Five teams identified as getting a head start on Terrelle Pryor


The legal tampering period starts at noon tomorrow.

That’s apparently not soon enough for a few teams.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, five teams have already shown interest in Browns free agent wide receiver Terrelle Pryor.

If it was just a number, and one of them was the always-active “Mystery Team” (the annual offseason champion), it would be easy enough to overlook.

But this report names names, identifying the Steelers, Giants, 49ers, Titans and Eagles as the teams showing interest in Pryor.

Now, no one should be naive enough to think this didn’t start last week, when teams and agents convened in Indianapolis for the Scouting Combine. But for such a blatant violation to be reported underscores just how flimsy a policy this actually is, and why teams largely treat the league’s anti-tampering policy like some other kind of paper.

Browns executive Sashi Brown said at the Combine last week he knew Pryor was ”effectively in free agency” and that he knew teams would start to make contact.

Whether they’re allowed to or not doesn’t seem to be complicating that.

17 responses to “Five teams identified as getting a head start on Terrelle Pryor

  1. Oooo busted! Roger is going to get them good! Oh wait, the steelers and giants were involved

  2. I was going to say that we could definitely name two teams out of the five that wouldn’t get punished for this, but it looks like “correctingerrors” beat me to it.

    Just goes to show that we all know, Roger.

  3. Well, since the Steelers and Giants wont be getting busted, the 49ers, Titans and Eagles have a chance of getting away with this blatant cheating as well.

  4. Browns want to pay him what he’s worth on the market. So whatever the highest offer is he gets, Browns will match it. Nobody mentioning on PFT that he only wants to play for the Browns and the Browns only.

  5. How did the Raiders not make the list? It’s like a tradition for any free agent to have the Raiders on there list since the front office with neither confirm or deny any interest.

  6. I would like to share the confidence of some that the browns will match any offer, but I don’t. We have over 100 mill in cap space and virtually no one to resign over the next 3 years, courtesy of ray farmer. I don’t see the point of letting Pryor get this far. Is he really going to get a huge offer from a team with a good qb and say “well, let me see if the browns will match it real quick. I may have some project named Mitchell throwing to me by 2019. Id like to stick around and see how that may or may not work while watching you guys fight for a playoff spot.” Sorry, don’t see it happening. Get him signed now or I think he’s gone.

  7. I think he wore out his welcome in Oakland… He didnt do nothing that wrong but I just dont think anybody would be comfortable. If it ever happens well I will hope for the best, just not sure he’s the best teamate.

  8. He did well. He was all but out of football until he decided to switch positions and make use of his speed. Apparently he has good hands too. He is going to make himself a ton of money as a free agent, possibly 6-8 million per year.

  9. pryor is 1 of the best athletes in the league. his 90 TD run from scrimmage a couple years ago, as a raider, vs the steelers, is testament to that.

  10. That 93* yard run is not a testament to how great an athlete Pryor is. I do not disagree with you that he’s a great athlete but the play you chose to showcase his athleticism. His 11 yarder or whatever it was against Miami out of the Wildcat formation is a better example than your choice lol

  11. Bryant? Who?
    Is that a player that might actually make it off the suspended list and on to the roster???

    How many players get suspended as often as he has actually turn it around in time? I wish it were more, but it does not loo good for him.

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