Mike Williams won’t run 40 at Scouting Combine

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NFL teams will have to wait to watch wide receiver Mike Williams run a 40-yard dash.

The Clemson wideout is expected to be one of the first receivers drafted this year and he’s decided to wait until he’s back in South Carolina to show off his sprinting skills. He explained Friday that he wants more time to prepare for what he believes is a once in a lifetime experience.

“Long season,” Williams said, via ESPN.com. “[I] haven’t had much time to prepare for it, so I’m going to take this week and next week to prepare for it and run it at my pro day. … You only run the 40 once, ever, in your life. You always be running routes. I was just focusing on what I’m going to be doing for a long time.”

Williams was measured at just under 6’4″ in Indianapolis and weighs 218 pounds, which makes his size a major calling card for NFL teams. If he turns in a time on March 16 that matches well with that frame, Williams will likely be hearing his name early on the first night of the draft.

8 responses to “Mike Williams won’t run 40 at Scouting Combine

  1. I’m hoping he breaks the long-standing NFL streak of bad pass catchers named Mike Williams.

    3 TE’s and 3 WR’s before this year’s version. Total of 10 Mike or Michael Williams named in pro football reference.

    We’ll get the 11th Mike Williams before the 11th pick…

  2. The Bears are meeting with him at the combine which makes me wonder if they are targeting him as their replacement for Alshon. But at 3rd overall, it would be a big reach as Williams isn’t even close to the 3rd best player in this class. If Garrett and Allen go 1-2, maybe they trade down a few spots and get Williams there. Him and a healthy Kevin White (huge assumption) plus Cameron Meredith and a speedy slot guy would be a tough draw for most defenses. They can’t do it though at the expense of missing out on a Day 1 difference maker on defense. Plus of course the matter of who would throw the ball to those guys.

  3. It’s because he is slow. There is a reason he has looked so good and caught so many contested passes which is great shows he has good hands and body control but it also shows he can’t separate from the corners and in the NFL you need that separation.

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