Colin Kaepernick plans to stand for the national anthem

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After starting a national dialogue by refusing to stand during the national anthem last year, Colin Kaepernick plans to stand for the anthem this year.

Kaepernick believes there has been positive change in America and doesn’t want to detract from that, so he’ll no longer kneel during “The Star-Spangled Banner” in 2017, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

It’s hard not to be cynical and believe that Kaepernick is heading into free agency wanting to maximize his value and doesn’t want teams planning to bid on his services to view him as a distraction. Kneeling during the anthem wouldn’t preclude teams from signing him — plenty of other players refused to stand for the anthem last season and their teams were OK with it — but it could cause him to be viewed as a player who wouldn’t make a great face of a franchise.

By pledging to stand, Kaepernick can remove any doubts his stance caused. Now the question is whether any team thinks Kaepernick is a good enough passer to lead a team.

188 responses to “Colin Kaepernick plans to stand for the national anthem

  1. So he actually believes the “positive change in America” was due to him kneeling for the National Anthem?

    Time to place him in concussion protocol.

  2. I never had a problem with his kneeling….my only concern with it was that he was doing it because he was no longer the starter and wanted/needed attention and this was a sudden attempt based on circumstance. The fact that now he’s willing to no longer take this stand as he looks for a job to me proves it was all just for show and that if he had never lost that job he would have never kneel to begin with.

  3. Kaep is so full of it. He says since last year he has seen enough positive change in America to start standing, that is laughable. This country had gotten worse in regard to race relations this past year.

    It makes me believe what I originally thought. He was kneeling because he knew it was his last year in SF with guaranteed money and wanted the attention. Now he needs a job and his principles don’t matter. He’s seen enough change in America, lol, I don’t know where he’s been living. I haven’t seen this much civil unrest since 9/11.

  4. He’ll need a team to take a chance on him first. Sounds like someone had a “come to Jesus” meeting with him about this. The thing is, it may be too little too late.

  5. I hope no one signs this clown. He only cares about himself. He also grew up with white parents. He doesn’t know the struggle of lower class Americans.

  6. Kaep demands country change and stop being racist will not stand for flag. Country elects Trump. Kaep says conditions met will stand.

  7. He’s right about the positive change in America — Donald Trump was elected President. Thanks for your help in getting him elected, Kaepernick. You and the guys who did what you did swayed a lot of votes his way.

    As for him standing for the National Anthem — tell him not to bother. It won’t make a bit of difference how we feel about him. If I tried to say what I think of him in here, they wouldn’t print it.

    BTW — as for his football skills — they deserted him when Jim Harbaugh left. I didn’t realize just how good Harbaugh was. To win with Kaepernick at QB is more than amazing.

    Honestly, why any team would waste their time with this guy is puzzling to me. Those arms he used to flex and kiss look like Olive Oyl’s now.

    I know this much. I refuse to watch any game he is a part of, period.

  8. Actually, in DPRK you salute the flag by hopping on one leg while holding a white swallow. Better start practicing.

  9. He can’t lead a team, but it’s because of his football performance. Teams could do a lot worse when it comes to bringing guys in to compete for a backup spot, but I think it depends on the system.

  10. Surely Kaepernick does not think that he can undo the polarization he caused by claiming he will honor the flag and the people it represents in the future! Far too late I think he is finally beginning to appreciate his commercial vulnerability as a marginally attractive UFA once he opts out (or when the team does). He will bring enormous political baggage to his new team and possibly alienate half the team customers. He will be learning a new offensive system while on very thin ice – and has a reputation of not being a fast learner so his performance will be questionable. He seems to have managed to personally derail a once promising career.

  11. I’d like the team that offers him a contract to have the stones to put language in that he has to stand, face the flag and put his right hand over his heart.

  12. Well, everyone beat me to it. Well done, guys. He’s been a fraud and an ingrate from day one.

  13. Huh, by kneeling for the National Anthem for what, like 6 months, Kap has single handedly erased America’s racial problems, right?

