Washington bungles its recent string of P.R. problems

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It’s a season of drama in the District of Columbia, both as to national politics and as to the local NFL team. It’s not clear which drama is more compelling.

As to the local NFL team, a string of odd occurrences coupled with a deafening silence that borders on defiance has thrust the franchise squarely into the middle of the league’s radar of dysfunction. From the muzzling of G.M. Scot McCloughan to the reckless speculation about McCloughan from team employee Chris Cooley to the team’s “no comment” in response to Cooley’s remarks to the decision to invest another $24 million into a quarterback about whom the team otherwise seems ambivalent to the exclusion of McCloughan from the Scouting Combine to the failure of Bruce Allen or anyone else with the team to address any of these issues in the back-and-forth of a press conference or an interview, the team has concocted a rancid stew of image problems. Even if, at the end of the day, everything resolves in a normal, reasonable, sensical way, it won’t change the fact that, for a period of weeks, a strong sense existed that the franchise has lost its way in bizarre fashion.

In Indianapolis, where coaches and scouts and executives and agents and media have gathered for the Scouting Combine, the speculation has become rampant. Absent credible facts or a plausible explanation for any of the various curiosities regarding the team, the speculation will intensify, and the line between perception and reality will disappear.

Already, there’s a belief among some in Indy that McCloughan will never return as G.M. of the team (despite the team’s insistence that he will) and that the franchise already is talking to potential replacements. Until then, the G.M. who graduated to a role of greatly reduced accountability is back in the saddle from a football standpoint.

From a P.R. perspective, it’s unclear who is calling the shots. Maybe the answer is “no one,” because that’s the way it currently seems.

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  1. Very tempting to connect the dots and assume he fell off the wagon and is on indefinite leave as a precursor to being fired. He was a great comeback story so I hope that’s not the case. In any event, the team is running out of cover and they’re going to have to come clean sooner than later on his situation I would think.

  2. Technically speaking, Cooley is not an employee of the Washington Redskins. He works for a local radio station that is owned by Dan Snyder.

    Also…..he’s an idiot.

  3. I rather have them butcher the offseason & win the season rather then the typical win the offseason & lose during the season.

  4. Hey, are the Redskins and President Trump both connected to the same city? We’re only reminded on almost every single Redskins story.

  5. Well, if there is no circus in Washington, “fake news” is bound and determined to try and start one up. Why? Because they haven’t signed a player to a big, long term deal yet? Is it because a GM that may or may not have a personal problem resurfacing, problems that have occurred at other organizations, now means the Skins are dysfunctional?

    I guess it’s Russian interfering with the Skins front office.

  6. This team is the worst. Bruce Allen clearly is calling all of the shots, McLoughan has basically been a glorified scout. He wasn’t even able to bring in his own scouting staff.

    It’s a shame, because McLoughan has been the most positive thing the Redskins have had going for them for a LONG time.

  7. “It’s not clear which drama is more compelling.”

    Right as if a badly run NFL team has “drama” that’s more compelling than a collection of horribly corrupt politicians sending the country down the drain.


  8. The Redskins should fire McCloughan and go back to what they were before him, a perennial 4-12 team.

    Hold Cousins for 1 year, and don’t trade him. Then have him leave as a free agent and get a 3rd round pick.
    Enjoy Colt McCoy as your franchise QB.
    Maybe RG3 will be available too.

  9. Skins have their HQ’ s and training camp in VA and play in PG county, The District is becoming more of a Ravens city. Barely see Skins stuff in NW , NE or SW. Many more Ravens fans in the Nations Capital.

  10. “Absent facts or credible explanation”. That’s the summary. Media has no facts just a bunch of speculation and the REDSKINS haven’t responded, driving the media crazy. That’s about it folks. Next.

  11. Danny Boy is going to get this franchise back on track.

    Jay Gruden – Gone next year.
    Cousins – Gone next year.

    Sign Adrian Peterson…get some butts in the seats right Dan? Sell some jerseys!

    Then the RG3 comeback tour….

  12. Everyone seems to want to blame Snyder, that’s the eazy and lazy way to go.

    The real villain in the debacle is Bruce Allen. While Snyder earned his reputation as a meddler in his early days as owner he has kept his hands off and let his football people and Allen run the show.

    If Skins fans want someone to blame, blame Allen and that dunce Cooley.

  13. There you go again Florio… stirring the pot for no reason. The REDSKINS are just fine.

  14. tomtravis76 says:
    Mar 3, 2017 4:02 PM
    Skins have their HQ’ s and training camp in VA and play in PG county, The District is becoming more of a Ravens city. Barely see Skins stuff in NW , NE or SW. Many more Ravens fans in the Nations Capital.

    Now this is fake news. DC is still a football city and the Skins run it, no matter how much dysfunction is going on.

  15. He manages to not say Washington OR Redskins in this article.

    Gotta hand it to you, that takes skill.

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