Chip Kelly auditions for FOX

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Former 49ers coach Chip Kelly nearly replaced current 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta. Kelly may instead replace current 49ers G.M. John Lynch at FOX.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports reports that Kelly has auditioned for a job with FOX, as a game analyst. With Lynch, the No. 2 analyst at FOX, leaving broadcasting, a vacancy has been created on the depth chart. Kelly, in theory, could fill it.

The irony of the news flows from the fact that Kelly has had a fairly open disdain for the media, and that several months ago he joked about joining the ranks of those who cover the sport if/when he leaves the 49ers.

“Unless the media has an opportunity for me somewhere, I’ll always explore those opportunities,” Kelly said in October when questions emerged about whether he’d voluntarily leave the 49ers. “But, I’m not going anywhere.”

He has since gone, at the behest of the team. Whether he goes to FOX or another media company remains to be seen.

12 responses to “Chip Kelly auditions for FOX

  1. Maybe the most non-charismatic guy on earth. No one wants to watch you.

    Never seen anyone more desperate that goes around asking people to hire him.

  2. One more reason not to watch a game. Can’t wait to read the story about how this will impact ratings.

  3. Last year I commented Kelly wouldn’t last more than two years in San Fran.

    I apparently was being quite gracious.

  4. Chip Kelly is a good offensive mind, but he did not show it last season as head coach of the 49ers. Smart decision for Atlanta not to hire him.

  5. Thank God my Falcons didn’t hire him. Then again, can anything be worse than losing a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl? Seems that will be my mantra for years and years.

  6. Will Nick Foles be telling him what to say in his earpiece?

    Chip Kelly can’t do anything in the NFL without Foles.

    With Foles 14-4
    Without 14-31

    and the guy traded Foles and a second for Bradford.

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