Talk of three-way Romo-Cousins trade is “conjecture!” at this point

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Absent an actual trade rumor to shake up the Scouting Combine, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media essentially made up a potential three-team blockbuster.

In fairness to Rapoport, he added the various “could be” and “may be” qualifiers, making it clear that it was all speculation. Nevertheless, the notion that the 49ers and Washington would, in order to get Kirk Cousins to San Francisco, include the Cowboys send Tony Romo to D.C. represents implausibility at best. Multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation scoffed at the idea of such a convoluted outcome; one source called it “conjecture,” adding an exclamation point for effect. (Sad!)

It would be complicated enough to get Cousins to San Francisco in a two-team trade, given the total compensation Washington would want and the long-term contract Cousins would expect. Getting a veteran quarterback as part of the transaction could made Washington more willing to part with Cousins, by why would Romo and the Cowboys need to be part of the deal when Dallas and Washington could simply do a trade separate from the trade between San Francisco and Washington?

Then there’s the question of why the Cowboys would ship Romo to a division rival, given the firmly-held belief by owner Jerry Jones that Romo is destined to win a Super Bowl. If Jones truly believes that, he surely doesn’t want to hand Romo to Washington.

While Rapoport gets points for creativity and for filling a slow Friday afternoon with a little intrigue, this is one of those potential transactions that feels too far fetched and too over the top to happen. But maybe the chatter stretches the rubber band far enough to get another team to make to the Cowboys an offer that could then be presented to Romo to see if he’ll accept a trade rather than push for his outright release.

Ultimately, that may be the goal. By floating the idea of interjecting Romo into the 49ers-Washington trade, the Cowboys are shaking the tree to its roots. Now, they just have to stand back and wait for fruit to fall from it.

23 responses to “Talk of three-way Romo-Cousins trade is “conjecture!” at this point

  1. Any trade rumor for Tony Romo and his contract for a first round pick is pretty rediculous. I love watching Romo play and wish him the best, but nobody knows if his body can last for even 4 quarters at this point

  2. This deal is great for San Francisco and for Dallas. Why wouldn’t Dallas unload there broken 39 yr old qb for good picks? Knowing they are taking a young cousins out of the picture. Washington would get 2 yrs of old Romo at best and then have no one. The only team this dosnt make sense for is Washington.

  3. So basically Washington would be trading Cousins and some unspecified draft pick(s)
    for Romo. Either their GM really is drinking again or Rappaport really needs to get in touch with reality.

  4. Rapoport has instantly lost credibility – and become the story instead of a professional reporting the story. Career Limiting Move.

  5. Cowboys don’t need another starting QB! They would be happy to land a high pick they wouldn’t be getting by releasing Romo. Skins get a replacement qb, which is better than losing their starter next year to free agency… 49ers get the qb they are comfortable with that knows their system day one.

    What doesn’t make sense? This is win-win-win.

  6. Romo could be cut because of his salary. No team would trade for a guy who has back problems, especially since they will then have to pay him the full amount he is owed under his current contract. San Fran can probably pursue Cousins when he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2018, again without having to part with draft picks or veteran players.

  7. 49ers are getting pretty desperate at this point to start planting these kind of rumors lol! Cousins stays put under the tag and makes his $24MM. Romo goes to the Broncos. Give it up Kyle you ain’t getting Cousins!

  8. Never mind why Jerruh would do it. Why would any team trade anything to the cowboys for the right to pay $17mil to a 37 yr old qb who has only played 5 out of the last 32 games.

  9. No one is trading for Romo. The cap ramifications make it easier for the Cowboys to designate him a June 1 cut and spread the CAP hit over a couple of seasons. That was easy.

  10. Romo is 36 years old, he’s coming off a season in which he missed the majority of it and lost his job to a (terrific) rookie, he’s never won a playoff game – why would anyone want him?

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rapaport was on the Cowboy’s pay roll. Jones trying to do ANYTHING to get some trade compensation back before he is forced to release him. Of course he is going to say Romo is destined to win a Super Bowl…he’s trying to TRADE him. And if Jerry really thinks that, why wouldn’t he just keep and start him then. This stuff is just so ridiculous anymore.

  12. The Texans will pick up Romo via free agency and draft Watson in the first round. Bank on that. Then, draft a qb in each of the other rounds so we leave no stone unturned in the 2017 offseason. We Will Figure Out This Quarterback Situation!

  13. Tony will not go to a team that doesn’t have a stellar OL, a top Defense, or a top RB. That takes the Redskins out of the picture. This is a non story.
    Personally I think Tony should retire but it’s not up to me.

  14. McGloughan would never waste the picks or the money. Of course he is MIA and Danny is running around the tarmac dying to fire up Redskins1

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