    Because he’s going to stand now, which means there’s no more problems? Screw a contract, this dude needs to get the Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to mankind – hell, he should run for office under the slogan “I ended Oppression” while wearing his Castro shirt and piggy socks…fraud.

    I guess his rebellion against the establishment only went as far as his current contract ended.

  14. So he’s a UFA now, of course he will say that. But I think he will be standing in his living room now.

  15. I wouldn’t say it removes all doubts, it’s not like anyone has forgotten about it; he’s just trying to make sure it doesn’t end up costing him any money, which it undoubtedly will.

  16. I’m still looking for the report on what exactly changed besides the presidency? Only other change I see is his employment status???

  17. “Looking forward to seeing him in a J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets uniform next season”

    So is the rest of the AFCE and AFC if that were to happen.

  18. “Kaepernick believes there has been positive change in America and doesn’t want to detract from that, so he’ll no longer kneel during “The Star-Spangled Banner” in 2017”

    He is a legend in his own mind. There has been change because of him? He just wants to look at paychecks with lots of zeros. What a waste of oxygen.

  19. i thumbs down your comment says:
    Mar 2, 2017 11:41 AM

    The guy made good on his pledge to donate $1 Million to charities and was pretty transparent about it.

    Looking forward to seeing him in a J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets uniform next season.


    Jets team and fans…literally have no clue. Thats why they ALWAYS suck. You WANT this guy?

  20. Wow, so does he think whatever he thought was doing worked? I’m failing to see any change on anything.

    Hmm, it’s almost like he trying to gain some level of acceptance by saying “look everyone, I’m not an a$$ anymore”. Of course all these billionaire owners and millionaire GM’s are bacons so it will probably work…

  21. Now that this sorry SOB doesn’t have a team he just wants to get paid. It was all about getting constant attention to himself.

  22. He folds over money. Even from his own stance and rebellion. You can have him arena league

  23. What a fraud. Even his most ardent supporters would have to admit his belief that there ‘has been a positive change in America’ makes him pretty unique on his side of the fence. I’m sure it is just a coincidence that his belief in that ‘positive change’ in our country comes at a time when he is hoping to create one for himself as well. Like many people my issue with Kaepernick was Kaepernick himself. Serious issues should not be fronted by a dilettante.

  24. Kaepernick kneels: “He’s just doing it for attention!”
    Kaepernick stands: “He’s just doing it for attention!”

    Man, this guy really hurt your feelings, didn’t he?

  25. He obviously has no desire to fix the problem if he can’t take the time to cast a vote toward the change he seeks. Now the country is probably worse than it has been since the 70s as far as racial problems and he says things are better? Such an obvious ploy to satisfy the rich white owners than he’s hoping to play for, which tells you all you need to know about how Kaepernick actually feels about things.

  26. If you want to do something and help people . how about you donate your time, efforts, and or money to charities that fight this sort of thing?

  27. Peace! He can stand when he is in the stands. Enough of this clown. What you don’t want to be toxic so now you are going to stand? Go away and join BLM

  28. What about “Oh Canada”?

    He lost all credibility when he admitted he didn’t vote, not even on local issues. You’re not going to change anything sitting at home on election day.

  29. Oops, he realized now he has to be marketable. Too late.

    One of the most irrelevant players anywhere right now and will be out of the league in two years if not sooner.

  30. Glad you think Trump is making such a difference in your life Kap. Didn’t know you were such a big supporter. Sure Donald is happy to have you aboard the LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN train.

  31. mroklahoma says:
    Mar 2, 2017 11:47 AM
    I hope no one signs this clown. He only cares about himself. He also grew up with white parents. He doesn’t know the struggle of lower class Americans.


    What does his growing up with white parents have ANYTHING to do with this issue or if he knows the struggles of lower class Americans?

