Buccaneers make effort to keep Glennon

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With Buccaneers quarterback Mike Glennon preparing to hit the open market and potentially cash in, the team that drafted Glennon four years ago and resisted the temptation to try to trade him reportedly would like to keep him around.

Per multiple reports, the Buccaneers have offered to make Glennon the NFL’s highest-paid backup. The Tampa Bay Times pegged the offer at $8 million per year, $1 million per season more than the average salary of Eagles backup Chase Daniel.

A year ago, Rick Stroud of the Times said the Bucs have discussed attempting to sign Glennon to a two-year extension worth at least $6 million per year.

With Glennon so close to hitting the market and attracting starter-level offers, there’s no reason to take less money for no opportunity to play — unless he aspires only to be a career backup. (Which pays pretty well, with limited physical risks.)

Glennon started 13 games as a rookie and five in 2014. He was instantly supplanted in 2015 by Jameis Winston, who is entrenched as the team’s starter.

Teams reportedly interested in Glennon, presumably for something more than a No. 2 spot on the depth chart, include the Jets, Bears, and 49ers.

9 responses to “Buccaneers make effort to keep Glennon

  1. “…..unless he aspires only to be a career backup.”

    To paraphrase a well know expression, it’s better to be on the bench and thought an incompetent, than to play and remove all doubt!

  2. If TB is willing to pay him $8M to hold a clipboard he can afford to stay and pick his moment, no need to rush to the first dumpster fire that guarantees the starting job. QB’s can play long into their 30’s and Glennon’s best years could come at that time in the right situation.

  3. NFL…it’s Mike Glennon…a name probably mentioned not even 3 times during the season but now more times than I can count the past couple days. Mike…Glennon

  4. His chances of making it to the big stage gets higher going elsewhere… For most of their existences The bucs have been a struggling team…

    Go for it all or spend a lifetime wondering what if!

  5. He’s gonna be grossly overpaid but I hope for the best for him. He has a lot of arm talent but has horrendous pocket presence when being rushed. Hopefully he’ll improve in that area and be a competent starter in the league

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