Report: Panthers expected to have interest in Matt Kalil

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The Panthers could field a pair of Kalils on their offensive line in 2017.

Center Ryan Kalil is expected back after a season-ending shoulder injury last year that required surgery for repair. His younger brother Matt is also returning from surgery — his season with the Vikings was curtailed by a hip injury — and is set to become a free agent this week.

Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer reports that the Panthers are expected to have interest in signing Matt if he doesn’t re-sign in Minnesota. Their father said recently that Matt is 100 percent healthy.

The younger Kalil had started 66 straight games for the Vikings before getting hurt and hits the market at a moment when the Panthers are still waiting for left tackle Michael Oher to get cleared after last year’s concussion. Right tackle Mike Remmers is also set for free agency, so Carolina should be involved in the tackle market whether they are doubling down on Kalils or not.

15 responses to “Report: Panthers expected to have interest in Matt Kalil

  1. That would be great for the brothers if they can play together.

    First, they’ll have to remove the stink. Tomato juice works pretty well.

  2. Never seen a guy fall off after his rookie season like Matt Kalil, and never come back. Good thing Cam is big and can run.

  3. Our Kalil is OK. Not great…but OK. I wouldnt mind resigning him compared to over paying for someone like Riley Rief from the Lions (who probably isnt a who lot better than Matt Kalil). But at the same time, I’m not gonna cry if he signs elsewhere.

    I might cry about the state of the entire Vikings O-line…but not that one piece.

  4. It just shows how few of good lineman there are in the league, last year everyone was ready to get rid of Matt, now we need him just to make an average line.

  5. He was looking good in the preseason before he hurt his hip. Was that because he was finally reaching his potential or because he was trying harder in a contract year? I have mixed feelings about him leaving because the Vikings need every offensive lineman they can get but I’d rather pay a little more for an upgrade.

  6. This was pretty simple to see coming, honestly. Something tells me he will get a deal with a lot of incentives and be on his way.

    The real question is what is going to happen with Michael Oher. He counts for a lot dead money against the cap if the Panthers just release him. However, it seems unlikely that he ever plays football again…

  7. Caveat emptor, Panthers. There’s a reason a team as desperate for help as the Vikings is willing to let Kalil walk out the door.

  8. I hate to say it, but I’m not really sure the other options out there in FA are better. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Vikes re-signed him. If the money is the same, it may come down to his wife wanting to stay in her home state vs playing with big bro in Carolina.

  9. I just don’t think he is worth top dollar. Having his brother here won’t necessarily help. Greg Olsen’s little brother came here to play QB for the Charlotte 49ers and still managed to get himself locked up on rape charges.

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