  32. Maybe he should have used the death of a soldier he sent to die in a failed mission for political cover. Then he’d be called a patriot.

  33. I don’t agree with everything he did – those socks were a disgrace. But he never said anything bad about the military – that came from the hordes of “ditto heads” that believe if you scream something loud enough often enough it becomes a fact.
    What he DID do is kneel to call attention to a problem he and many others felt needed to be addressed. It does seem to have improved – I’m not hearing or seeing stories about these kinds of killings like we did the last several years.

    And he’s donated $400,000 of the money pledged, with the balance to follow.

    So, he stood for something he believed in, in the face of strong criticism. And then donated a small fortune to help correct the problem.

    What did you do last fall?

  34. This just shows how superficial Kaepernick really is. I never understood or approved of his kneeling during the national anthem as a way to bring racial issues to light, but for him to say he’s seen change and will now stand is just a sad and desperate attempt to get the most out of his next contract. Not to mention he didn’t even bother voting in this election. I seem to think everything he does is for him and him alone and is quite happy being ignorant to facts as long as he gets his money.

  35. Oh no! Hopefully no ESPN will alert readers of all those who did stand. The snowflake network kept us tuned in all fall to those who didnt.

  36. I like how haters imagine they are driving Kaep’s future. What it must be like to live a single moment in such narrow-minded thought. Thanks for the laugh.

  37. jetphan said:

    Seriously though,
    If he’s on the Jets next year I’m out

    Really? You weren’t out after Tim Tebow? You were fine with Tebow who couldn’t hit the side of a barn, but you’ve got a problem with a mobile QB who does better than average?

    Do you even like it when your team wins?

  38. 100% sellout.

    Attention grab. Capitalizing on the real suffering of real people with a stupid publicity stunt.

    Its easy to be principled when your life is great. Kaep is a coward for backing down. I never agreed with his approach, but turning tail to make more money is weak sauce.

    Reap what you sow.

  39. People make mistakes. He should just admit it.

    Not standing for the national anthem is pathetic. We stand to salute what the flag means–our highest national ideals. We are all lucky to be Americans.

  40. New clause in NFL contracts: x million dollars to be paid if [player y] stands respectfully for 80% of National Anthem presentations.

  41. Don’t worry, if everything isn’t right with America again in the future, Kaep will go on a hunger strike until everything is fixed again….. or until he gets hungry, whichever comes first.

  42. “I like how haters imagine they are driving Kaep’s future”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I like how Kaepernick’s jock sniffers refer to him as “Kaep”, as if they’re best buds or something.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  43. Thank you krapernick for leaving my niners and showing the whole world what a fraud you are. I was done with the niners had he stayed. Now I’m a very happy man and looking forward to some niners football.

  44. rainsarge says:
    Mar 2, 2017 11:49 AM

    Kaep demands country change and stop being racist will not stand for flag. Country elects Trump. Kaep says conditions met will stand.
    Conditions met now, yet he admitted he never voted. I hear Kroeger is looking for grocery baggers.

  45. It’s a common complaint that the PFT comment sections are a total cesspool.

    With all of the trump support in here, there’s finally some clarity as to why. Thanks for helping uncover this Michael David Smith!

  46. He needs a job.
    I would tell him to stay in the locker room if he will not stand.
    BUT the Dicks needs a job and he knows that alone would hurt his chances.
    What a MORON

  47. I can see how this appears to be all about the money as I don’t see how his kneeling brought about any significant change; however before I definitely say it was all about the money I have to ask… Is he still dating that same woman who helped influence him?

  48. It was once said by a wide man…When push comes to shove a man finds exactly what he’s made of.

    It’s easy to kneel in protest with millions of dollars in the bank.

  49. ……Automatic negative DISTRACTION to ANY team that signs him. I don’t the upside for any team to have him on the roster…..a running QB….throws too many ints… room cancer….who needs that?

