Greg Hardy avoids jail time on cocaine charges


Former Cowboys and Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy has avoided jail time on cocaine charges, which should allow him to continue his latest bid for career reclamation.

According to the Fox 4 in Dallas, Hardy struck a plea deal and was given two years probation, community service and a $500 fine.

He was arrested for cocaine possession last September, claiming someone put the drugs in his wallet as he was passing it around to pay for things.

“It went very well. My lawyers did an awesome job. I’m just glad I have everything behind me so I can get back to work and get back to my life,” Hardy said. “I’ll continue to train and stay out of their way. Stay out of trouble and keep my head down.”

Hardy’s trying to redeem himself while training as an MMA fighter, and planning to play in The Spring League, a developmental operation in West Virginia in April which will give extra chances to former NFL players.