Washington gives Jay Gruden two-year extension

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It’s the year of Bright, Shiny Objects in the nation’s capital, and the local NFL team has whipped one out in an effort to lessen the perception that the franchise is in total disarray.

Per multiple reports, Washington has given coach Jay Gruden a two-year extension. The new deal puts him under contract through 2020. Previously, Gruden had a commitment through 2018.

The timing reeks of an effort to change the narrative, especially since (as Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports) the agreement was reached on Saturday night at Prime 47 in Indianapolis, where plenty of elbow-bending has been happening on each and every evening of the Underwear Olympics. If true, it seems even more like a desperate effort to alter the league-wide perception of the organization — especially since a deal of that magnitude isn’t truly done until it’s reduced to writing and signed by both parties.

Ultimately, the final version could be meaningless, with Gruden possibly having no guaranteed payments beyond 2018. If that’s what happen, why would he agree to it? Because news of it helps to stabilize a bad situation only a few days before free agency.

While the notion that agents will actively steer their clients away from Washington is a bit overblown, it would have (and still could) cost more to get a guy to sign with Washington than with another team. Already, PFT has heard that some free-agent receivers want to know what the quarterback situation will be for 2017 and beyond before committing to a contract there.

The coaching situation for 2017 and beyond will be Jay Gruden in charge. How far beyond 2017 doesn’t really matter; as blood-alcohol concentrations rose on Saturday night, the team turned a garden hose on a brush fire by shaking hands on a new contract that ultimately may be worth not much more than the paper it currently isn’t written on.

31 responses to “Washington gives Jay Gruden two-year extension

  1. No way he signs anything without guaranteed money attached. Nobody associated with the NFL trusts anything verbal from Snyder.
    Dan Snyder has had one of the worst ownership reigns in the history of sports. At some point these leagues need to have ownership review boards and make decisions based on the overall success of a franchise on and off the field to see if an owner can continue on or be forced to sell.

  2. The “Perception” that the franchise is in total disarray is only based in reality…

  3. Yeah imagine someone trying to spin a narrative? Lol

    I disagree and see this as a positive signing. It also means they are signing Cousins. All the gloom and doom media forecasts are wrong so of course media will spin this as dysfunction too.

  4. It is sad to see the state of Redskins management. The way they communicate with employees appears to be inconsistent with questionable logic, and a lot of waffling.

    Keep playing hard ball, Kirk, you’ve earned it and it’s the Skins fault for not paying you two years ago. Doing that would possibly save them $10 million annually on your contract.

    Congratulations Coach Gruden! You do a fine job with a tough management situation. For your sake, I hope Scott Mcloughan comes back asap. He may have some issues, but the man can pick talent.

    -Buccaneer Fan living D.C.

  5. Well after Ian’s three way trade lie we know how reputable he is. The only problem with the Redskins is the media and there made up crap. I can’t believe you are still using Ian as a source when he basically showed he has no ethics and zero credibility.

  6. Wow, this is a very cynical perception of the extension. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as confused about everything going on with Scot McCloughan as everyone else, but I think this extension is not just a PR move. It seems to me that it’s the result of the team making consistent progress over the last three years. The Redskins had back-to-back winning seasons (first time since the late 90s), and have developed solid core of young players.

    The Redskins may not deserve the benefit of the doubt after the last 20 years, but it’s worth mentioning the facts along with your opinion.

  7. Epitome of kicking a team while they’re down. This is the silver lining of such a jacked up situation. How about you report it as such. Maybe now Kirk will be more inclined to negotiate. This is good for the team.

  8. Jay is innovator when it comes to offense. That has been determined. Now if a defense could be paired with Jay’s offense the Skins may have something good.

  9. OR…maybe the team decided soon after the season ended to do so and decided since they were going to be in Indy during JG’s 50th b-day, maybe it would be a nice surprise. I doubt they decided this in the last 48 hours due to the existing Twitter narrative in the media. As others have mentioned, Snyder hasn’t extended a HC since he owned the team so it’s not as if it is something he does on a whim. I would also guess that this extension aligns to McC’s current contract which was singed in 2015 and likely a 5 year deal, thus taking them both to 2020.

  10. Maybe this was done with the hopes of inking Cousins to a long term deal. A previous article had stated that maybe the reason Cousins had not come to agreement on a long term deal was because he may be uncertain of the coaching turnover with the Redskins. Well…..problem solved.

  11. They should of done this before the Def. Coord. search… Jay deserves to be extended based on change in the organization… He is a good offensive mind and seems to get the players to perform at a high level. They just need better players on defense. Either this was done to appease Kirk or this was done because the Redskins are about to hit the reset button at QB. We will see.

  12. Actually, if one follows Washington DC sports closely, extending Jay Gruden has been talked about quite a bit. It’s a good move and could also make signing Kirk easier, since Kirk and Jay have a good relationship.

  13. Casting aside the spin, this is a good move. With the current issues with Scot McCloughan (whatever they are), this is a good step towards the stability the team sorely needs. Congrats to Jay, and hope other steps are taken to bring this team to its potential.

  14. Wow…harsh assessment. I think this was done more to appease Kirk than deflect disfunction. If they want to sign him to something long term and take any kind of hometown discount he going to have demands of security. Signing one of their free agent WRs is next I’ll bet.

  15. The Redskins aren’t a mess. Not yet at least. The Browns, 49ers and Falcons, now those teams are a mess.

  16. Let’s see:

    1. Letting Bruce “Harvest Feast” Allen keep on “winning off the field” in a scorched earth power struggle with Scot McCloughan – the best football mind in the town since Gibbs tried to save the team;

    2. Alienating the best QB the team has had since Snyder took over;

    3. Being forced to promote from within for both offensive and defensive coordinator positions because no quality candidates would take the jobs;

    4. Signing the worst gameday coach in the NFL to a two-year extension;

    5. Heading into free agency with no discernible progress with the team’s own free agents and widespread perceptions that the team is in disarray and should be avoided by other free agents; and,

    6. Making the headlines in the offseason with mind-boggling dysfunction and ineptitude.

    After a brief flirtation with being an owner running an actual pro football operation, the Danny’s got his groove back!

    Well, that was fun! A fool’s gold division championship in 2015 when the rest of the division decided not to play pro football and an 8-7-1 mediocrity in 2016 that fell flat in a win-or-go-home game when Jay Gruden was absolutely owned by Steve Spagnuolo whose team had nothing to play for.

    Welcome back to the Snyder wilderness, Skins fans.

  17. It’s cool how everyone can speculate how soon to return to work after the death of a loved one. His granny was 100, that’s 5 generations she has lived thru, no one knows her personal life enough to say Scot’s been gone too long. I fully expect national media to be the creeps they are, what’s disturbing is that local favorite and former Redskin Cyrus Cooley kind of started the whole thing around the time McGloughans grandmother passed.

  18. Man, he’s getting more out of riding the coat tails of his brother than Billy Carter got riding Jimmy Carter’s.

  19. When I saw those magic words, Romos says NO to Washington I knew good things were about to happening. We are actually seeing some stability fr the Redskins and Cousin’s signing can’t be too far behind! HTTR!

  20. Wow, seems like a smart move helping to add to the stability of the team, and it’s being spun in this article like the Browns extending Mangini or something

  21. Imagine him at the press conference, were he PC like these holier-than-thou journalists… “I’m excited to continue to work hard and bring success to the Washington… umm… football club.”

  22. #HTTR anyway This is a good move to attempt at stabilizing the typical Redskins chaos. I do question the timing. It does seem like a distraction from the QB and GM news.

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