Patriots re-sign James Develin

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As an impending unrestricted free agent, Patriots fullback James Develin would be able to start talking contract numbers with the league’s 31 other teams on Tuesday when the “legal tampering” window opens ahead of free agency.

Develin won’t have any need to do that, however. Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald reports that Develin has agreed to a two-year deal to remain in New England after talks took a big jump forward last Friday.

Develin has played in every game for the Patriots in three of the last four seasons (he missed all of 2015 with a broken leg) and saw action on just over 31 perccent of the team’s offensive snaps last season. His role was primarily a blocking one on those snaps as Develin caught three passes for 18 yards over the course of the regular season. He’s touched the ball 20 times altogether in his three years with New England.

Running backs LeGarrette Blount and Brandon Bolden are the other members of the Patriots backfield still on track for free agency.

9 responses to “Patriots re-sign James Develin

  1. Glad to hear he’s wrapped up… Key blocker in run game!!!!
    Good start….Still lots of FA work to do though!??

  2. great!! Pats fans know how much this guy means to the team. stats mean nothing he is a perfect example of the Patriots Way!

  3. Boris Yeltsin says:
    Mar 6, 2017 2:42 PM
    But what does this all mean for baby Gronk?


    Its actually a good thing for him. It means the offensive scheme will continue to make use of the full back position. Even if its on the practice squad they will want a back up for Devlin. Plus Devlin isnt getting any younger so the future is bright for his backup.

  4. As usual the Pats start small in FA.

    That’s 1 down and nine to go, if they want to resign all their FA’s from last season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some more similar signings from the lower end of their FA class, like Bolden and Branch.

    The rest will get to see what the market is out there. Recently the Pats have moved from using the franchise tag to letting the players test the market. It’s almost like a sign of respect for the players who have earned the right to see what they can get.

    THEN, if theydo come back, there are no “what if’s” to contend with. If they don’t, well god bless and good luck, and the Pats will move on. Either way good feelings will had by both sides as to the process.

    This will be the largest FA class for the Pats in a very long time, and it will be an interesting few months to see what happens. Usually the Pats don’t participate in the first wave of signings, but they have a few top end guys going out there, (Hightower, Ryan, Harmon) so this year they will have to make some early decisions.

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