Chargers policy attempts to keep season tickets from being resold on secondary markets

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In a message sent to fans on Thursday night, the Los Angeles Chargers mentioned a policy in which the team will “reserve the right to enforce a policy that all season tickets should be used primarily by Season Ticket Members and their personal guests.”

The intent of the policy is to keep entities from buying season ticket packages solely for resale purposes. However, it’s difficult to ignore the irony of the team’s attempt to keep tickets off the secondary market while playing games at The StubHub Center for the next two years, which is named for one of the most prominent players on the secondary ticket market.

The letter, signed by Todd Poulsen, VP of Chargers ticket sales and services, states that buyers will be limited to four tickets a piece and that they cannot guarantee ticket availability for everyone on their waiting list due to the limited capacity of the stadium.

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  1. Damn I’m glad Spanos doesn’t run my team…and as far as him tryna get season ticket holders to not sell tickets on while playing at StubHub Center??? Beautiful…

  2. I don’t know how you would enforce a policy like this. As a fan who is on a rather legendary season ticket waiting list, I’m pretty familiar with some of the abuses by non-legitimate entities who have season tickets. There are business entities who have secured rights to season tickets from a private party, as well as descendants of ticket holders who have no rooting interests and live thousands of miles away, purely to generate a profit. Certainly nothing strictly illegal about that, but it can be extremely frustrating for legitimate fans on the waiting lists.

  3. This is extremely stupid. As a team and a league, youre forcing fans to pay for 2 games in the preseason which are worthless. If its game 4, youre lucky enough to see the equivalent of AA baseball. Most of the names people have no idea. And you want season ticket holders to NOT try to recoup money for those lost games?

    Between parking, astronomical concession stands, and the cost of the tickets themselves, youre lucky ANYONE wants to go to a game anymore.

    I gave up my season tickets in 2015 because of those reasons. Im not wasting $400 on 2 preseason games every year. My couch is much more comfortable. And the 55″ LED TV I bought with that money has a much better picture than trying to see clear across the field.

    Screw you Chargers. Just like you screwed your few fans.

  4. Allowing a customer to resell a product makes the product more attractive to buy.
    I’m more likely to buy a car that I can later on sell.
    I’m more likely to buy an expensive book that I can later on sell.

    If you take away my ability to resell a product, I’ll pay less for it.

    Have you ever been unable to attend a game, what should you do, eat the ticket? Are the Chargers that worried about away teams buying the tickets? Then field a decent team, instead of the garbage team they have.

    I’d never buy tickets to an organization that tries to prohibit me from selling some of my extra tickets.

  5. If the LA Chargers don’t get some players who want to play football soon there will be plenty of tickets available for the Stub-Hub Center….I would be buying and reselling them to make some money off a team that I like to call the Browns of the west coast!!!!!

  6. Hello! How are they going to enforce this? Oh yeah..their going to check I.D.’s at the field entrance like at airports. Who would pay $5,000 to $7,000 for two decent season tickets to see the Carson City Chargers at NO home games? Spanos’s are setting up the team for sale to the next billionaire who wants a new toy. NFL owners, you should be ashamed of yourselves to allow this move from San Diego. What’s next, the San Antonio Bears? How about the semi-pro team, the Las Vegas Raiders? Keep destroying the league NFL….

  7. Well established, liked teams don’t need to say anything like that since their fans actually want to go to the game. The fact the Chargers said it tells you a lot about the state of the team and their fans. You think they had few fans in San Diego, that will seem like a ton compared to LA.

  8. The NFL screwed up on this move from SD to Carson. They’ve weaken the league’s integrity and tradition. Forget the long term viability. They want the money now; e.g. $650,000, 000 relocation fees. Let’s see, how do you like the San Antonio Jets? Screw the fans…get the money.

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