Jerry Jones: Tony Romo agrees on “do-right rule,” says no to Washington


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was quick to shoot down the rumored three-way deal which would send quarterback Tony Romo to Washington.

And even though he doesn’t have a way to enforce it, he trusts his longtime quarterback to not sign with a division rival even if he’s released.

“It is implied that we will work in the best way we can for the mutual interest of Tony and the Cowboys. That was just implied,” Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “That’s important here. Now we’ve got to abide by every league rule. We can’t have agreements without it being within the boundaries of the NFL.

“But when you’ve got a situation like we got, we’ll do the do-right rule. That’s it. Very important. We do the do-right rule. We have that kind of relationship.”

Jones said there was no rush to make a decision on Romo, and they could wait beyond the March 9 start of free agency to make a deal since they are positioned to carry his cap hit into the year. That’s a roundabout way of him letting people know he’s not going to just give Romo away until he determines the value he might have to another (non-Washington) team.

“What I’m really saying is that I do not know how, what we will end up with – whether it will be a trade, whether it will be a release, whether it will be neither,” Jones said. “I do not know at this time. All scenarios have been well-considered and thought out. Now we’ve just got to see where the reality is.

“He’s considering options. Obviously, we all know that he’s going to have the opportunity to look at whatever situation, if there are situations. He’s going to have an opportunity to look at it. He gets to say and control this situation every bit as much as we do.”

Again, such a wink-nod agreement is absolutely unenforceable, but it appears Jones and Romo have the kind of relationship that trusting the other to “do-right” is understood.

61 responses to “Jerry Jones: Tony Romo agrees on “do-right rule,” says no to Washington

  1. I honestly think they will just pay Tony to backup Dak. I think Tony brings too much to the table in preparation and understanding.

  2. Tony seems like a good guy, but its been clear for his 10+ years QB’ing he is NOT the missing link for any team w/ SB aspirations.

  3. Romo is a fool if he let’s an owner who no longer wants him to dictate where he might be most successful.

  4. I don’t share Jerrah’s view that Romo has a SuperBowl ring in him (I doubt that he’ll make it through half a season with a new team–unless that new team has one heck of a line battling in front of him), but it would tickle me to no end for Tony to “wink and nod” and then turn around and sign with Washington for $1.00 just to stick it to Jones.

    Not going to happen, of course, but something like that occurring would crush that day’s news’ cycle.

  5. Ah yes, another presser from Jerrah. I was going out of my miND without it.

    Hey Jerrah, you don’t own Romi. Release him aND he is free to go where ever he wants. He is not your personal slave. Do you get it now?

  6. If I’m Romo I go and immediately sign with the Redskins for the veteran minimum upon release

  7. It’s so well understood between them that Jones has to talk to the press about it.

  8. All the drama for Romo to get traded and signed by a new team. Then after the 3rd week of the preseason he’s injured again and sitting on the bench for that time. The do right thing is for the bum to retire.

  9. I have to reiterate, why talk about this at all?Just bide your time and wait for an offer that makes sense or release if none come that are satisfactory. Again no need to talk everytime a mic is presented in front of you (that is a lesson for all of us).

  10. Can’t wait till teams finally start pressuring Dak and we’ll see if he can repeat last season’s success.

  11. Do right? Jones even knows what that means? Release the man and let him determine his own future. He’s no idiot and perfectly capable of doing the right thing all by himself.

  12. Just keep him! That’s great insurance for a team that knows a thing or two about having an injured quarterback. You would be paying him this year anyway if he had been the starter last season and dak the backup. Roles are simply reversed but the pay is the same. Smartest thing the cowboys do is keep romo.

  13. The only ‘do right’ Romo will consider if released is who will pay him the most guaranteed money and does the team have a chance to go to the playoffs……Period….He will think of his family and future first like every agent and player always do…..And if that means in the NFC East then Jerrah is going to have to ankle grab and grimace.

  14. He got injured in PRESEASON behind that great o-line, so how long will an aging QB with half of a back and shaved down collarbone last behind a lesser line?

  15. His back and/or his collarbone won’t make it through one series. Why anyone is interested in bringing him in at any price is truly baffling.

  16. jjb0811 says:

    Tony seems like a good guy, but its been clear for his 10+ years QB’ing he is NOT the missing link for any team w/ SB aspirations.

    Especially when you have refs who don’t know what a catch is.

  17. MichaelEdits says:

    No honest person should ever use “Dallas Cowboys” and “do-right” in the same sentence.

    Maybe if you don’t know the game of football.

  18. Jones fired the great Tom Landry while Landry was on the golf course.
    Who is he trying to kid with this do-right bull?

  19. Romo should go sign with the Redskins anyway if they offer him the best deal and they are a qb away from contending. After all, Romo owes Jerry nothing.

  20. abninf says:
    Especially when you have refs who don’t know what a catch is.

    abninf, you can complain about that call from now until the end of time. You can disagree with the NFL’s interpretations of its rules until you’re blue in the face and it changes nothing. As written and described in their rule book, he didn’t meet the criteria for a catch, and therefore both the referees on the field and the men in the replay booth called it correctly. Let it go.

