Sean Payton: “Real significant” return needed for Brandin Cooks

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Saints coach Sean Payton said recently that he expects wide receiver Brandin Cooks to be a member of the team during the 2017 season, but there could be a trade offer that changes the way things look in the Big Easy.

A report on Thursday indicated that the Titans and Eagles are both interested in making a deal that would bring Cooks to their club. Payton said they aren’t shopping Cooks, but confirmed that General Manager Mickey Loomis has heard from other teams about the wideout.

“I wouldn’t say he’s on the trade block but certainly when a team calls, a team that’s looking for a receiver — and we’re looking to improve our defense — we’re always listening,” Payton said, via the team’s website. “I know Mickey has probably spoken to a handful of GMs or presidents with other teams, but right now I’m comfortable, we’re comfortable with [Cooks] in a Saints uniform. We think the world of him and his skill-set. [Compensation] would have to be something real significant. That’s part of being at the Combine, it’s one of the things that takes place here and that news certainly spreads quicker now than it would 10 years ago.”

If the Titans are making a bid for Cooks, they have two first-round picks and two third-round picks to use as part of a package. Those picks could help stock the defense that Payton wants to improve, although whether that qualifies as “real significant” is in the eye of the beholder.

32 responses to “Sean Payton: “Real significant” return needed for Brandin Cooks

  1. Cooks has already proven he can be successful at this level which makes him better than every prospect in the draft since from what I hear there isn’t any slam dunk WR this year. The fact his cap hit is only 2 million and you can pick up his option for next year makes him very valuable. I would be willing to use him and the saints first to move up in the draft or acquire a team picking in the back half of the drafts first in exchange for the saints 2nd and cooks.

  2. .
    It’s not only the amount of picks transferred. Sometimes teams use a swap of positions as currency in trade.

  3. not going to happen with a small slot wr

    giants pathetixally wanted 2 1sts for cruz in 2012

    how did that work out?


    Right, because forecasting a knee injury is something you can do right?

  4. A 2nd rounder for a guy with 4.3 speed and 2k yards and 20tds in the past two years?? America has amazing drugs. And Cooks doesn’t play in the slot. He lines up everywhere.

  5. umm, my point above about cruz is that they asked for
    too much and failed to sell high

    they should have taken a 1st rder
    and with it

    the rookie cap is a big benefit if you draft
    well and have solid cap space

    they then overpaid him sending the giants into cap hell

    the whole reason why the saints are in cap hell is
    because loomis is a moron and has been since 2010

    brees, like other 20 mil per qbs are helping
    to gouge their teams

  6. I hate when people try to knock a player simply because there is other talent on the team. If a running back has a “good” line their stats are devalued. If a receiver has a “good” quarterback their stats are devalued. Every player on a team is dependent upon another. Thats how team sports like football work. It doesn’t matter how “great” your running back is if you line is no good. The offensive line and running backs compliment each other. Just like a poor guard will make a center look worse or a bad line will make a running back look worse. Yes Drew Brees is a great quarterback but that doesn’t mean he can’t also have talented skill players around him. A skill player always looks worse if his supporting cast is no good. Nobody ever devalues Antonio Brown and says he is only good because Big Ben. Take out superstar quarterbacks and the receivers will do worse. Take out the best play-makers and give them scrubs and a superstar quarterback will do worse. A player is only as good as his surrounding cast. Just because Drew Brees is a good quarterback doesn’t mean his skill players are only good because of him. And more importantly than the skill players are the Big Boys up front. Football is won in the trenches. I don’t care how good your skill players are, even if you have Tom Brady you cannot win without controlling the line of scrimmage. This is why Football is the ultimate team sport.

  7. From the reports, my previous statement seems completely incorrect.
    I thought a first round pick was very unlikely. I also thought if NO
    got a second they should jump on it. Reports are saying the Saints may
    get some value in return. I just can’t help thinking that many teams
    will believe they can get help in the draft with a lower cap number
    and control of that payer for 3-4 years. I believe Cooks is a talent but
    the Saints have other very talented options. This with their cap issues
    made me believe that the Saints were not in the best bargaining position. After all said …I still believe the Saints should jump on an offer of a second round pick.

