Did Bruce Allen float fake Tony Romo rumor?

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So where did the goofy, out-of-the-blue notion that the Cowboys could trade quarterback Tony Romo to Washington as part of a three-team-Kirk-Cousins-to-the-49ers deal come from? Appearing on 106.7 The Fan in D.C. on Monday, Mike Jones of the Washington Post offered up a theory that is outlandish enough to be dead-on balls accurate.

Via Ryan Glasspiegel of TheBigLead.com, Jones suggested that Washington president Bruce Allen floated the rumor in an effort to change the subject from the ongoing instances of D.C. dysfunction.

“The week was bad,” Jones said. “They were taking hits left and right from a P.R. standpoint. Everybody in the league was talking about them. I mean . . . people from other teams, not reporters, would see me and be like, ‘What’s going on with Washington?’ Everybody was wondering what the heck was the deal. And you even had agents saying that they didn’t know if they wanted to send their guys there. Agents who met with the Redskins about re-signing, saying like, ‘Who’s in charge there?'”

 Jones continued: “Ultimately, Bruce [Allen] kind of was like, ‘All right, we gotta do something, because my fake Ian Rapoport Redskins three-way trade thing didn’t work to change the story . . . so let’s sign Jay [Gruden] to an extension.”

Some would say Jones was joking (it didn’t sound like a joke). Regardless, that theory definitely was making the rounds in Indianapolis. And it sort of worked, at least for an hour or two.

Once the initial shock wore off, it was clear that no one bought it. So Allen needed something else.

Enter the Jay Gruden extension. Which still didn’t do much to obscure the issues still percolating around the franchise, or the open speculation that Washington currently is evaluating potential replacements for G.M. Scot McGloughan.

15 responses to “Did Bruce Allen float fake Tony Romo rumor?

  1. Man, Bruce Allen makes Jed York almost look like a tolerable human being. Almost. What the REDSKINS need to do is a lot like what the Niners did when Jed York was making idiotic moves like this; do anything you can to silence Bruce Allen. You don’t hear about Jed York anymore because no one can stand the little twirp. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan took over the 49ers, while keeping little Jed Dork in the back and out of the way. What Allen is doing is a lot like what Dork did. Redskins fans, I feel your pain. Unfortunately, until Allen gets out of the spotlight, you won’t go anywhere.

  2. Even though there is no hard evidence to support the theory, I’ll believe any off the wall rumor when it comes to the Redskins. So I’ll mentally mark this as #Fact

  3. Nah. The rumors were more likely started by unclever media members looking for page clicks during the offseason.

  4. casualmalexlfan says:
    Mar 6, 2017 12:59 PM
    Nah. The rumors were more likely started by unclever media members looking for page clicks during the offseason.
    I wish I could give you more than one like on this post. I think we know of some very unclever media members. *Coughs*

  5. How can a team with 0 qbs on their roster gain total control over the trade leverage versus a team with a probowl qb? When this trade goes down, it will be studied for years on how NOT to handle the Franchise Tag and your QB.

  6. I cant believe I am a Redskins fan, they are such a joke. Man do I miss JKC and Gibbs, got spoiled on them winning with class back in the day. Such a shame what Snyder has done to them, what they stood for, their legacy, all ruined.

  7. Um, has anyone noticed that nothing has actually gone wrong yet? It does look like a change is coming. It does look like it may be this or that. But really, nothing has actually happened yet.

  8. So ….

    Why wouldn’t you sign the coach to the two year extension (first since 1999) right away? If they had it may have helped Gruden get a D-Cord that was top 5 on the teams want list.

  9. Niners816– what you don’t understand is that the Redskins did do that. Dan Snyder funky learned his lesson. They brought in Gruden to have more personnel control than Allen, and then brought mccloughan to have ultimate personnel control. For two years, no one ever heard a peep from Bruce Allen– nobody really knew what he did around here.

    Then about a, month ago, it looks like mccloughan had a relapse, and apparently Bruce allen has used his colleague’s alcoholism as a staging ground for a power grab. Talk about blindsiding a franchise.

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