Report: Patriots will release Sebastian Vollmer

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Tackle Sebastian Vollmer was originally scheduled to become a free agent this offseason, but the hip and shoulder injuries that kept him on the physically unable to perform list all of last season mean the final year of his contract tolled to 2017.

Vollmer is reportedly still going to hit the open market, however. Tom Pelissero of USA Today reports that the Patriots plan to release Vollmer rather than hold onto him at a $2.25 million salary for next season.

The 2009 second-round draft pick has been the team’s right tackle when healthy for much of his time in New England and generally turned in solid work up front for the Patriots. Marcus Cannon manned the spot for the Patriots on the way to their Super Bowl title.

Vollmer’s past work is certainly worthy of a look for a team looking for help at tackle, although the health issues that he dealt with last season may factor into both interest from other clubs and Vollmer’s ability/desire to continue playing.

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  1. From what I understand retirement is also one of his real options. Whatever he decides to do I wish him nothing but the best.

  2. He was a solid contributor for most of 7 years and I am sure all Pats fans wish him well. Hard to believe Cannon locked up that spot after being discussed as a possible cap casualty himself. He should send Scarnecchia a thank you card every damn day

  3. he was already doing telecasts on German radio. 2 season ending surgeries in 4 years. Loved him when healthy. As always KICK HIS ASS SEABASS

  4. Good draft pick, good player, good person, but I think he’s played his last FB game

  5. Expected but sad. Hopefully he comes back on a deal; maybe he can charge more for lessons in his School of German.

  6. He has to go because the Pats only have $65M in cap space this year… SMH.

  7. Kind of saw the writing on the wall on this one…..
    Good luck SEABASS….. Thanks for all you did…. Hope you decide to retire & not risk further injuries that may linger….
    Go Pats!!!

  8. When last spotted toward the end of the season, Volmer looked like he dropped a lot of weight, which fueled a lot of speculation that he was getting a jump on his post playing life.

    The Pats releasing him, I think is a sign of respect, allowing him the option to be a starter for some other team if he decides he wants to play again.

    Personally I would have kept him around, because at $2.5MM he’d have made a very good and affordable swing tackle. But I will be surprised if he decides to play any more.

  9. From what I understand, he lost a lot of weight and looks normal (not like a football player) and that free agency or even playing wasn’t planned on. Wish him well on his retirement and congratulate him on his Super Bowl win and seven years in the NFL, all in New England.

  10. And for the no nothing ‘Belicheap’ idiots : In 2014 the Pats lowered Vollmer’s playing time incentive percentage midseason, so he could make a 2 mil bonus. Just cuz.

  11. “He has to go because the Pats only have $65M in cap space this year… SMH.”

    Decisions like this are why the Patriots have $65 million in Cap space

  12. I hope for his sake he can land on another team but as a rule, when the Patriots cut a guy who was once good to great, it means he’s no longer even barely average. GMs who pick up guys Belicheck lets go for nothing do so at their own extreme peril.

  13. Seabass will be remembered fondly by Pats fans. Check out his videos on where he is trying to get Gronk and TB12 to speak German. Good stuff.

    As for his future, he will be signed and brought into some team’s camp. Doubt he makes the final 53. Too bad.

  14. He was a beast early in his career but his back is blown out and he’s toast at the NFL level.

  15. Recurring back problems for years now. Good player and a great guy -wish him the best.

  16. umm, vollmer is done

    he is not being released to keep playing

    he has tons of miles and not going to want to move
    at this point of his career.

  17. Good player when healthy but he’s had some bad injuries and is in the chronic management phase of them now. I think he’ll most likely retire.

  18. Trolls can’t even troll anymore! Oh yeah there goes Belicheap on his sound roster moves again, 67 mil in cap room.

    Cheap Belicheap wins SB titles and the following year can retain EVERY player if wanted, but why?

    Keep doing what you’ve been doing to have the most consecutive division titles. Most consecutive conference championship appearances and let the trolls try and spin it in a way that makes you look bad

  19. Vollmer with no shoulders is better than Cedric Ogbuehi healthy. Get on the phone Mike Brown.

  20. Seabass is a great guy and has played some great football over the years.

    But anyone criticizing this cut simply does not watch football and probably has no idea that Vollmer hasn’t been fully healthy in years.

  21. Always got love for big Sea Bass. Had a bum’s luck on the injury front, but he got the job done when he was out there. I remember he acquitted himself well on the left side for a while when they were figuring out what to do post-Matt Light. Hope he catches on somewhere else and can stay healthy going forward.

  22. Everyone loves Seabass. Too bad, but at least he can always say he was good enough to play for the best and helped earn a ring.

  23. Belichick makes deals that work for all sides. If he was healthy enough to play that salary would be marketable and Bill would reduce the risk for the other team by making the deal contingent on him making the roster.

    Cutting him is either an indication he can’t play or a bone to a veteran player who often played hurt.

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