Kenny Britt drawing interest, too

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DeSean Jackson and Terrelle Pryor aren’t the only two teams generating interest before the free agency market opens. Kenny Britt will have options right out of the gates, too.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Rams receiver Kenny Britt has several interested suitors. The Eagles, Washington, 49ers, and Seahawks are believed to be in the mix. At least one more team has currently emerged (not the Patriots, despite the Rutgers connection), and more could eventually join the fray.

The question becomes whether a team views him as a No. 1 or a No. 2 receiver. That dynamic will drive the value of the deal, with a No. 2 contract in the range of $6 million to $8 million per year and a No. 1 contract potentially reaching $10 million.

Britt, who had a string of off-field incidents early in his career, has been a model citizen in recent seasons — and he’s still only 28. He quietly generated a career-high 68 catches and his first 1,000-yard season in 2016 while playing for one of the worst offenses in football.

A first-round pick in 2009 who was 20 when his rookie year began, Britt rocketed to a strong start in 2011, with 271 yards in his first two games before tearing an ACL in Week Three. He could be on the brink of returning to a level of prominence that he temporarily reached five years ago.

Based on the numbers he racked up while playing with an overmatched offense that lacked either strong quarterback or running back play, what could he do with a great quarterback, a great running back, and a great receiver across from him?

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  1. He’s a good player, under the radar because he’s was playing for a terrible offense. Of those teams mentioned he would do well with Philly or wherever Cousins lands (SF, Wash), two big arm good QB’s who can get him the ball. No point for him to go back to a stagnant offense again with that other team mentioned.

  2. Lions kind of need a big body receiver… He would be a good replacement for Boldin. Could move Tate into the slot where I personally think he’s a more natural fit anyway.

  3. Lions kind of need a big body receiver… He would be a good replacement for Boldin. Could move Tate into the slot where I personally think he’s a more natural fit anyway.

    Like that Idea, never thought of that. Jones was better as the #2 when everyone was worried about Green, with Britt and Jones on the outside and Tate running the middle of the field, that would be a really good set of receivers for Stafford. Not to mention Ebron hopefully coming into his own. I like it, make it happen!

  4. uhhh….
    Jackson and Pryor aren’t the only “two teams” generating interest??
    Glad the NFL is finally expanding. But it’ll be interesting to see how the 1 man-roster fares against 53

  5. Robert Woods is a steal for a team with ano accurate QB. Just like Chris Hogan last year, not worth the money for the Bills because they don’t have the dart throwing QB.
    Woods runs great routes, has good hands and is an excellent blocker who helps other receivers extend their yac. and also helps in the run game.

  6. Model citizen if you don’t count flipping a golf cart on Hard Knocks (2016) and tweeting a photo of “Little Kenny” (2014). Nice that he finally came to play on a contract year.

    I suspect he is/was a locker room cancer that was being protected by Jeff Fisher. The Ram WR’s stood up Goff when he called a private workout, and I doubt they were following the example of Tavon Austin, Brian Quick or Bradley Marquez..

  7. The niners just signed Jeremy Kerley to a contract worth about 3.5 million per year. He has a similar number of receptions as Britt, and Britt will get 6-12 million per year?

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