  50. Make sure somebody’s at his home when the game starts to verify that he does…

  51. Well, we will need to find enough people to build the wall so he can get that job. Not going to believe after how deep and dark he got in the hole he’s having a come to Jesus moment while looking for new employment.

  52. For him to say he now sees positive change in this country is so disingenuous. It would have been smarter for him to say he will now stand to honor our military. He actually made things worse for himself…

  53. Kaepernick is a complete bum.

    The tattoos on the outside are only a glimpse of what’s inside.

  54. If this guy’s beliefs or actions influenced your vote either way even 0.00001%, then you’re a moron. If you think Trump had any bearing on this before or after the election, then you’re a double moron.

  55. Fortunately for all us, the NFL GM’s see right through this guy. Clearly he changed his stance because he understands that being a distraction is going to reduce chances for getting a contract this year.

    Guy has all the physical tools, but the mental makeup just isn’t there. Remember someone that no one wanted, because he lacked the physical tools & slipped to round 6 ? All TB did was win what, 5 superbowls ?

    Give him a 1 year deal, and have it heavily incentive laden. Let him earn it.

  56. Oh, so he’s standing now? That’s funny because I never thought he stood for anything.

    Anyone who thinks that this was ever about calling attention to racial injustice is naive. That was simply a cover story to explain him sitting because he was sulking after losing his starting QB job.

  57. So, I guess that means Colin has decided he has solved all the worlds Woes. No, not really, it means he’s looking for a job.

  58. Yesterdays report that the Browns ARE NOT interested probably got Kap and his agents attention. Not that he was hoping to sign with the Browns, BUT if a QB needy team like the Browns comes out on their own to say they ARE NOT interested thats kind of a wake up call.

    If he was actually good though it wouldnt matter. Theres just no sane reason to bring that distraction to your team for what, a back up QB? A borderline starter stop gap? Its not worth the headache.

  59. “Put language [in the contract] that he has to stand, face the flag and put his right hand over his heart”.

    In our small town, definitely not liberal, school we were taught to stand, nothing more. Nothing about facing the flag, nothing about a hard over the heart. That is how I do it. Feel free to express your issue with that.

  60. I hear no team wants him and that he might beg the niners for his job back. The niners better not resign him. I’ll root for the niners to lose every game if he’s back with the niners. Niners fans have spoken. We don’t want him back. Jed better listen to the fanbase or there will be major backlash and alot of empty seats.

  61. Ooooh I see how he works. Now he’s going to be a free agent, so he publicly announces he will stand for the National Anthem because he knows most other teams that could sign him would not allow that kind of crap.

    What a 100% absolute clown show. I hope nobody signs him at all.

  62. So when his money is guaranteed, he is oppressed and hates his country BUT as soon as it hits his pocketbook he is a Patriotic American again?

    Here is my shocked face :O

    The snake shed it’s skin but it is still a snake.

  63. “Kneeling during the anthem wouldn’t preclude teams from signing him”

    If I was a GM or Coach I wouldn’t touch this guy. Scum

  64. Putting aside the almost comical level of hypocrisy on his part that now that I need a job I won’t be a distraction. Trust me I won’t. The minute he signs that contract he will be back to protesting and claiming freedom of speech. Most GMs will know this and give his a complete pass and all the GMs in the CFL too.

  65. If he doesn’t get signed I see a change in the future. He will change his name to something like Colin al Kap Amerik.

  66. He’s only saying that to get a contract. Once he gets a contract he’ll announce he’ll only stand for the ISIS flag.

  67. I dont think its going to make any difference for his job prospects. Whats gonna hurt him is that hes just not that great a football player. His good days lasted only until coaches jearned from the film how to scheme against him. He also lacks leadership and the football smarts to read opposing defenses. Its really easy to get him tirned around but mixing up the looks. His arm is strong but the accuracy is not consistent. If I’m a team looking him over those are the things that wouls scare mo off.