  21. Romo is in the twilight of his career. I would sign for the most money possible and go out with that instead of caring about playing on a division rival…who cares! Grab the most money you can while you still can. He isn’t going to be a game changer anyway no matter where he goes and he will probably get hurt too.

  22. Am I the only one who has the take that Romo should be the starter? If Jerry is indeed infatuated with him, why is it so hard to say “Hey Dak, you are a huge part of the future of this franchise. Tony is healthy and ready to go for next year. He is our starter.” Dak was a 4th round pick who was not expected to see the field last year or for his first 3-4 years. Dak benefited from a solid overall team which had the best o-line and run game. Put Dak on the Browns and is anyone talking about him? Yeah, in a much different light. Keep them both, if Romo goes down with yet another significant injury, you already have your answer.

  23. “We can’t have agreements without it being within the boundaries of the NFL. But when you’ve got a situation like we got, we’ll do the do-right rule.”

    That those two sentences are mutually exclusive probably didn’t make him blink, wink maybe but not blink. Once again reminding us that politicians, used car salesmen and snake oil peddlers have got nothing over an NFL owner when it comes to doublespeak and very few of them have anything on Jerry Jones

  24. Immediately after this statement he broke into some kind of high knee hoedown dance shouting “yee hah” and firing pistols into the air.

  25. Romo is good enough to take this particular Cowpies team to the big dance, but the key is his ability to stay healthy for 16 games. Another season ending injury will be any disastrous for the Cowpies.

  26. Could PFT ignore this big mouth. What an insufferable, trite dirt bag.
    He has done nothing in football in 20 years or so
    They will be so much better when he is carted off the field, never to return

  27. Hope the Cowboys cut him, he signs with the Redskins, allowing the Skins to trade Cousins to San Francisco. And then Romo has a news conference calling Jerry Jones every name in the book.

  28. Jets are at that in-between QBs stage. One year for Romo there (or less, if someone stares too intently at him and his back breaks in Week 10). Jets PR department revs up the local press, directs the networks not to show all the empty seats at Its-Really-Giants stadium.

  29. Jerry’s daughter should have also banned him from answering questions and speaking into microphones.

  30. Think the NFLPA is for one red hot second going to sit quietly while the Cowboys implement their own “do right rule?”

    Fine coming.

  31. Yes yes yes romo should be starting and anybody that think a rookie is better than romo should be fired with Garrett. Garrett has not done anything for cowboys. And who ever on here that said the dez catch was no good is retarded, everything the league said dez needed to do for it to be a catch he did everything. Romo is way better than dak. Dak had 20 touchdowns for regular season with our receiving core Lol jameis Winston had more stats than dak better yet Sam Bradford had more stats than dak and y’all say dak better than romo Lol yall on some gud stuff with jerry and the organization for benching romo

  32. cowboys denying getting any compensation for Romo, just so he doesnt sign with Washington. unbelievably stupid.

  33. There’s never been a one-hit wonder in the NFL. They should release Romo because Dez will be in the hall of fame – just like RG3.

  34. Don’t know what Jones is worried about. He already knows Romo has a SuperBowl in him and it’s not with the Cowboys. So if Cowboys finish with a bye like this year and Redskins get in as a wild card, Dallas does another one and done so they don’t end up losing to Romo anyway. So what difference does it make who Romo plays for.

    Jerry, you got your gold coat without winning a SuperBowl based on any of your leadership skills. Be satisfied with that and go away.

  35. Tony Romo is a top five QB, but Dak Prescott is a younger top five QB. The Cowboys don’t have to trade or release Romo. Jerry Jones is just doing it because he’s a good guy, and Tony understands the whole situation. If they can work out a way to get Tony to a good organization that lacks a QB, that’s what they’re trying to do. Most good organizations already have a good QB. The only one that doesn’t is Kansas City.

  36. Jones loves Romo. Romo would never go to the ‘Skins because he’s got a job lined up with the ‘Boys after his playing career is over.

  37. Tony Romo is a top five QB, but Dak Prescott is a younger top five QB. _____________________________________

    Homer Breach! Homer Breach! All security to Level 5 NOW!!

  38. I have to laugh and SMH at you fools saying that Romo is 2-4 in the playoffs, like he played defense and allowed 200 yards rushing. Or like he played WR and dropped passes that were in his hands when he was wide open. Or that he played OL and allowed 8 sacks and multiple pressures.

    Most of you guys don’t know sh*t about the actual game of football. All you can do is read the headlines and listen to the talking heads.

  39. They should let Romo go…but they have to get a reliable backup at that time…team that has deep postseason potential can’t go into a season with Sanchez as its backup. Or Geno Smith. Or Kellen Moore. Maybe Garrett can be the backup.

  40. Great idea, if garrett is backup maybe jones will find a real coach. Then again jones would probably take over coaching. Osg, when will this madness end?

  41. Does not matter where he lands. He has about 18 games left in his body. If left, unhurt. Best of luck to the Guy! Dallas did well unloading him.

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