Chad Greenway will announce his retirement Tuesday

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Linebacker Chad Greenway said last February that he wanted to play one more year with the Vikings and then retire from active duty.

Greenway stuck to his word. He re-signed with Minnesota in late March and the team sent out a release on Monday announcing Greenway’s impending retirement. The linebacker will make it official at a press conference on Tuesday.

Greenway was picked in the first round of the 2006 draft and became a staple in the Minnesota lineup the next year — a knee injury wiped out his rookie year — when he started all 16 games. He’s missed just four games since his rookie year and went to a pair of Pro Bowls while also being named a second-team All-Pro in 2012.

The Vikings credit Greenway with 1,334 tackles, which is good for fourth in franchise history. He also had 18 sacks, 11 interceptions and eight forced fumbles.

31 responses to “Chad Greenway will announce his retirement Tuesday

  1. He was a great example for the younger players of how to be a professional. Never any drama, no suspensions, no domestic assaults no PED’s, and no problems. His presence will be missed.

  2. Thanks for an excellent career, Chad. He’s been a class act on and off the field. I’d love to see Zimmer hire him as an assistant coach, if he’s interested.

  3. Class guy, very solid player — wish him all the best.

    Hey, Tokyo said something nice!

  4. I always liked this guy. Solid, no drama, no negative attention. It would appear he’s given this decision some thought. Good luck.

  5. Good news for Chad, he was a very well liked player for the fans. Chad was very active in the community doing charity. He was naturally well liked by his coaches and teammates. He is a solid individual and player. It was very easy to appreciate him for the fans.
    Skol 52.

  6. His performance has slipped, but his veteran leadership will definitely be missed. Should be an interesting year, defensively, Vikes are likely to lose several key defensive veterans (e.g., Munnerlyn, Newman), time for the youngsters to step up.

  7. Such a diva! OK, what everyone else (minus trolls) is saying. Class act. I enjoyed watching his career. By all accounts, good on the field and even better off it. I’m sure the Vikings will miss his locker room leadership.

  8. I remember this draft; first of the Brad Childress era. Wasn’t the sexiest pick– a Will LB in the 1st round– and then he got hurt right away.

    Ends up just being a consummate Viking. Humble, hard-working, team oriented. Thanks #52, look forward to seeing you in our Ring of Honor.

  9. As a Pack fan wish I could rip on him, but he’s a class act around. Good for him.

  10. Wish he’d reconsider. The guy still has plently left in the tank as a lockeroom leader and a backup/spot starter. Definitely one of my alltime favorite Vikings.

  11. We were lucky to have Chad Greenway in Minnesota. He was a great player and a great contributor to the community.
    As fans it will be with sad hearts to see him move on, but we certainly thank him and wish him well with whatever he goes on to after football. I doubt he is reading this, but just in case…”Thanks for everything you gave to us on the field and off.”

  12. As a Packer fan, I’m obligated to oppose the Vikings in every way, but I’ve always respected Greenway. Really good player and a better person. The league could use more guys like him.

    Best of luck to him.

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