Ryan Kalil is not the leaker in the Panthers locker room

Getty Images

The Panthers need for a left tackle is well-established, and they figure to keep close tabs on the entire market.

But blood is thicker than the water in the deep end of the free agent pool.

After Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network mentioned that some Panthers players were lobbying soon-to-be free agent left tackle Russell Okung, one of the them had a succinct answer.

Of course, Kalil’s little brother Matt is also on their list of targets and has been for some time, and is likely the more realistic of the two for a few reasons.

Okung can’t participate in the legal tampering period which begins tomorrow since he doesn’t have an agent. And that doesn’t preclude players from contacting him, but the front office can’t.

And since Okung is available and fills an obvious need, there’s no reason to suggest Rapoport’s sources aren’t correct on this one. I mean, it’s not like he tried to include them in a three-way trade or anything.