Dirk Koetter saw Jameis Winston get “offtrack” during speech


The Buccaneers know they’re going to have to deal with some turnovers with Jameis Winston, along with all the plays he makes.

And while Bucs coach Dirk Koetter says he hopes Winston learned from his latest off-field fumble, he also believes his quarterback’s heart was in the right place when he got sidetracked during a speech to elementary school kids and said the “the ladies, they’re supposed to be silent, polite, gentle.”

That drew some immediate criticism, and Winston clarified his intentions after the talk, but it remained a clumsy phrasing of a bad old stereotype.

“Jameis was brought here to get us in a Super Bowl and win it, not to win the oratory award of Tampa Bay,” Koetter said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “But . . . he wants to [give speeches]. He loves being around kids, and he’s got a great message, an awesome message. Shoot, Jameis inspires me every day.”

Koetter said he watched the film of the presentation later, and as coaches do when they watch tape, he saw the mistakes begin to unfold.

“I know Jameis. I could tell on his face, he got offtrack, he said the wrong thing,” Koetter said. “Anyone who knows Jameis Winston knows that when Jameis gets up in the morning, he’s trying to do good things out there, whether it be improve himself, help our team get better or do something good in the community.”

That intent is good, but before Winston takes the Bucs to another level or makes another speech to a school group, he needs to polish up his material in advance and be a little more careful with the ball.

20 responses to “Dirk Koetter saw Jameis Winston get “offtrack” during speech

  1. I have no problem with what he said…I like women(and people in general) to be all three things.

    My girlfriend is anything but quiet, and that is fine, since she is also polite and gentle.

  2. Jameis Winston can improve his public speaking talents by watching tapes of Trump on the stump, then doing pretty much the opposite.

  3. Winston had all the kids chanting ‘I can do anything I put my mind to’, even before he told the boys to stand up. He had EVERYONE doing it. PFT Live and other news sources don’t play the whole clip. They play the part where he only tells the boys to stand up.

    Was he still in the wrong for his wording? YES.

    But stop making it sound worse than it was. Use true context if you’re going to have an opinion on this. He wanted to hype up some young boys, and he did that. Wasn’t the best choice of words, but he’s not some intentional sexist. He’s 23, and already the face of a city. He’s doing good things.

  4. “he’s got a great message, an awesome message”

    So women are inferior and need to keep their mouths shut is an “awesome message”???

  5. It’s not the words that are problematic, but the beliefs and intent behind him.

    He has some sexist views and he needs to get with times. Women don’t need to be silent and deferential to be successful, to say otherwise is sexist at best, misogynist at worst.

    You don’t need to be sexist to be a good athlete, or a good business person, or good leader – that is the lesson he needs to learn and repeat.

  6. Yeah Jameis should just stay home and NOT try to make things better. Since he isn’t perfect and might make a mistake, he should not try to help kids.

    Seriously, people!

  7. He’s our quarterback and I couldn’t be more proud of him. 23 year old young man holding a speech to young kids in school who have been labeled as failures, the boys more than the girls. Jameis told the boys to rise above that in hopes that his speech would help then be more successful in school. Yet instead of media praising him for motivating young boys they are frowning at him because he left out the girls. THAT WAS HIS WHOLE POINT. Send Beyoncé to the same school to talk to girls and she tells the boys to sit down, are you guys going to frown upon her for the same reason? Come on America let’s start being positive and stop making everything so damn negative

  8. If you brought him in to play football and win championships, then don’t put him in a position he cannot handle. Some people are not smart enough to get out of their own way. Doesn’t mean they can’t succeed at football. Just means they are better role model to emulate as a player on the field that than one that can function at the same level in public.

  9. “Jameis was brought here to get us in a Super Bowl and win it, not to win the oratory award of Tampa Bay…”

    Koetter nailed it. But Darin doesn’t want to leave it be.

    Can you imagine a world where every mistake is scrutinized and over-analyzed, and people find every mistake to be a monumental calamity and therefore cannot forgive and move on with their lives…

  10. Yes, people should be perfect and say the right thing at all times, especially young athletes.

    Good Lord people, cut your neighbors some slack. It’s no wonder so many people hate the media.

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