John Schneider: Blair Walsh checked a box for us

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The Seahawks benefitted from kicker Blair Walsh’s presence in the playoffs after the 2015 season when they beat the Vikings thanks in large part to Walsh missing a 27-yard field goal in the final moments.

The Seahawks would like to benefit from some Walsh makes this year. Walsh kept missing last season and ultimately got a pink slip from the Vikings, which left him available to sign a contract with the Seahawks in February.

General Manager John Schneider said from Indianapolis during the Scouting Combine last week that Walsh gave them “an opportunity to kind of check a box” with Steven Hauschka headed for unrestricted free agency. His arrival didn’t come without concern that Walsh’s yips will continue in Seattle.

“I’d be lying if I told you it wasn’t,” Schneider said, via the Seattle Times. “But he’s a very confident guy on his visits. And he has had, he was a Pro Bowler and he’s gone on a streak where he hit like 17-of-17. He’s got a lot of talent and there are certain boxes that we had to check before we moved forward with it.”

Schneider says the team will bring in competition at kicker and that Hauschka could return, which might make for a brief stay in Seattle for the former Vikings kicker.

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  1. I knew he was going to miss that chip shot before it happened. I wasn’t at all shocked when it did.

    Why? Because I’m a Vikings fan. We have to embrace the series of unfortunate events that have occurred in our 55-or-so year history. If we don’t embrace it, we will all go insane.

    Next up is Blair Walsh hitting 32 of 34 FGs in 2017 and being perfect on PATs while we have no first round pick because we traded it for an average QB who can’t complete a pass over 3 yards, the worst NFL offensive line I’ve ever seen, and a complete lack of talent at running back. And that’s after finishing 2016 losing 8 of our final 11 games.

    Embrace it, Vikes fan. It’s who we are.

  2. Hauschka had a rough year. Walsh appears to be a head case. Making a decision on a kicker of $1 million isn’t the way to go. The Patriots never should have let Adam Vinatieri go over a smaller difference. I have no big issue with Gostkowski, but the marginal difference in paying Vinatieri made this one of the few decisions the Belichick got wrong.

  3. The shame of it for the Vikes is that, if this was a slump that Walsh is about to overcome, he would have kicked ass in their new stadium.

  4. Who’s going to laugh when Walsh kicks a winning FG against the Vikings in the playoffs?

    I guess the Vikings would need to make the playoffs first.

  5. Vikings fan and I still have loads of respect for Walsh. Was hoping that with some time away from the game that the Vikings would bring him back but life moves on.

    The playoff loss shouldn’t be squarely on his shoulders alone as there was plenty of blame to spread around.

    Really wish him well with the Seahawks as he seems a genuine guy who does loads for the local community.

  6. Keep Hauschka. He missed a few but was still better than Blair and still one of the better kickers

  7. It’s like evaluating a stock, you can’t just look at a single earnings report or its price over a 2 week time period, you need to step back and consider its long range performance and in that regard, Blair Walsh is a proven NFL kicker.

    The fact that he pulled a 27 yard FG in one of the biggest choke performances of all time can’t be ignored completely but you also need to factor in that it was with the Vikings and anything choke related seems to their legacy.

    I wish the kid the best, his smartest move was getting out of there so he doesn’t have to stare at the empty trophy case.

  8. Great young man. Has a great leg, but that miss is in his head. An NFL kicker with no confidence may make kicks for you, maybe many, but is he the guy you want to count on to kick a game winner or at crunch time?? What do you think Walsh will be thinking about the next time he lines up for a game winner??

    Good luck to all.

  9. bonecrushinghits says:
    Mar 6, 2017 9:14 AM

    No, whatever team you’re supposedly a fan of hasn’t had even that much. Now go study up, I hear you’re having a pop quiz in finger-painting later.

  10. How is it not a one year dynasty? Seahawks fans are the nost delusional idiots in the history of sports. Apparently ‘RegisHawk’ has had his safe space violated. You’ll never win another superbowl, ever. Enjoy Blair the scare hooking chip shots.

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