Cowboys want to extend coordinator contracts


The Cowboys are hoping to keep their core together, and that doesn’t just mean their players.

According to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys are working on contract extensions for some of their assistant coaches, particularly coordinators Scott Linehan and Rod Marinelli.

They have one year left on their current deals, but last year’s results have them rightfully hoping to keep the band together.

The Cowboys have finished in the top 10 in total offense in two of Linehan’s three seasons, but last year was his most impressive work, with rookie quarterback Dak Prescott taking over in the preseason and leading the team to a 13-3 record.

Marinelli’s also done a good job with an odd lot of parts, building the league’s top run defense last year around linebacker Sean Lee.

10 responses to “Cowboys want to extend coordinator contracts

  1. YES!! Please extend Scott Linehan and Rod Marinelli contract but not Jason Garrett. Scott calls the plays and Jason just stand and clap his hands even on bad plays by his team. Rod had a defense full of nobody’s except Lee but still had success. That defense just need a DT who requires double team and one pass rusher and they will be great.

  2. Garrett should be giving half his salary to Linehan and Marinelli. The Cowboys sucked until they came aboard. The Coach of the Year he was awarded is due to his coordinators and the play of Prescott and Elliott.

  3. Garrett is hated so much and people fail to realize he’s the reason behind the success. He’s not a Yes-man like everyone assumes. Stephen has more power than ever before and he doesn’t want a Yes-man as a coach. Stop the Garrett hate. He wasn’t Coach of the Year for no reason.

  4. This is the year Coach Marinelli finally receive sone quality pieces for him to work with, to bringing the Cowboys into a top 10 defense.

  5. What is wrong maximimpimpmoustache, so your team (the Eagles) didn’t perform well, this is no reason to strike out at a team that is doing well.

  6. magnumpimustache says:
    Mar 3, 2017 8:44 AM
    Everyone except cowboy fans know they are going 8-8 this year.

    Dak is a one hit wonder.
    But yet this clown thinks Jimmy Garoppolo is the next coming of Joe Montana.

  7. I was gutted when Marinelli left the Bears. Cowboys got a great coach in him, and I’ve been impressed by what he’s done with the Cowboys.

    Pay the man, Jerry.

  8. extend everyone. the whole coaching staff is doing a great job preparing and developing the mix of veteran and young players on the team. love the direction they are heading in.

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