John Lynch: Lack of quarterbacks on roster “somewhat liberating”

New 49ers General Manager John Lynch said Thursday he planned to explore every avenue for finding a quarterback — which is probably smart since he doesn’t have any on his roster at the moment.

With Colin Kaepernick opting out of his deal and the rest of them (Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder, Thad Lewis) unrestricted free agents they probably didn’t want anyway, the 49ers have a completely blank slate, which forces them to be flexible.

“A lot of people look at it: ‘Oh my gosh, you don’t have any quarterbacks,'” Lynch said. “But that also is somewhat liberating in that you can create this thing — and that position is so critical — in the way you want.”

This week, that begins with the top college prospects, one of which they may be looking at with the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Lynch said they’ve already met with Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer and that “he blew the doors off” their meeting last night.

But he also praised Clemson’s Deshaun Watson (“A great champion.”), North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky (“The more you watch him, the more you like him.”) and Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes (“The film’s pretty special.”). It wasn’t a deep dive, but he said he liked the class of them in general.

“My point was: These guys are somewhat getting a bad rap,” Lynch said of the top quarterbacks here this week. “I turn on the film and there’s a lot to like.”

Lynch said he was looking at free agency and “other options” while assembling a depth chart, and didn’t discount the possibility of bringing Kaepernick back as part of the mix.

“We both agreed that under the current contract it wasn’t going to work out,” Lynch said. “But we said let’s not close the door.

“As he hits free agency, that’s something we’ll keep our eyes open and we want him to keep us in mind as well.”

Of course, they’ll be looking at everyone, unless new coach Kyle Shanahan is really planning on revolutionizing the game.

33 responses to “John Lynch: Lack of quarterbacks on roster “somewhat liberating”

  1. Well, Lynch certainly sounds qualified to be GM with that little nugget. I guess he is looking on the bright side, at the QB position it certainly cannot get any worse.

  2. Don’t draft any of these QB’s with the #2 pick.
    I don’t think any of them are worth it.

    Sadly, I believe they will.

  3. Kyle Shanahan called 5 running plays after going up 28-3 in the Super Bowl.

    5 running plays with a 25 point lead.

    I think he’s already done enough “revolutionizing”.

  4. Once Mitch Trubisky fixes his bad footwork and throwing mechanics he is prone to be awesome. He’s a helluva QB without bad mechanics, and pocket presence is exceptional.

  5. There’s 4 veteran QBs named in that article and no other GM in the league worth his salt would want any of them. So yeah, it’s not like the Niners are really that much worse off without them.

    I also like how Lynch is playing coy regarding the QB prospects. As a GM he may be green as grass but having been in the media he’s clearly picked up the art of spin and gamesmanship, at least.

  6. Not the word I’d use, but if you say so.

    Is his tie stopping oxygen getting to his brain?

  7. Oh my gosh ! That’s very polite GM Lynch. Enjoy the next few weeks getting pats on the back and good lucks from everybody because it’s going to get more serious in the coming weeks and months and when the season starts thats when the real fun begins. There might be lots of ” Oh Golly Me’s “

  8. I hear no team wants krapernick and he’ll probably beg the niners for his job back. I hope we lose every game if the niners resign krapernick. The fanbase has spoken. We don’t want him back. Jed better listen to the fanbase or there will be major backlash and alot of empty seats.

  9. If he has no QBs now, there is no way he can go wrong, unless he doesn’t get one. Hell, even JaMarcus Russell would be better than nothing. I can see why it is liberating.

  10. Having said all that…

    “With the 2nd pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers select Jonathan Allen, DT Alabama.”

  11. Shanny has said he covets the “pure thrower” and there aren’t many of them on the planet. Does that suggest Mahomes?

  12. Here is another liberating thought for you Johnnie, get this selection wrong and you may be out of a job by 2019.

  13. There are number of CFL and arena league Qb’s Lynch could sign that would be an upgrade over the 49ers Qb depth chart last season

  14. Santa Clara will trade down from #2 overall

    Position themselves to get the young guy that Shanny prefers

    Be it Trubisky, Shazier, Watson, or ?

  15. There is no way Kaep comes back. Browns dont even want him. In comes a bridge qb like Hoyer or Schaub with a rookie (not at the #2 pick) Do better than 2-14. Sign Cousins next year. Its not gonna get fixed overnight.

  16. It’ll all be fun and games until the season starts and the center snaps the ball back with no one there to take it, and a mad scramble ensues as the ball rolls back toward their own end zone.

  17. DeShone Kizer was atrocious in college w/ ND’s cupcake schedule. Hopefully for Lynch’s sake they were asking him about playing WR or safety.

  18. It’s amazing that a team can go from NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl appearance to what they are now in 2 seasons.

    Why those Yorks continue to let their toddler play at running an NFL team is beyond comprehension.

  19. His point is that he is not stuck with a bad long term contract for a mediocre quarterback. I agree with his logic. It’s an easier rebuild.

  20. “Liberating?” Sure, John, kinda’ like the Hobo down by the tracks who has the “option” to do whatever he wants (oy). So then in that “liberating” state, Lynch may want to burn those ex-QB’s tube socks (?), “somewhat” like those ladies in the 60s who burned their bras in the spirit of…flexibility. Up-lifting news, for sure.

    To the QB void, John should might consider pirating veteran (15) and former 49ers starter Shaun Hill away from the Vikes (if he hasn’t retired) who’s gotten passed over like he’s the 11th plague. Oy vey. With his know-how, size, health, nice price tag and desire for one more go, Hill makes a good bridge QB. Same said for Schaub (ATL).

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