Browns will keep working with RG3 “until we don’t”

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Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III is due to receive a $750,000 roster bonus on March 11 and the team isn’t saying at this point whether or not they will give it to him.

There’s no smokescreen from the Browns about their desire to find a long-term answer to their eternal need at starting quarterback and that quest will cover all avenues, so there wasn’t much need for coach Hue Jackson to delve into specifics about where the team might be looking for outside additions. He also didn’t give a hint about their thoughts regarding Griffin.

“Obviously, Robert’s on our roster right now,” Jackson said, via the Akron Beacon Journal. “I think there are some things that he did well, some things he needs to continue to improve at and we’re going to keep working with him until we don’t. He’s one of the three quarterbacks on our football team right now, and I’m very fortunate we do have some guys under contract right now to work with. But we’ve got to continue to get him better as he moves forward.”

The roster bonus isn’t so onerous that the Browns would be limiting themselves from doing other things if they paid it while waiting to see how other things play out on the quarterback front.

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  1. Remember when he was going to redefine the QB position while leading the R-words to multiple titles? Good times … good times.

  2. Jimmy Haslam is the ultimate tight-fisted penny pincher. RGIII is a $8,734,375 cap hit in 2017. Bargain price for starting QB to an Owner that covets his $102,346,421 of cap space.

  3. In other words, RG3 is not the answer and never will be. His days as a Brown are numbered. It’s only a matter of when, not if.

  4. 750K is a lot of money to me, but chump change to the Browns. Worst case scenario, you’ve got an expensive camp arm. Best case, RG3 manages to not be injured for more than a month and you get a win or 2 out of him. That’s worth it right there.

  5. If Hue Jackson and Jay Cutler got into a shrugging contest, would it last forever or immediately end in a tie when both gave up?

  6. This team’s offensive line play was bad at the being of the season and got worst due to injury, the WRs were first year starters that did help any of the QBs. The QBs were in their first year in a new system in which the play calling didn’t help either. And as for Robert Griffin, this young man did not play any football last season, I think he deserves at another season to get comfortable with his WRs and the new system. The same with Brock Osweiler this young QB in a new system should not be expected to come into a new system and operate in it like he did his old system. It normally takes a season for that QB to be comfortable in the new system and with his WRs.

  7. Bob the 3rd is a joke. He has no pocket awareness whatsoever, constantly bypasses open short reads so he can hold the ball and try to force it downfield because he “thinks he’s the best and just has to prove it” but instead just ends up throwing horrible passes and taking hits that he doesn’t have the durability to withstand.

    He doesn’t command respect, isn’t a student of the game, he still seems to think everything he did in Baylor should be carrying over to today and making him a star. This is the guy who had his dad on campus in college to fight his battles for him, and tried to prohibit his coaches from reviewing his bad game film when he got to Washington because it made him look bad and he figured he should be above that. He would constantly ignore coaching because he assumed he knew better, then would throw teammates under the bus when things didn’t go well with comments like “its hard to be great when your teammates aren’t” after a loss his team suffered mainly because of HIS OWN botched plays and miscues.

    There is nothing about this guy that makes him a real NFL quarterback, yet “mastermind” Hue Jackson went out of his way to slander Carson Wentz while handing the keys to his offense over to this guy instead. Only to watch his new prized pupil get injured in his very first game as a Brown. Why did he get injured? Because late in a game that they were losing by a wide margin, he scrambled with the ball instead of getting rid of it with timing and rhythm like the play was designed, tried to take off and run on 3rd and forever, and despite still being nowhere close to the sticks, decided it was a good idea to try and truck a defender at the sidelines instead of just running out of bounds. He literally launched himself chest first into a defenders shoulder for absolutely no reason.

    He has no sense for the game, and his “mastermind” coach (who tries to dial up end zone flea flickers and fake punts where the long snapper and punter line up as tackles to block for an RB obviously taking a direct snap) isn’t gonna be able to devise any kind of system which changes any of that. “Carson will never even be a top 20 QB, but hey Bob, want a multi year deal? We’ll even throw in a bonus for ya.” Yeah, good move. You’ll turn this laughing stock of a franchise around in no time with decision making like that, right?

    This is why the Browns are the Browns, and this is why i don’t trust anyone currently in that organization to change those fortunes anytime soon.

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