Report: Bills might be interested in Trevor Siemian

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When the quarterback dominoes start falling next week, it could send some guys into the market we haven’t previously thought about being available.

According to the Buffalo News, citing Denver radio personality Benjamin Albright, a Broncos move could change the Bills plans at quarterback.

As the story goes, if Denver is able to land Tony Romo, the Bills would then be interested in acquiring Trevor Siemian to either compete with or replace Tyrod Taylor.

There are obviously a lot of moving parts there, but the connection is new Bills offensive coordinator Rick Dennison, who coached Siemian last year and would like a guy who knew his system.

Of course, there are a couple of big factors here, beginning with Romo’s decision. And then there’s the small matter that the Broncos might not want to part with Siemian anyway, since he’s proven reasonably capable while being inexpensive. Pairing Romo with 2016 first-rounder Paxton Lynch would ostensibly make Siemian surplus to requirements, but Romo’s durability concerns might lead them to prefer to keep all three.

And the Bills have to decide by March 11 whether to pick up the option on Taylor’s deal, which would trigger $31 million in guarantees.

So while sending Siemian to Buffalo might make some connect-the-dots sense, a lot of stuff has to happen to make it a possibility.

25 responses to “Report: Bills might be interested in Trevor Siemian

  1. T Mobile is not a franchise QB but he is still the best QB the Bills have had since Doug Flutie some 20 years ago. I watched Siemian several time last season and he is no way an upgrade and certainly not as mobile as Taylor….

  2. Ah, the Bills in a nutshell – need a QB to take you to the next level? Romo is available! So why not go after whichever teams’ QB gets replaced by him, because you never know, it might work better and it’ll be a whole lot cheaper…

  3. The Bills have two high priced RBs. It just so happens one throws the ball, though not very well, and is about to get a 27 mil payday. As bad as that is Siemian is not an upgrade to him. Bills are better off trying to find a QB in the draft. Again.

  4. Doug Whaley…he’s our Inspector Clouseau. He’ll do something dumb…like trade our 1st round pick for him…it’s a given.

    He’ll rectify it by saying “When you have the opportunity to acquire a quarterback the likes of Ryan Fitzpatrick…you have to just go for it at whatever the cost!”

    Sigh…here comes year 18 with no playoffs.

  5. I wouldnt say its a forgone conclusion that Siemian isnt an upgrade over Taylor. In 29 starts for the Bills Taylor has passed for over 300 yards only once. Siemian did it 3 times last year. In addition, Tyrod is .500 as a starter while Siemian is .571.

    Not saying Siemian is better, but at the very least they are in the same conversation, and one costs a little less than 2 million dollars next year where the other is due 15.

  6. Streetyson is right, the Bills too often go for the less costly option and hope that it works out. It usually doesn’t. But in this case there is another factor to consider. It seems to me that Tyrod Taylor may have hit his ceiling. But Siemian looks to be in the early stage of his growth.

  7. Siemian is the better long term answer for Denver than Lynch or Romo, but lets let Elway make those decisions. Kubiak was right about Siemian as he was a Kubs Guy… But hey Elway knows best lets let him go 6-10 or 7-9 again

  8. IF Siemian was brought to Buffalo it would be for a backup role, not as a starter. Tyrod Taylor is leaps & bounds better than Trevor Siemian all day long.
    Taylor has a stronger arm, throws a much better deep ball, Is faster, more elusive and broadens the playbook with his knowledge & leadership skills. Siemian is a bit more accurate in his short game, but tends to launch floaters with his deep ball that he relies on his receivers to come up with.

    This is why it won’t happen…
    Romo is not going to Denver. We already read that story… A aging QB joins a team that with their championship caliber defense and strong stable of wide receivers that is on the cusp of making a run to the Superbowl… they just need that one missing piece… A veteran QB.
    Nope… not happening. Tony Romo wants to write his own going out story and I believe a team like the Texans fit that bill. A championship caliber defense with a nice group of receivers, tough tight end and a good rb, which Denver lacks.

    So don’t count on Denver getting rid of Siemian yet.

  9. joetoronto says:
    Mar 3, 2017 9:01 AM

    Dumpster fire in Cheektowaga, news at 11:00
    Dumpster fire in Toronto……….No NFL, Leafs are blowing a playoff spot, news at 1100.

  10. Is there any validity to this story? Is this idea the brainchild of this radio personality in Denver or did he actually have a good, reliable source that this is something that one or both teams are interested in? Too much of this kind of speculation is just thrown out and people take it and run with it. How about a little professionalism in reporting, not just throwing anything at the wall and see what sticks?
    In the jills case it won’t make any difference because they’ll still suck and miss the playoffs for a 18th year.

  11. Who cares if the Bills are interested in Siemian? He’s our starter, and we want to keep him as our starter.

    If the Bills were interested in Dak Prescott and Tom Brady would that be a story as well?

    To me, the Bills looking at Tyrod Taylor as if he were a problem suggests they may not be a strong organization to play for. Someone will take Tyrod, probably the Forty-Niners.

  12. His nickname is old 3 and out, he can throw short of sticks like an all pro. Being pared up with Dennison l am sure they will retain the 3 and out crown.

  13. People hating on Siemian obviously neglect the fact he payed with a significant injury and had antiquated offense playbook from Kubiak.

    He made lots of tough throws and nearly EVERY line in the league is an upgrade over Denver.

    Trevor is a lot more attractive than 31 million on a QB who might get you a top 10 pick.

  14. I can honestly say I’d rather go into next year with Siemian at QB than I would Tyrod and his contract. Not to say the Bills would be better, I just think it would be better for the team overall. Sorry Tyrod, you played hard and classy for us, but it’s just too much cash for a guy who hasn’t proven he is the answer.

  15. Bills wont keep Taylor for two reasons 1. Although he is best available, he’s not long term solution 2. SO, they don’t want to pay him as they have salary cap issues. This is a long term decision not a “lets just get to the playoffs and get our butts spanked first round” decision

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