Dave Caldwell disputes story about Julius Thomas’ blocking

Getty Images

A report recently emerged that the Jaguars are trading tight end Julius Thomas because they became tired of his “non-existent” blocking. In a recent visit with PFT Live from the Scouting Combine, Jaguars G.M. Dave Caldwell disputed the notion that Thomas is being traded due to concerns about his skills beyond running routes and catching passes.

“I think we knew exactly what Julius was when we got him as a player, and that should not come as a surprise to anybody what his strengths were and his weaknesses were,” Caldwell said. “I don’t know where that came from and how that came about. But that wasn’t the reason why we traded Julius. I think it was time for us to move on, time for him to move on. Some of our best players are three young receivers, and we’re trying to feature them.”

That said, it’s possible that people with the team other than Caldwell (such as, for example, new executive V.P. of football operations Tom Coughlin) who recently have acquired significant positions of influence never would have signed Thomas. Regardless, Coughlin surely knows that it’s not a great idea to trash recent free-agent acquisitions on the way out the door at a time when the Jaguars will soon be trying to lure new free-agent acquisitions to town.

Blocking limitations notwithstanding, Thomas would likely not be heading out of town if he performed in Jacksonville like he did in Denver. And if he performs in Miami like he did in Denver, no one will give the Jaguars a pass because of his “non-existent” blocking.