Report: Browns won’t pursue Kaepernick

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Six years ago, then-Raiders coach Hue Jackson wanted to draft quarterback Colin Kaepernick; it didn’t happen. Last year, now-Browns coach Hue Jackson wanted to acquire quarterback Colin Kaepernick. It didn’t happen.

This year, Kaepernick will be available as a free agent. A signing with the Browns won’t happen.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns will not be pursuing Kaepernick.

It’s unclear why the Browns won’t be in the Kaepernick business. Ultimately, one of the factors could be business related, given the polarizing nature of his National Anthem protests of a year ago.

Kaepernick’s political stance could be a factor for multiple teams, given that each franchise ultimately must attract customers to buy tickets and/or to watch games on television. In a swing state that recently went red, signing Kaepernick could alienate half of the fan base, or more.

32 responses to “Report: Browns won’t pursue Kaepernick

  1. A team rarely in victory formation has little need for a QB whose only talent is kneeling.

  2. What? The Browns don’t want to add another to the stable of crappy QBs?
    Actually, one of the best things that organization has said in a long while. Kudos!

  3. The only time you need a QB that kneels is at the end of the game to run out the clock. Since Cleveland hardly ever wins that talent is not required.

  4. I will say there are teams that would discourage Colin’s disrespectful protest of sitting during the anthem. One example is the hoodie in the Northeast. BB’s Dad fought during WW2, serving in both the European and Pacific theatres. He then went on to coach for 30+ years at the US Naval academy. Even on the Patriots, McCourty and Bennett’s “protest” amounted to nothing more than a fist raised in solidarity as to not offend the presentation of the colors or the anthem. I wouldn’t doubt for one second that if they started kneeling, they’d be shown the door the next day.

  5. It’s unclear why the Browns won’t be in the Kaepernick business. Ultimately, one of the factors could be business related, given the polarizing nature of his National Anthem protests of a year ago.

    Gee, ya think? And is was much more recent than “a year ago”.

  6. Nobody will as a starter. Only Realistic Option I see for him to come in as a backup would be across the bay in Oakland, Rams, Chargers or maybe perhaps the Giants as a backup

  7. Eh. I think he’d do OK in New York, L.A. or Chicago. The Jets seem to need a QB, last I checked. And they have a tendency to look for free agent QBs, too… in-between draft busts any way… Seems like a good fit to me.

    Rams seem like a stopgap measure, but a decent one until Goff is up to speed. Maybe not enough of a patsy for the Rams… Kaep might actually beat Goff in an honest competition.

    In Chicago… well, I can’t see John Foxx loving the idea… not sure what he would do with a mobile QB. I’d take him over Cutler, myself. For whatever that’s worth.

    Kaep didn’t have a bad year last year… maybe not from a Win/Loss perspective, but from a stats perspective, Kaep was crushing it. Seems a natural fit to backup and eventually replace the sometimes mobile RG3… if Kaep’s politics didn’t get in the way, of course…

  8. It should already be a given that the vast majority of teams(maybe ALL) arent going to be interested in Colin Kaepernick. Why would you bring that baggage onto your organization? Whats the upside?

    Were talking borderline starter as a stop gap for non competitive teams, or straight up backup material for competitive teams. No real upside on-the-field wise. You can find one of those guys with ZERO baggage.

    The downside heavily outweighs the upside as he really has no upside as far as helping your team win more games than it would without him.

  9. The same people blasting Kaepernick for not standing during the anthem are eerily silent when there are many calls to investigate the President for his dubious dealings with Russia, an ex-KGB agent Putin, and his national security advisor.

    Kaepernick may have disrespected the flag, but that’s nothing compared to potential treason.

  10. The National Anthem has nothing to do with it, he sucks.

    That’s not hard to see if you watched him in the past 2 years. I can’t remember seeing a QB fall so far so fast since Harbaugh left town.

  11. Social Justice warrior Kaepernick couldn’t even make it playing in the Snowflake capital of the world. Not many other areas would put up with his limited talent and anti-American unpatriotic stance.

  12. If Kaperchoke was good he’d be on a team. If ray rice was good he’d be on a team. AP was able to get paid after beating his kid. Greg hardy got a job but lost it for bad production. No player gets black balled for their political beliefs. They get black balled for being a bad QB with political beliefs. If Kaperchoke’s wants and NFL paycheck and to sit during the anthem he needs to play better. Good riddance to a garbage human.

  13. He’s not a young QB anymore, and he has a lot of question marks both from his on the field performance and with the potential for distractions with this off-the-field activities. And he is at the age where his physical capabilities, which are his primary asset, will start to decrease. Why would a team put a lot of cap space and development time into that?

  14. He had to have thought this would happen but maybe not to this degree. Now he will know the true meaning of sacrifice by losing millions with time he knelt down.

  15. The Browns would be the last team Kap would sign a contract with. He would re-sign with the Niners before he signs with the Browns. The Browns are simply playing the game of “I reject you first.”

  16. He would resign with the niners? LoL. Niners don’t want him. Nobody does. I’m a niners fan and I’m extremely happy he’s gone.

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