Panthers expected to make a run at Cowboys safety Barry Church

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The Panthers are looking for an upgrade in their secondary, and they have apparently narrowed their list of targets.

According to Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, the Panthers are “expected to make a run at” Cowboys safety Barry Church.

The Panthers invested in free safety Kurt Coleman last year, but playing him at strong safety was a waste of his talents as a deep cover player, and trying to force Tre Boston into a bigger role proved to be too much for the former fourth-round pick.

Church is a natural strong safety who would allow Coleman to move back into a center field role (he had seven interceptions in 2015) and give the Panthers a more trustworthy veteran option. After drafting a bunch of cornerbacks last year, they’re apparently intent on solidifying the secondary through free agency.

8 responses to “Panthers expected to make a run at Cowboys safety Barry Church

  1. barry played his heart out for us, unfortunately I don’t believe we’ll be able to afford to bring him back

  2. I like Church but he stays banged up and I think JJ Wilcox is ready to be a full time big time contributor. So I hope the Panthers can make it happen.

  3. I’m beginning to wonder exactly who the Panthers “haven’t” been linked to making a run at.

  4. Would be a huge pick up for the Panthers. Hate to see him go especially when defense is suppose to be our main focal point in the draft and FA. We need defense help. Our offense is superbowl ready with either Dak or Romo. Draft all defense of possible. We sorely need it.

  5. Now this is a free agent chase I can get with. If we get him, that pretty much guarantees we’re taking a running back with the 8th pick, even though I think Cook and Fournette will both be gone. But if they are, then very likely Taco would be there. That would be fun.

    So yeah, DG, go get Barry Church.

  6. I like Church, and he’s a more natural strong safety than Coleman is. Tre Boston I originally did not think much of, but he have a few big moments with his increased playtime this last season (which was not what I expected from him from what he’d shown since being drafted). Boston may very well turn out to be a serviceable starter, but platooning him and Church (who will be 30 next year) might be a better choice for Carolina than starting either solo-of course, this is only really an option if Carolina’s coaches believe that Boston will develop any further. I don’t think Barry Church, while an above average safety, is going to be a full time starter for more than a year, and the Panthers will need more than a year to get their secondary in order to compete in the playoffs.

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