Report: Reuben Foster sent home from Scouting Combine

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A relatively uneventful Scouting Combine instantly got more eventful.

Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster will be sent home, according to ESPN. He reportedly got into it a “heated argument” with a hospital worker.

No specific details have emerged regarding the nature or context of the argument. Presumably, it relates to a medical examination of Foster, part of the mass poking and prodding that occurs in Indianapolis.

NFLPA president Eric Winston, reflecting on his own time at the Scouting Combine, said on Friday’s PFT Live that the general goal of the process is to “piss off” the players. In Foster’ case, mission accomplished. Apparently.

43 responses to “Report: Reuben Foster sent home from Scouting Combine

  1. Thats going to cost him. Some of these morons can’t even keep it together for 1 event to help increase their draft stock. Reminds me of stupid Randy Gregory failing the most important drug test of his life.

  2. If Foster is a good player, some team will select him much later than he would have. So some team will get a good player on the cheap and he costed himself potentially millions. On the other hand, if he isn’t very good, nothing gained, nothing lost.

  3. Personnel evaluators are watching and took note. LB’s typically drop on draft day anyways, but his stock will take a hit. Temperament is important.

  4. While this is the ultimate job interview for these players, they do have some leverage. The NFL is nothing without its star players. Foster will be a 1st round pick and while he may have cost himself some money, he’ll be just fine. Maybe more players should stand their ground and not be treated like pieces of meat.

    I get that teams are going to invest millions of dollars into these players and want to be 100% sure, but Eric Winston’s comment are pretty telling. Sounds like they really push players to their limits.

  5. Foster was pretty sketchy to begin with. He’s 23 years old and had fewer college tackles than Raekwon McMillan who is 20. Plus measuring in at 6-0 tall and under 230 pounds didn’t help. Along with the fact that he’s unable to work out due to injury. I bet McMillan jumps him in the draft, or at least he should.

  6. The guy screws up at the most crucial moment of his life. A wonder teammate he’s sure to be. Certainly the only time he’ll ever get in trouble…

    The Ravens, Cowboys, and Giants are always looking for class acts like this guy!

  7. He’s got to learn that the NFL is business first. You can’t get away with treating people like you did in college.

  8. If the goal was to slide in the draft to a contending team, I credit his agent for coming up with a sure fire way to make that happen.

  9. I was really looking forward to seeing how Foster stacked up against the other linebackers.
    OTOH I can’t wait to see how the Foster camp spins this.

  10. Yeah…he’ll drop a round or two, get drafted, and be a great player. These people who are tasked with “pissing off players” probably need to work for a living and contribute to society. I wonder how Lawrence Taylor would have reacted to these people? LT would have been a mid 3rd round pick if drafted in 2017.

  11. Unless it’s a positive test for something, he will now slip in the draft and probably be declared a “steal” for someone. And he very well might be.

  12. Now maybe he’ll slip to a good team. I like my defense a little ticked off!

  13. Sounds to me like the dude has the perfect linebacker mentality. I’m betting Dick Butkus, Ray Nitschke, Jack Lambert, Lawrence Taylor, Lyle Alzado, and John Matuzak would have all done the same.

  14. WHO DEY.!! Bengals will take him and let Pac Man Straighten him out…..

  15. He just shot up the Cowboy’s draft board. He has everything Jerry looks for in a leader. If it’s a woman he got into the altercation with, Jerry will do whatever it takes to make him a Cowboy.

  16. If Laremy Tunsil was still a top 15 pick when a video was released minutes before the draft of him using a gas mask bong, then Foster will be fine.

  17. One man’s can of piss is another man’s can of gold.
    For you stick ups with mom & daddy’s money, good for you, I’ll take this guy in the 4th & win. There is something about drive & anti-nepotism that the nfl (world) needs to start to get

  18. Incredibly, Mike Mayock is saying that Foster’s sudden departure from the Combine will have no effect on his Draft stock. Hard to believe, but that is what they are reporting.

  19. Rumor has it the doctor was really ignorant of his surgically repaired shoulder and began the exam a bit rough on it. I would yell too..

  20. Was he this way at Alabama… just seems like things are exposed after college and you wonder how long this has been going on….and was it tolerated earlier…

  21. In a case like this you should ALWAYS blame the hospital worker. Without exception hospital workers are a bunch of no-goodniks seizing upon any and every opportunity to “piss off” these mentally stable and emotionally sound unspoiled and unpampered level-headed choirboys coming into the NFL.

  22. I like the fools on here saying ‘welcome to Dallas’ and ‘he just shot up the cowboys draft board’….while not recognizing that their own team likely has more arrrested players than the cowboys. Check the numbers boys…Dallas is like 30th in arrest the last decade. All of your chump teams have more arrest it just doesn’t get covered because no one cares about your team. Envy is a hell of a drug.

  23. The teams probably just set him up. Some probably had an up close view of it.They will do it to other players as well, but in different ways, I bet. I heard he didn’t impress many during his interviews anyway. He was there for the interview and the medical only. He batted 0 for 2. Well, we’ll see how he handles the stress, etc. when he is on the field.

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