ready to carry them, they will finish at the bottom of the division again.

    I don’t like Fox. Feels like he’s just phoning it in and grabbing a nice paycheck. I’ll till give Pace a chance, but I feel like he is over-matched, but I also never feel like the McCaskey’s give the football operations people enough space to their jobs.

  4. Torn Labrum? No one can be effective starting off like that…
    He will have surgery before week 1.
    Guaranteed free season of pay without play.

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