Revis can reject offers for less than $6 million, without consequence

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Two years ago, as cornerback Darrelle Revis rocketed toward free agency, one of the worst-kept secrets in the league was the intent of the Jets to arrange a reunion. With a second divorce now looming, there’s hardly any buzz about Darrelle’s next destination.

Revis has some protection against lack of interest; his contract with the Jets pays him $6 million fully guaranteed for 2017. The Jets have protection against his protection. The $6 million payment contains offset language, creating a dollar-for-dollar credit based on anything Revis earns elsewhere.

But what if Revis is offered only $4 million? Can he choose to do nothing and take $6 million from the Jets in lieu of taking the offer — and helping the Jets save $4 million?

Per a source with knowledge of the Revis contract with the Jets, it contains no language requiring him to accept other work. This means that he can choose to reject any offer that he receives, and that the Jets can’t try to reduce their obligation to him if he opts not to take whatever he can get.

For Revis, then, the question becomes whether he’d play for less than what he’d get for not playing, whether he’d play for the same as what he’d get for not playing, and possibly whether he’d choose to take $6 million not to play versus, say, $8 million to play.

Ultimately, the Jets are on the hook for $6 million unless he signs a new contract. For anything less than $6 million, however, why should he work for free?

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  1. I bet Revis walks away from the game. He’s made tons of cash, and I can’t see his ego surviving a pay cut and the realization he can’t physically do it any longer.

  2. I’ll answer your question:
    1) Because he probably wants to continue to play football
    2) Because if he doesn’t play this year so he can sit on his money, he is essentially retiring; nobody is going to want him for any real salary in 2018 coming off of his 2016 play followed by a season off the field

    If Revis wants to continue to play a number of years and hopes to revitalize his career, perhaps as a Safety, he is going to want/have to play. And you’re spinning this all wrong. Because of his guaranteed money from the Jets, Revis can sign for the VETERAN MINIMUM…meaning that he is in play for almost any team he wants. Meaning that he can choose a SB favorite and/or a team with the defensive setup to help him play well and earn a solid contract next offseason.

    If he actually is tired and has had enough, fair enough, retire and enjoy entering the HOF when the time comes. But if not…well, there it is.

  3. You have overthought this. The jets owe him six million regardless. The offset of the new contract reduces the jets liability amount, but not the fact that Regis must be paid a total of six million by the Jets and possibly some other club.

    The question of whether he is willing to accept a lesser amount to play does not matter to him until NEXT year. He is getting paid six million this year no matter what.

  4. Couldn’t he sign a two year deal for something like $8M with the salary being $6 in the first year ? His new team would only be paying two million total and could use the money elsewhere.

    This is just an example, but the point is the same. You make sure the biggest salary is up front so the Jets pay the full $6M

  5. Well, he’s getting paid $6 million whether he plays this year or doesnt.

    The real question is, if he *doesnt* play, will anyone sign a 33 yr old CB who hasn’t played in a year (and his only tape 2 years prior was horrid)?

    The answer is no. So get $6 million this year for sitting out and your career is OVER, or play this year for $6 million and potentially get more millions the year or two after as well.

    The answer is pretty simple to me.

  6. .
    Revis’ options :

    1. Slink away with his money and retire with a bad rep.

    2. Sign with some second rate team, make a few more dollars and retire with a mediocre rep.

    3. Cut a short money deal with a winner. (ie the Patriots), try to revise his resume and retire a relative winner.

    Options 1 and 2 would ensure he’d never be viewed by fans as anything more than a nomadic mercenary who had a few good years as a way to accumulate cash. If Pete Carroll was willing to part with $11.75, Seattle would have another Lombardi.

  7. good to see a player with a team by the short and curlies.

    especially a team whose owner campaigns against the existence of brain trauma. lol.

  8. …..Revis has shown to be a very astute business man….he’s made over 100 million over the years & knows when to ‘hold’um and fold’um’. He’ll take his last 6 million and walk away from the game. I loved watching him play the 1st go’round with the Jets but so much when he was a BUC , Patriot & 2nd tour of duty with NY…..

  9. The only way I see Revis playing is on a contract like:

    Year 1 1MM
    Year 2 – pick a number, say 4MM

    Year 1 the offset means he plays for for, but he keeps his year 2 money.

    So the question becomes – does he want to play 2 years to earn 4MM? Given his age I’d say no.

  10. Patriots Sign him for a 2 year $6,000,001 deal. $1 Salary in 2017 (Jets pay him an extra $5,999,999) and $6,000,000 in 2018. Thank you Woody!

  11. Any team that signs him for more than the vet minimum would be stupid. And his ego will not allow him to play for the vet minimum.

  12. He is better at a slow 33 then anything the steelers have had playing cb for the last decade, so sign him!

    And on a sb contender, he may up his game.
    If he wants a SB contender he won’t sign with the Steelers.

