Bruce Allen: Scot McCloughan back when family matters are handled

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General Manager Scot McCloughan is not part of the Redskins contingent at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis this week and said Wednesday night that he’s dealing with matters related to a death in his family.

A report from 106.7 The Fan on Wednesday night suggested McCloughan’s absence from work has extended beyond this week, however, and that he has been away since being sent home from the team’s facility on February 20. That’s around the time former Redskins tight end Chris Cooley suggested that McCloughan has been drinking again after previous alcohol issues and the team declined to comment.

The report also suggested that McCloughan has been “marginalized” in the team’s front office recently.  McCloughan told the station that the report is “not true” and that he’s taking care of family issues “plain and simple.”

On Thursday, team president Bruce Allen said, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post, that he wasn’t “getting into speculations” when asked about the report and will be back at work “just as soon as things are handled” on the family front.

Until then, others will be handling the personnel business for the team at a busy time in the calendar.

18 responses to “Bruce Allen: Scot McCloughan back when family matters are handled

  1. If McCoughan is indeed back on the sauce the Redskins should cut bait. The Redskins don’t owe him a chance at recovery. That onus was on his previous 2 employers. When you’re on job #3. It’s either stay clean or stay home.

  2. Dysfunction! The Redskins are an embarrassment to the NFL! They should make Dan Snyder sell the team…. Bruce Allen is a joke! How long can he ride off his fathers good name?

  3. How stupid do the Redskins think people are? His grandmother died on February 6th. Surely those matters are taken care of by now. Why don’t they just be truthful–McCloughan is on his way out because he’s drinking. Period. Funny how some people get protected, but let this be a Redskin player and management would be spilling the goods all over the media!

  4. Alcoholism is a terrible disease. McCloughan is a great GM, its a shame. He was the one who really built the 49ers under Harbaugh. If he really is drinking again, he is probably finished as an NFL GM.

  5. Really awful disease that destroys millions of families. I was worried when I read an article about him where he essentially admitted he was an alcoholic, but was “OK” because he had cut back and was only occasionally drinking beer. Good luck to him in his recovery.

  6. I’m surprised so many people are taking the drinking story seriously. The only source of that is the Redskins who would lie about anything. Odds are better he’s been forced out and the Skins are on the hook to pay him unless he quits so they are doing their best to make his life miserable so he’ll quit.

  7. I’m again reminded that Tim Tebow was not even allowed to supplant an inferior backup (of which there many) because he was considered a “distraction”.

  8. Well the decision to put the exclusive franchise tag on Cousins who is not very interested in playing there, meaning they will end up losing him for nothing but a 3rd round compensatory pick next year tells me that Scotty Mac or any intelligent football man is no longer involved in Redskins football ops.

    You let him work out a trade with another team. Work out compensation, and draft a QB like Mitch Trubisky to develop.

  9. sgrvn329 says:
    Mar 2, 2017 9:46 AM

    Dysfunction! The Redskins are an embarrassment to the NFL! They should make Dan Snyder sell the team…. Bruce Allen is a joke! How long can he ride off his fathers good name
    You say that because you just don’t like them.
    Get a life dude.

  10. Its pretty easy to put the puzzle pieces together. He is not being “marginalized”, this is a smoke screen.

    Plain and simple Scot is not at the combine because the goal the Redskins execs is to sign Kirk to a long term deal at the combine (period). It is well documented that upper management and Scot differ on the position of how much to pay Kirk and his effect on the cap.

    Scot is not present during the negotiation because the Redskins want to get a deal done, and don’t want to risk anything between agent and management.

  11. Dear Scot,

    Time to get on Librium and swich to MJ Edibles, will help. Kratom tea also can help!

    -Ex Alcoholic and Addict

  12. The Redskins are in good hands. Bruce Allen grew up around football. Jay Gruden grew up around football. These guys are getting paid millions and millions of dollars to run an NFL team. They can handle the combine without Scot McCloughan’s presence. This is Dan Snyder’s operation. He knows what he’s doing. Right? Right?

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