Eagles will quickly be on the short list for Torrey Smith

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With the 49ers cutting receiver Torrey Smith (and assuming it’s not being leaked simply to prompt a Branden Albert-style phone call), the Eagles become a prime candidate to give Smith a landing spot.

The Eagles and 49ers negotiated a potential trade that would have sent Smith to the Eagles during the 2016 season, but a deal couldn’t be finalized before the deadline. Smith himself acknowledged that talks had occurred.

Smith makes plenty of sense in Philadelphia, apart from the fact that they desperately need guys who can catch passes. His speed would stretch the field and open up the underneath areas for other targets, making the rest of the players better because they will be more likely to finagle single coverage (or none at all) if Smith is dragging targets deep down the field.

And let’s not completely discount the possibility that Smith was told he’ll be cut before the cut comes in order to get the Eagles or someone else to send a conditional seventh-round pick in 2018 (for example) to San Francisco. The challenge becomes convincing a new team to take on Smith’s $6.5 million contract; his performance from the past two years could make that difficult to justify.

Smith could always restructure to facilitate a trade, but why should he? It always makes more sense to push for a release and then become a free agent.

Then again, it’s only $6.5 million (plus another $1.375 million in roster and workout bonuses). That’s No. 2 receiver money, and Smith’s production during his two years in San Francisco likely had something to do with the quality of the offense and the quarterback play. So maybe it makes sense for the Eagles or someone else to call the 49ers and offering them anything. Because anything is better than the nothing they otherwise will get.

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  1. DON’T DO IT PHILLY!!! He’s a one trick pony #3 at best and Philly needs a #1.

  2. Philly isn’t going to be wasting their time with Smith. Yeah they almost made a panic move last season before the trade deadline but I really doubt that Philly was offering anything more than a 7th rounder otherwise 49ers would have just dumped him off then. Smith would have to take a major pay cut to join Philly because there are way to many quality WR hitting the open market come March 9th

  3. Eagles didn’t try to trade for smith bc they thought he was great or something, they tried to trade for him bc they thought he would be 1 of the only wrs available at the trade deadline for a cheap price that could help them improve.

    That doesn’t make them 1 of the leading contenders now. Sure they might sign him but they are no more likely to sign him based off of the very unique circumstances that made them interested last year then any other team. Those circumstances are no longer in play. There are now a lot of wrs available to them for no compensation other then salary.

  4. DON’T DO IT PHILLY!!! He’s a one trick pony #3 at best and Philly needs a #1.

    They also need a #2, a #4 and anyone with hands that can actually catch. Also 2 new corners and almost no cap space. Thanks Chip!!!

  5. Give up a draft pick for the privlidge of paying him $8 million? No Deal Howie (Mandell)!

  6. Truth of the matter is that the Eagles need at least two quality receiver additions this offseason. So Torrey Smith would be no more than a complement to the main guy that they might get. In any case, I’d be very surprised if the Eagles haven’t added at least one new receiver by the end of the week.

  7. The Eagles need at least two QB’s. Their cap situation is kind of bad but not that terrible: it’s likely a lot of room will be created with a trade of Connor Baldwin, a trade of Michael Kendryks and a trade of Chase Daniels. I’m sure they don’t see anything but a bunch of 7th round draft picks for those guys but the cap flexibility they will get in return will be more than enough.

    The Eagles desperately need CB’s and WR’s. They also need to address OT and RB this off season too, but the urgency level for those positions aren’t quite as high as CB and WR. Any potential this team had last season got killed on the perimeter on both sides of the ball.

  8. Dude can’t catch a cold. Worst hands in the NFC West last year.. will be worst wherever he winds up. Runs like a gazelle, catches like an alligator.

  9. From my observations of the NFL, your field-stretching WR shouldn’t be expected to also be your #1WR. Criticism of Smith that he’s not a #1 is therefore misguided. Teams know he’s not a #1. He has pretty much one job and he’s fairly decent at it. Just pay him at that level and don’t overpay and he’ll be an ok signing.

  10. ——————————————————————-
    They also need a #2, a #4 and anyone with hands that can actually catch. Also 2 new corners and almost no cap space. Thanks Chip!!!

    What is wrong with you Eagles fans that you try to balme everything on Chip? It’s ridiculous and it shows how ignorant you are as fans.

    You’re blaming the cap troubles on Chip when Roseman spent $180 million dollars last offseason? Locking up a bunch of players who,for the most part, weren’t getting it done?

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