  13. Okay. Whats to stop from doing a two year deal. He makes the min this year but next year is guaranteed say 2 million. This would essentially enable a team to get Revis for one year at under 3 million. If you work him out and he is in shape again who knows ? You could also put in language that of you cut him the start of this season next year is void. There are ways to get around the Jets contract language

  14. Here’s an unlikely, but funny, scenario for a team that wanted to stick it to the Jets.

    Last year the Jets signed Fitzpatrick to a 2-year deal that was essentially a one-year deal. If Rex Ryan was still the coach at Buffalo, he could do something similar with Revis. They could sign him to a 2-year deal which, like Fizpatrick’s, is essentially a one-year deal. The first year would be the veteran minimum and the second year $6M (or whatever) fully guaranteed, even if cut. So, that would allow another team in the AFC East to have Revis playing for their team while facing the Jets twice a year while they are paying the vast majority of Revis’ salary. I don’t have anything against the Jets but that would be kinda funny.

  15. He’s 31, not 33. Last year’s poor performance was likely more a matter of “lack of effort” than “complete decimation of ability.” That doesn’t speak so well for his character, but nor did the Pittsburgh incident.

    If you view 2017 as his final season, it probably makes more sense for him to retire (because it’ll be hard for him to earn $6 million or more based upon last year’s debacle). But if he plans to play for 2-3 more years, his future earning potential will be directly impacted by what happens in 2017, and sitting out the year won’t help him at all.

    It’s sad to see a legend go out this way, but when you’ve played the system like a mercenary your whole career (as Revis has), you have to expect that the system will play you the same way on the other end (not like the Jets did right by Nick Mangold, so Revis could easily point to that as “what happens when you’re a team-first guy from start to finish”).

  16. “This is just an example, but the point is the same. You make sure the biggest salary is up front so the Jets pay the full $6M”

    Its exactly the opposite. If a team pays him 6 mil this year, the Jet pay nothing. If a team pays him 1 mil, the Jets have to pay 5 etc.

  17. “Couldn’t he sign a two year deal for something like $8M with the salary being $6 in the first year ? His new team would only be paying two million total and could use the money elsewhere”

    His new team would pay the 6M. Jets only pay if someone else isn’t paying him. If they wanted to screw the jets, they’d sign him for vet min and then a huge roster bonus after the year.

    But why would he bother playing when he’s not making any new cash? He’d get 6M for not playing and 6M for playing (vet min with the jets paying the difference).

    I doubt he really wants to play with the money he has in the bank.

  18. Revis is a good business guy, and any deal that he gets will maximize the cash he receives. The smartest thing to do for a guy like revis is to sign a multi-year deal (probably 2 years), with the second year fully guaranteed, while the first year is for the vet minimum.

    Lets assume a 2 year, 12 million deal. The first year will be around 1 mil, while the second year is 11 mil. However, since the Jets guaranteed 6 mil for next year, the jets will be on the hook for 5 million (since the first million will be offset).

    That way, revis ends up making 17 mil in 2 years, and the team that signs him is on the hook for 12 mil of it.

    Revis wins, the team that signs him wins, and the Jets lose.

  19. If I’m the Jets, I’m offering a 7th round pick to anyone that offers Revis over 3 million… I kid, but it would be a good deal for NYJ to remove 3 mil from the cap…

  20. Interesting dilemma ….one that chuck12 addresses well. Who else but the Patriots leadership who is not a Jets lover ( in fact a Jets hater).
    Get a revived Revis or a Revis for just certain scenarios ..that may allow Revis to return to his former self.
    The Cowboys also are known for their creative financing. The Giants
    have changed their ways ( After making sure the Skins and the Cowboys got punished for exceeding an imaginery cap) who knows.

    Revis can return to his level. Sometimes a player gets behind when they are focused on rehabbing an injury like Revis did with his wrist. The surgery sets you back and you can’t focus on other training.
    This could have led to Revis looking heavy legged at times, as some scouts claimed. He has always been a player who came into camp in shape.

  21. The guy is not a good corner anymore. If he wants to continue playing, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of him moving to safety – which was rumored last year. Presumably deep safety.

    Having said that, I can’t see a team giving him anything better than about 2 years, 9.5 million to try him out at deep safety. And with him making $6 million this year anyway, I agree there’s a very good chance he just retires.

    I think if he goes to a team to try to play deep safety, it would have to be a winning team. New England has McCourty. Maybe Cincinnati, Houston, Oakland, Washington, Philly, Detroit, Carolina or Arizona. All teams that are at least pretty decent and would benefit if he moved to that position and played it well. So yeah, I think he will probably retire.

  22. Revis isn’t an idiot, he’s got more money than he can ever spend. He proved everything he wants to and doesn’t need a ring to boost his ego. Now he gets $6 million more without having to put his body through another season? This is a no brainer.

  23. So he signs for veteran minimum this year with $6m guaranteed for next.

    New team pays less than $1m this year with the Jets paying Revis the remainder of the $6m they owe him.

    New team gets salary cap space this year, Revis gets another $6m guaranteed for next year, and the Jets… well… the Jets are still the Jets.

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