  68. Proof that he’s a phony. LOL at those who took him seriously. Remember kids, always fight for what you believe in, unless it will cost you money, then you quit so you can get paid.

  69. This man was dead to me the first time I saw him take a knee and disrespect everyone who has ever fought for this country. I hope all 32 teams feel the same way. He doesn’t deserve to be a part of anything that makes him wealthy. Let him truly have to EARN a paycheck like those did who he chose to disrespect.

  70. Every year the 49ers give one of their players the Len Eshmont award. It’s an award, voted on by his teammates, and is presented to the player who shows the most courage. Kaepernick won it for the 49ers last year. He did show great courage. He risked a lot of wealth and an NFL career to try to make this country a safer place for minorities who were getting killed by police officers, and also a safer place for innocent police officers who were unfairly being retaliated against. He brought our attention to this thing that nobody in America liked, but few had the courage or the knowhow to get something done. Now I’m hearing where police chiefs and mayors all across America are tweaking their procedures to make it safer for everyone, including the cops. I think Kap is a great American hero and a true leader. He risked everything for the benefit of all of us. America is a better place today because of Colin Kaepernick.

  71. In fact, he is so certain that things have changed in America, he is willing to go to the White House with the Patriots in place of anyone of those who have stated they won’t be making the trip.

  72. His plan to stand coincides with his need for a job.

    Too. Freaking. Late.

    What a loser.

  73. I’m so glad the “K” gave us his expert insight as to what that progress was. He is getting some really bad advice. He’s not going to make anywhere near the money he would have made had he not opted out. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  74. There aren’t many things that bring everyone together in these comments, but we agree on Kaep.

  75. Like most of the commenters I have no sympathy for the impact of Kaepernick’s intentionally confrontational political stance, but I do have reservations about those who attack his football skills. Kaepernick plays with a rod in his leg; he had three operations in 2016 and lost a large amount of weight and muscle mass. He posted a 90+ QBR and an enviable TD to INT ratio during the time he played last year. He was better than at least a dozen QBs that play for other (and his own team). Bill Polian noted this during the Combine coverage. While Kaepernick may be an opportunist promoting divisive confrontation between races and the police, the man retains some football skills and value. Probably the only place he can show those skills will be in Seattle since he has poisoned the business atmosphere at virtually all other destinations.

  76. Kaepernick is one of the dumbest people to come along in ages. He lets some radicalized libbo bimbo chick twist his head, then starts protesting “oppression” when he is making millions playing a game that any of us would love to play at the NFL level. Someone pullllease “oppress” me like Kap! Another reason he’s an idiot. The contract he got out of payed way more than anything he is likely to be offered this year. He needs to be locked up in a home for the criminally stupid!

  77. You have got to be kidding me. Needs to find a team and a job and now suddenly he won’t do his controversial “protest” anymore. Yeah try that one somewhere else you loser.

  78. The problem is that Colin is mediocre at best, couple that with his me 1st attitude when it comes to expressing his social justice causes, and it makes him a backup. It says a lot when the Browns aint even interested.

  79. Really? You weren’t out after Tim Tebow? You were fine with Tebow who couldn’t hit the side of a barn,

    Tebow sure hit Demariyus Thomas for a playoff game winning 80 yard TD in overtime to beat the Steelers.

    That was a great day!

  80. “Colin Kaepernick plans to stand for the national anthem”

    You forgot the rest of the headline:

    “from the comfort of his own living room.”

  81. he is ”standing” because right now, he is untouchable……no team wants the headache, so he is standing”for the money”….in other words, he is a prostitute now….just for the money

  82. I would respect him more if he continued to kneel even though he is looking to be signed. It would mean it truly was about the cause.

    Heading into FA and making it known he will stand this season makes it pretty clear the whole thing was about attention. And his 1 million dollar pledge is a tax write-off attempting to buy goodwill and ‘prove’ his commitment. How much of his time did he contribute? How much blood, sweat, and tears? SMH

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