Rams G.M. knows an Aaron Donald mega-deal is coming, maybe soon

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Among the topics Rams General Manager Les Snead discussed at the NFL Scouting Combine Thursday was a potential new contract for star defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

Donald is going to make a lot of money. The Rams know this, and Snead said they’re willing to pay it.

“It’s definitely coming,” Snead said of an extension for Donald, who’s made the Pro Bowl in all three of his seasons and has become one of the NFL’s top defensive players. “The guy deserves a raise, there’s no doubt. Whether he gets a raise or not, he’s going to show up, do the things he does. But that is coming.”

A first-round pick in 2014, Donald is just 25, still on his standard rookie contract and under control of the Rams for two more seasons. Ideally the Rams would like to ink him to a long-term extension before they’d have to activate the fifth-year option on his rookie contract after next season, but that option protects the team in case a long-term deal can’t be worked out over the next several months.

Donald will make a base salary of $1.8 million next season, and his 2017 cap hit on his current deal is $3.2 million.

The ESPN.com story on a possible Donald extension suggested the Rams may have to make Donald the NFL’s highest-paid defensive player in a new deal, and that certainly seems possible. Von Miller of the Broncos is currently the highest-paid defensive player after he got $70 million guaranteed on a six-year deal last offseason. Snead didn’t talk numbers or specifics, but he’s aware the Rams will be spending big on Donald and should prepare accordingly.

“We know that’s on the horizon,” he said.

18 responses to “Rams G.M. knows an Aaron Donald mega-deal is coming, maybe soon

  1. Man it sucks you get a great draft pick then it just kills you in salary later, you almost need all of your picks to be very, very good , not great or you cant keep them.

  2. words cannot describe how mad i was when st louis snagged him just a few picks before pittsburgh, personally, i thought they should have given up as many as three later round picks and their 1st round to jump up and grab him, he is a game changer.

  3. He’s a beast. From every snippet I’ve heard him speak he sounds like a smart young man and he deserves his big payday. Kid hustles and plays the game the right way.

  4. Snead doesn’t have any problem handing out cash, it’s just usually to the wrong players. Maybe this time he will get it right.

  5. u4iadman says:
    Mar 2, 2017 6:43 PM

    And yet Mack is DPOTY and statistically a much better player.

    Go ahead Rams, overpay.
    You have no idea what you are talking about.

  6. Aaron Donald is everything Buccaneer fans want Gerald McCoy to become. Donald’s conpetive nature, couples with his elite athleticism seperate him from the pack.

    -Buccaneer Fans

  7. A great player on a team that can not get out of it’s own way, working for an owner who in less than a year has turned off a new fan base. I bet he is thrilled to be in this position!!

  8. For an awful second, I thought this red Aaron Dobson Mega deal and wondered if I had somehow slipped into some bizarro alternate reality.

  9. rams645 says:
    Mar 2, 2017 6:30 PM
    Man it sucks you get a great draft pick then it just kills you in salary later, you almost need all of your picks to be very, very good , not great or you cant keep them.

    You make a really good point. I’ve always thought it would be wise to invest a few extra million dollars into your scouting department, so you could find good solid players every year in the middle and late rounds. It’s way cheaper than paying one superstar $100 million, plus scouts’ salaries don’t count against the salary cap.

  10. Mack has no other player that can help him out in the front seven in Oakland, besides Irvin = who is ok. Meanwhile Donald has Quinn, Hayes, Brockers it’s hard to say which player is better. Both are great at their respective positions.

  11. Yes, most fans can barely handle the “3 parts to the team” of Offense, Defense and Special Teams. The fact that you need a good scouting department tied to a good capology/contract process tied to good coaching and mentoring in order to make the entire thing work is too much for the average spectator. It’s why, if forced to choose, I’d take Schneider over Carroll; it’s why Scot McCloughan will probably land on his feet no matter what happens in DC; it’s why Ron Wolf got into the HoF; etc.

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