Report: Cowboys want to trade Alfred Morris

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The Cowboys don’t have to worry about who will be their starting running back next season, but they are apparently working out how they want to staff things behind Ezekiel Elliott.

Alfred Morris reportedly isn’t part of their desired mix. Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star Telegram reports that the team will try to trade their veteran backup because they believe he’s a bad fit for third-down work and spot duty.

Morris signed a two-year deal with Dallas last offseason and ran 69 times for 243 yards and two touchdowns. Morris was inactive for three of the team’s final four games as Darren McFadden returned from an elbow injury to join Lance Dunbar in the reserve ranks.

Playing sparingly last year after turning in a pedestrian 2015 season in Washington seems unlikely to generate a major trade market for Morris. Releasing him would leave $500,000 of dead money on the Dallas cap.

McFadden and Dunbar are set to become free agents. Hill reports that the Cowboys would like to hold onto Dunbar while McFadden said recently that he thinks the Cowboys want him back.

16 responses to “Report: Cowboys want to trade Alfred Morris

  1. If the NFL draft still had 10 rounds maybe they could find a partner.

    RBs are a dime a dozen, in today’s NFL you can get UDFA that can contribute immediately , with less miles, and more upside, and for less money.

  2. Maybe they can get a Dominos pizza coupon for him? They are deluded if they think they will get more than that at this stage in his career.

  3. Thats funny, who the heck would trade for him? He still can be effective but why trade for a back up RB when RBs are very easy to get and plentiful.Just cut your losses Jerry -500K

  4. benitoboom375 says:
    Mar 2, 2017 8:23 PM
    He averaged 3.5 ypc this past year and 3.7 the year before. I doubt anyone gives up anything for him.
    Those are terrible numbers behind Dallas’s line.

  5. RB is about age. You can spend a 4th or 5th rounder on someone and pay them nothing for 4 years.

  6. touchdownelvis says:

    I never quite understood why he fell out of favour in Washington, honestly.

    Skins switched run scheme in 2015. AlfMo is a one-cut back for a zone blocking scheme, cannot thrive in a power run scheme that requires nimbleness and burst, rather than hit the hole and go straight with momentum.
    He was useless on 3rd down since he wasn’t an accomplished blocker, and has terrible hands for catching. Also, he couldn’t outrun anyone in the secondary.

    Skins fans, we love AlfMo always, he was the best locker room guy, but he can only play in the NFL in a pure zone blocking scheme, and only on 1st, 2nd, desperate 4th downs.

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