  8. For all those you still believes the Saints are in cap hell, they somehow have approximately 30m in cap space even with Loomis still in charge.

  9. “not going to happen with a small slot wr

    giants pathetixally wanted 2 1sts for cruz in 2012

    how did that work out?”

    The Giants had absolutely no interest in trading Cruz in 2012. I guess making up a story to support your claim is easier than providing real facts though.

  10. Cooks is the type of receiver that gives certain defenses hell.

    The Seahawks have a very good secondary but small speedy receivers like Cooks have given them problems.

    Cooks is an exceptional talent and if I was the Saints I wouldn’t give up anything that didn’t contain a 1st. Known commodities like Cooks don’t come up for trade often.

  11. for them to be shopping him so publicly, he must be one helluva cancer.
    But lets not let that distract from the fact that the Falcons blew a 25 pt lead in the Superbowl.

  12. Back to back 1,100 plus yard receiving seasons. A 23 year old WR who is not even close to his prime. A flat out burner who can take the top off of a Defense. He is not even close to the term “slot receiver” he is a very good proven WR with game changing ability and moves the chains to get first downs when needed. Cooks has one year left on his rookie contract and the 5th year option. That’s two years at a fairly low salary. Any draft pick of a WR by the Eagles or Titans is a total crap shoot in this draft and will very likely be a reach or a bust.

    The Saints NEED help on Defense more than they NEED Cooks. But, they will not give him away. It will take a mid round first rounder (#15 – Eagles, or #18 Titans) AND a player OR,if no player an additional third rounder (#69 – Titans, or #74 – Eagles). Or the Titans #5 pick overall. That’s the price for a legit WR in the NFL with the skill set of Cooks.

  13. As long as teams are super desperate for a proven #1 WR this auction will get real Interesting.

    This for great D pics in a great D draft will keep mr brees here until retirement.

    (On a year by year basis)

  14. Tylaw making up trump stories. Lol. Cruz wasn’t going anywhere. He was fresh off a delicious ring at I wonder who’s expense?

  15. @tylawpick6

    I love when Patriot fans actually try and talk about something other than Tom Brady is good and Gronk likes to party….

    If you watch football you would know that Cooks is wayyyyyyyy more than a slot WR.

    Cooks has yardage and TDs galore, slot WRs typically won’t have both.

    Cole Beasley, Taylor Gabriel, Andrew Hawkins are slot WRs. Brandon Stokley was one of the greats.

  16. @FrankRizzo says:
    not your real name…I hope.

  17. Saints are bluffing…that defense has been horrible for the past 5 years. So Payton can try to gouge somebody if they want to, but because he rightfully said they need defensive players…he ain’t talking about rookies.

  18. jhtobias says:
    Mar 2, 2017 10:03 PM

    good arena football player in the dome when you have to play real football outside average at best


    Statements like that just prove you know nothing about football and have never seen Cooks play…

  19. I don’t want to pay him 13m in 2 years. You never know how a guy is gonna do in a new system with a new team I would much rather the Eagles sign Desean for 8m ish and draft Corey Davis or Mike Williams then trade for Cooks. We know Desean can do in this system and in this city.

  20. Since when does a draft pic cost more than a proven player on his rookie contract? I’d take a player that has experience over a rookie that percentage wise has a greater chance to fail?? He was drafted in the 1st played like a 1st round pic. He ranked 7 in yards and 9th in Todd. There’s no way he’s not worth a first as a top 10 receiver.

  21. Reports are saying the Saints may
    get some value in return…. I still believe the Saints should jump on an offer of a second round pick.
    What? Some value in return? SMH Armchair GM is obviously not your thing

  22. McCarron for Cooks straight up. Put Cooks opposite of A.J. Green. 🙂 Saints get a QB to groom behind Brees, Bengals
    get a WR opposite of Green.

  23. McCarron for Cooks straight up. Put Cooks opposite of A.J. Green. Saints get a QB to groom behind Brees, Bengals
    get a WR opposite of Green.
    Saints lose out bigtime in this scenario

  24. McCarron for Cooks straight up ????????


    Ya cause A.J. has half the resume Cooks has to make that an even trade right ???

    I’ve heard (or in this case, read) it all now…….

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